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The tradition of ‘private lives’ in India, especially amongst the youth is a precarious new social order. But if you want to break into the labyrinth of their complicated world, get XNSPY LINE spy and start monitoring LINE and other IM apps that are providing your kids a private access to their social lives. Kids are following a dark path on messaging apps, sending nudes, bullying others, and even meeting up with strangers that they meet on these apps. It’s your call now to protect them or not!

What is XNSPY Line Messenger Spy Software?

With XNSPY, you can remotely track LINE messages sent and received on target phone or tablet. Instantly check names and number of caller and other details like time and date stamps too.

  • Read all LINE chats threads.
  • Check sender’s name and number.
  • View time and date stamps.
  • Export all LINE chats as spreadsheets.

Why Use XNSPY LINE Messenger Spy in India?

LINE is a popular IM in India. With XNSPY LINE Messenger Spy tool, you can monitor LINE messages both on Android and iOS devices. If you have to monitor your kids’ personal devices, then there’s no better way to that than with XNSPY. Children love LINE messenger because its full of emojis and quirky stickers that they prefer playing with.

Your Kids Deserve XNSPY Line Spy App

Your children need your help to tread in the online world. There are all kinds of risks lurking in their digital space – be their protector and savior whenever and wherever they need you. And when you spy on LINE app on their phones, you are actually doing them a favor. You can view who they are chatting with and what those chats are normally about.

More Cell Phone Use Means More chances of Bullying!

According to a study, people who use their mobile devices more extensively are more prone to cyberbullying. When it comes to kids, particularly teens, they spend around 9 hours every day on their phones. Don’t let your kids fall prey to anyone’s nuisance—get XNSPY LINE spy today and start keeping tabs on their online activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices are compatible with XNSPY LINE app spy?

XNSPY can be used to spy LINE Messenger on all Android and iOS devices. For XNSPY LINE spy to work on Android cell phones, make sure that the target Android device is rooted. XNSPY LINE spy works with iOS 6.0 up to 9.0.3 on Jailbreak edition and iOS 6.0 up to iOS 15.5 on No-Jailbreak version. For more information, check out our compatibility page .

How to spy on LINE messages?

Once you have subscribed to XNSPY, you can spy on LINE messages by going to your XNSPY web account/online dashboard. On the dashboard, go to the “Messenger” tab, and select “LINE” from the drop-down menu to access all LINE messages.

Is it possible for me to access those LINE messages that are present on the target device prior to the installation of XNSPY?

XNSPY is the only spy app that let’s you access even those LINE messages that exists on the target device prior to its installation. However, this works only with XNSPY Jailbreak and Android Premium editions.

Can I still spy on LINE app messages if there is no internet connection on the monitored device?

XNSPY works in offline, which means that you can still continue to spy on LINE messages even if there is no internet connection. However, you can only access those messages once the target device connects to the internet.

How long does it take for XNSPY to upload LINE texts from the monitored device to my web account?

Because XNSPY works in real-time, it usually takes just a few seconds for LINE text messages to upload onto your XNSPY web account. However, if you are using XNSPY No-Jailbreak, you will have to wait for the the next iCloud backup on the monitored device.

What are the perquisites for spying on LINE messages using XNSPY?

For XNSPY to spy on LINE messages, you will need to have a working internet connection and a valid XNSPY subscription which is available for as low as $8.33/month.

Why do you need to monitor LINE Messages with XNSPY?

  • LINE app has more than 50 million users in India, of which, most of them are teens and tweens. Almost 60 percent of female smartphone users (ages between 10 and 19) use LINE, while 30.2 percent of male smartphone users (ages between 10 and 19) use this instant messaging app.
  • Due to its popularity amongst young adults and its features like private chats, LINE is a powerful tool for pedophiles and online bullies.
  • Kids generally believe that it’s all right to share their personal photos and texts with others on LINE; which isn’t true, at all.
  • With XNSPY, you can track LINE messages timely, cost-effectively and easily.
  • You can spy LINE messenger chats even if they are deleted (after a successful backup by XNSPY) from the monitored device.
  • XNSPY is not just a LINE spy app. You can also use this app to spy on eight other IM apps, on-storage multimedia, emails, and even contacts.

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