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iKeyMonitor Review 2024: Does it Live Up to its Expectations?

iKeyMonitor is an easy-to-use parental control software for iPhone, Android, macOS, and Windows. It enables parents to monitor their children's use of Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat, and other social networking sites as well as their text messages, phone calls, websites visited, and current GPS location.

You must, however, be asking yourself a lot of questions before using iKeyMonitor, just like you would before purchasing any other app like will it serve the purpose for which I'll be buying this app or will iKeyMonitor work with my device. To address these concerns as well as many more that you may have, we have put together a comprehensive review of iKeyMonitor. So read on to make an informed decision.

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What is iKeyMonitor and How Does It Work?

iKeyMonitor is a monitoring app used by parents to keep an eye on their kids' cell phone. It can help them protect their kids from online risks, including cyberbullying, sexual predators, cyberstalkers, and sexually explicit websites.

If parents want to know what secrets their children are discussing while they are away, they can utilize iKeyMonitor to record the phone environment using its ambient surround recording. iKeyMonitor app collects children's voices or chats when they are near their smartphones and stores them on the user's internet account.

It is considerably simpler to determine what talks children are taking part in when ambient sounds are recorded. These factors make iKeyMonitor Android a reliable and reputable surround recording app.

What is Hoverwatch

With the use of iKeyMonitor Android ambient recording, parents can monitor what their children are doing on their Android smartphones. Parents can make sure their kids don't act inappropriately in public settings, such as by fighting with classmates, disrespecting and abusing them, or playing video games instead of doing their homework.

iKeyMonitor for Android and iPhone is an all-in-one parental control app that offers must-have parental monitoring tools to safeguard kids in today's uncertain landscape. iKeyMonitor for Android and iPhone offers its services around three actions.



It allows parents to see their kids' phone activities. These include their messages, geolocation, browsed websites, call logs, and social media use.



The app allows parents to control the time their kids use their smartphones for. Parents can set healthy boundaries by setting time limits and restrictions to manage their kids' screen time.



iKeyMonitor offers protection through its features by limiting sexual content, minimizing screen time, and contact with strangers online.

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What Features Does iKeyMonitor Offer?

iKeyMonitor offers a host of features that help in its ideology of better digital safety. iKeyMonitor APK allows users to monitor kids' calls, texts, browsing history, and surroundings. The iKeyMonitor APK also allows parents to monitor kids' social media use including WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, Instagram, and many other instant messaging apps. Additionally, it may be used as a family tracker to monitor geofenced areas and track kids' GPS whereabouts. iKeyMonitor provides a variety of control tools to limit screen time, block particular apps and games, and create routines to match your parenting needs.

Notable iKeyMonitor Features

These are some of the notable iKeyMonitor Android cracked features offered to users.


Call Monitoring

iKeyMonitor allows parents to check logs of all incoming and outgoing calls. Parents can also record every call using the iKeyMonitor free call recorder that comes with the app.


Keyword Alerts:

Parents get notified through an email every time their child uses a watch-listed term.



Parents can track kids' whereabouts through geolocation tracking. They can also get notified when their kid enters or exit a certain area set by them. It’s called geo-fencing and is one of iKeyMonitor's notable features.


Instant Messages Monitoring

Parents can not only monitor simple SMS texts but also instant messages sent and received on popular messaging apps like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many others.


Time Limits:

Parents can set time limits on their kids' phones so that when it reaches a certain time the phone will lock out the user. Similarly, parents can also block certain apps so their kids don't waste time on them and can't access them.


Screen Schedules:

Parents can set phone schedules so that kids can adjust their hobbies, chores, and schoolwork around them.

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How to install iKeyMonitor on an iPhone?

The installation for iKeyMonitor for iPhone is pretty straightforward as it doesn't require you to download iKeyMonitor. The no download iKeyMonitor is a game changer because you don't have to unlock or have the iPhone physically near you. Here's what you need to do if you want to know how to install iKeyMonitor on an iPhone.

Step 1: Signup

Signup for the iKeyMonitor service

Hoverwatch dashboard
Hoverwatch dashboard

Step 2: Login to Your Account

Open the online Cloud Panel and login.

Step 3: Click on the Link

To download iKeyMonitor for iPhone or iPad, click the link (For the No Jailbreak method).

Hoverwatch dashboard
Hoverwatch dashboard

Step 4: Enter Credentials

An iCloud ID and password must be entered.

Step 5: Allow for Sync

Wait for 30 to 60 minutes for the app to get in sync with the iPhone.

Hoverwatch dashboard
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How to Install iKeyMonitor on Android?

Step 1:

Disable Google Play Protect

Hover watch installation guide

Step 2:

Disable Google Play Notifications from App Settings

Hover watch installation guide

Step 3:

Select "Allow App Installs from Unknown Sources"

Hover watch installation guide

Step 4:

Select the iKeyMonitor Download APK file.

Hover watch installation guide

Step 5:

Open once the iKeyMonitor download APK file is installed

Hover watch installation guide

Step 6:

Configure the Internet settings in the app.

Hover watch installation guide

Step 7:

Allow Background App Usage and disable Battery Saver


How to Uninstall iKeyMonitor?

Luckily, if you want to know how to uninstall iKeyMonitor, it is a very simple process.

  • Dial the PIN in the dialer of the target Android device. (It is #8888 by default).
  • Go to Settings in the iKeyMonitor app
  • Press Uninstall to remove the app
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iKeyMonitor: The Good

There are a lot of things that work in favor of iKeyMonitor, making it a worthy contender for the parental control app of the year.


iKeyMonitor free plan

An iKeyMonitor free plan is a great option for parents who want the basic parental control features without breaking the bank. Users can download the free version and install it on the target device they want to be monitored and keep using it without having to upgrade.


24/7 Live Support

iKeyMonitor has 24/7 live support that is always on hand to help its customers with every issue, including refunds, technical assistance, and installation help.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

iKeyMonitor offers a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. It is to help customers dissatisfied with the app for any reason, or if the app couldn't be installed on the device of their choice.


Live Screenshots:

You can remotely take images or take live screenshots in real-time using the functionality for doing so. You will be able to monitor what your kids are doing on their phones or see where their phones are located.


Secure Operation

iKeyMonitor login is protected by a password and a custom URL address. It prevents unauthorized iKeyMonitor login access. The iKeyMonitor install can be done in a way that once you log in, you can hide it as a system app so no one else can use it besides you. You have this option when you first use the iKeyMonitor install file.

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iKeyMonitor: The Bad


iKeyMonitor Price

The best features of the app are hidden behind a paywall, so you have to buy a monthly subscription for the app to become fully useful. And to get the full features of smartphone spying, you need to spend at least $16.66 every month. The iKeyMonitor price is even higher if you want to spy PCs and Macs at $29.99.


Interrupted Features

Some of the more important features, like instant messaging, get suspended when the screen gets turned off. And if the phone or Internet connection turns off, the app won't be able to extract GPS location or ambient noise recordings.


Hard-to-Access Settings

The settings are hard to access once the app gets installed on the target device. You have to dial and remember the code (default #8888*) to access iKeyMonitor when it is in hidden mode. You also have to turn on internet access multiple times in the settings, turn off battery saver mode, and allow default access. Other iKeyMonitor reviews have also stated that accessing settings was a chore for them. A few iKeyMonitor reviews have also stated that it wouldn't let them change the default password and PIN to access the app.


No Screen Time Information

Another feature that's sorely missing from the app is screen time usage information. Screen time stats are incredibly useful as they give parents the exact number of hours and minutes their child spends time on their phone. It is crucial because they can see how much time is spent on each app, watching YouTube or browsing the internet, etc. It is necessary as parents can then block the apps that are consuming the most time with their kids.


No App Blocking

As a parental control app, it is baffling that iKeyMonitor doesn't have app blocking built-in by default. To maintain control and limit screen time, app blocking is one of the most necessary features that should not be overlooked. But sadly, it is nowhere to be found on this app.

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XNSPY – The Best iKeyMonitor Alternative

XNSPY is the best iKeyMonitor alternative available in the market right now. XNSPY is a top-trending parental control that includes all the best features of iKeyMonitor without the shortcomings found in iKeyMonitor.

How to Uninstall Hoverwatch from an Android Device?

XNSPY for iOS or Android helps parents keep track of their kids' cell phones. It can be a lifesaver when you're busy and life interferes with parenting. XNSPY prevents children from browsing undesirable websites. Using the browser tracking functions of monitoring software, parents can prevent their children from browsing pornographic websites by remotely disabling access.

Parental control tools, such as XNSPY, can be used to track children's online activity and keep tabs on things like how frequently a child visits a specific website and the types of webpages they save in their browser.

XNSPY is beneficial because it not only restricts access to pornographic information but also informs parents how often their kids spend time on an app or any website. It allows them to take the necessary steps way ahead of time.

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XNSPY Parental Control at Your Fingertips

If we look at the features and functionality XNSPY offers and the way they are executed, you can quickly figure out why XNSPY has a massive lead over iKeyMonitor. Listed below are just some of the features that XNSPY offers that are absent from iKeyMonitor's app.


Proper Web Filtering

Browser history tracking is built-in in XNSPY's basic version. You simply have to go to the dashboard, go to Phone Logs, and go to Browsing History. Here, all the websites your child visited will be listed, along with the date and time stamp of their most recent visit. XNSPY also shows how often they visited each website. It is beneficial since parents can intervene if their browsing habit is becoming an addiction.


App Blocking

XNSPY also shows parents which apps were most used by their kids and how much time they spent on each. It then gives them the option to block the app remotely without alerting the phone user.


Easy to Use Controls

XNSPY's controls are much easier to operate than iKeyMonitor's. Every option is listed clearly and you don't need to have the target device nearby to track it. You only need it during the installation phase. Plus, all the settings can be tweaked easily in the dashboard, and the app is hidden by default.


Better Value for Money

XNSPY offers an overall better value for money due to the sheer quality of parental controls it offers. These features are a necessity for safely monitoring your loved ones and are not intrusive. If you buy XNSPY for the whole year, it comes out at just $9.99 per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • iKeyMonitor is safe and can be used on PC, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

  • Yes, once you install the app on your child's phone, you can start monitoring the app from the Cloud Panel.

  • Once the app is installed on the target device, it works automatically. When the device screen is on, iKeyMonitor uploads all the logs every 5 minutes.

  • iKeyMonitor can be hidden, or it can be shown depending on your settings. The top Android status bar will, by default, show the iKeyMonitor icon, which may be turned off in settings. Depending on your needs for parental control, you can decide whether to display it or not.

    For Android devices running version 10 or higher, the iKeyMonitor icon will be visible. The settings for the internet will be visible. Drag the iKeyMonitor icon anywhere you want it to go.

    The wizard allows you to disable the icon on Android versions 9 and lower. You can remove the icon from the home screen on some phones that have a separate home screen and "All apps" drawer.

  • iKeyMonitor is free, but the advanced features require a premium of $16.66 per month for smartphones and $29.99 per month for PCs and macOS.

  • Yes, it can be hidden. When you install the app, you are given the option to either hide the app by default or show its icon. You can change this setting by dialing the PIN on the target device (#8888 by default) to open it.

  • Xnspy is clearly better as it offers all the must-have parental control features at a better price. These include app blocking, screen time monitoring, internet history, and ambient recording.

  • Yes, iKeyMonitor can record the conversations and activities of kids using TikTok. Parents can view the screenshots from TikTok and other popular social media apps.

  • Yes. Android phone call recording requires physical access to the target phone and the installation of iKeyMonitor. iKeyMonitor automatically records incoming and outgoing calls after installation.

  • Yes, it can record messages, both SMS and instant messages, from popular messaging apps like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and many more.

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