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What is Xnspy Remote Keylogger and How Does It Work on Android without Root?

Xnspy keylogger software works surreptitiously in the background of mobile and computer devices. It keeps track of every key the device's owner types. The system then receives commands with each keystroke.

These commands may include information about the keystroke's size, time, name, and duration. Symbols, numbers, and alphabets are all permitted as keystrokes, and case matters. If you're looking for a remote keylogger for Android and want to know more on how Xnspy keylogger works, read on!

What is Xnspy Remote Keylogger and How Does It Work on Android without Root?
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How Does a Keylogger Work?

Keystrokes captured by keylogger software can be copied to several devices and sent to further parties. The intercepting party can then use this data to compile a user profile. Most keyloggers for Android identify writing patterns and save the data to a text file.

The keylogger for Android software's owner receives this file via the cell phone keylogger software so they can use it later. Its ability to track messages that were typed but never delivered, and communications that were sent but never received, sets it apart from other monitoring software features. A cell phone keylogger gets used alone or as a component of remote monitoring software.

What Are the Types of Keyloggers?

1- Software Keylogger

Computer applications that you install on your device's hard disk are known as software keyloggers. Examples of typical keylogger software include:

Keyloggers that use APIs can listen in on the signals that get transmitted from each keypress to the program you're using to type. Application programming interfaces (APIs) make it possible for hardware producers and software developers to communicate and collaborate in the same "language." Keyboard APIs get covertly intercepted by API keyloggers that record each keypress in a system file.

Different types of keylogger – Software keylogger
Different types of keylogger – Hardware keylogger

2- Hardware Keyloggers

Physical parts connected to or incorporated into a device are known as hardware keyloggers. Some hardware techniques might be able to monitor keystrokes even when not physically connected to your device. For the sake of conciseness, we'll list the keyloggers you should be on the lookout for:

Keyboard hardware keyloggers can be attached to the connecting cord of your keyboard or incorporated into the keyboard itself.


Who Can Use Remote Keylogger for Android?


By recording keystrokes, employers can examine the online history of their employees. They might use this information to ensure employees only utilize resources for work-related activities.


An undetectable keylogger for Android can be used by parents who are suspicious of their children's online habits, to monitor their movements and observe what they type or search on their device.


Law enforcement organizations can utilize a remote keylogger for Android to track suspicious device activity.


A remote keylogger for Android hides its operations from the user by running in the background. As a result, it can be used to read messages that were created but never sent or that were sent but immediately deleted from a distance.


Parents may ensure their children's online safety by keeping an eye on their browser history using an undetectable keylogger for Android. Employers can use it to determine whether their employees use it for trade secrets or to compete in the same market. Its purpose is to prevent youngsters from seeing adult websites or pornographic content online.

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Why XNSPY Keylogger?

Users who want an Android keylogger without physical access and don't want to spend a lot of money on it should use XNSPY. This Android keylogger records keystrokes from apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.

The keylogger software for Android is only visible to the person who installed the app. It's one of the factors contributing to the popularity of XNSPY's keylogger software for Android among private companies and parents.

Parents worried about their adolescent kids' sexting on social media apps can use XNSPY's spy keylogger for Android as it is the safest and stealthiest method to monitor texts. It only extracts data that the monitoring party requires. Plus, XNSPY does not distribute the data to third parties or store it on its servers. So this confidential data will remain for parents' eyes only, which cannot be said for other spy keyloggers for Android software on the market.

Similarly, businesses can check what their employees are communicating outside of work. It is a safety precaution that has become a norm in the current work due to frequent cases of intellectual property theft. XNSPY's undetectable keylogger for Android allows employers and managers to catch employees breaking their contracts and sharing intellectual technology and data with competitors. And XNSPY allows them to not worry about these messages becoming public knowledge.

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How to Install XNSPY Keylogger?

Follow these instructions to install XNSPY:

Xnspy installation guide 1

Step 1:

When you buy a membership, you'll receive an email with the APK file to download the app.

Xnspy installation guide 2

Step 2:

Type the URL for the Android download from your registration email and click "Submit."

Xnspy installation guide 3

Step 3:

After downloading the file to your smartphone, tap it to open it. You can access the file from your directory using a file explorer program like Astro File Manager or ES File Explorer. The file explorer app is available for download from the Google Play store.

Xnspy installation guide 4

Step 4:

To continue the installation, choose "Allow from this source" in the settings menu.

Xnspy installation guide 5

Step 5:

To authorize the installation of XNSPY on an Android smartphone, click "Install."

Xnspy installation guide 6

Step 6:

Select "Allow" when the page that reads "Stop optimizing battery consumption" appears.

Xnspy installation guide 7

Step 7:

For each Android Auto permission, select "Allow." Choose "Always allow" for the device.

Xnspy installation guide 8

Step 8:

Choose "Proceed" to finish the installation and enable all Android Auto permissions. You won't need to provide Android Auto permissions again once you've done so.

Xnspy installation guide 9

Step 9:

To complete, just select Start Monitoring. Now, you can always check on the gadget remotely.

Xnspy installation guide 10

Step 10:

After the software installation is finished, run it.

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How to Use XNSPY Keylogger?

Once you have the app installed on the device whose keywords you want to extract follow these steps once you're in your dashboard account.

Step 1: Log in to your account

Use your login information to access your Dashboard, which is your online XNSPY account, after installing XNSPY on the device you wish to monitor.

Xnspy sign in
Xnspy dashboard

Step 2: Click on "Dashboard"

To access all the features and options, click the Dashboard.

Step 3: Select Keylogger Option

Look for the Key Logger option in the left vertical menu displaying all of XNSPY's monitoring features.

Xnspy keylogger
View keylogging activity

Step 4: View Keylogging activity

Once in the Key Logger menu, all the typed messages from apps such as Skype, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, etc., along with their time and date stamps will get displayed there.

It shows how XNSPY's keylogger varies significantly from other remote keyloggers for Android on the market and it provides a specific purpose for parents and employees. And only cost $9.99 a month, it provides the most bang for your buck in terms of safety and anonymity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • Any keylogger that is used for malicious purposes, i.e., data harvesting, information extraction, and exploitation doesn't infiltrate the system alone. The hacker has installed multiple fail safes to ensure if the keylogger stops working other Trojans or malware do their job.

    By comparing the files on a computer to a keylogger signature base or a list of common keylogger traits, security software, such as an anti-keylogger software tool, is specifically designed to scan for software-based keyloggers. Anti-keylogger software may be more efficient than antivirus or anti-spyware software. Therefore, if you know where to look, answering how to detect keyloggers on Android becomes simple.

  • Your phone is likely running multiple activities in the background if it starts to heat up suddenly. The phone's battery life is the first thing a keylogger affects. So if your device is affected by a keylogger, it will be working in the background on your phone or tablet, so check the battery use option first.

    Most individuals subscribe to unlimited data plans; thus they hardly ever look at the settings' "Data Usage" section. There is another easy method, though, to determine if a keylogger was installed, if an unknown process is consuming extra data. This question thus also answers how to detect keyloggers on Android.

  • A password keylogger for Android, as the name suggests, can be used by hackers and malicious actors to extract passwords from users as they type them on their phones. But the legitimate keylogger applications are used to protect kids and ensure employees' productivity and contract obligations.

    A password keylogger for Android or XNSPY keylogger informs parents when their kids enter explicit searches in their web browsers or share sexual messages with their friends. The keylogger allows parents to intervene ahead of time and take appropriate action as they deem necessary. And in the case of employees, business owners can use keyloggers to ensure the messages they share do not contain confidential information as it can be a breach of contract.

  • XNSPY and mSPY are two of the well-known keyloggers in the market today. Though XNSPY outperforms mSPY as it allows users to search for keystrokes for specific dates and times, and in specific apps. It helps narrow down users' search, saving a lot of time and frustration. This search capability isn't found in the mSPY keylogger as of yet.

  • If the passwords are auto-filled and saved, then it means the user isn't typing them. So the keylogger won't work. It only extracts the passwords and form details that are being typed by the user.

  • No, that is part of screen recording or screen monitoring where a third party monitors every action the phone owner takes. A keylogger, as the name suggests can only monitor keystrokes made and send them to a third party in a data stream.

  • Yes. A keylogging application can monitor everything typed on the keyboard, including the site address entered in both normal and incognito mode. Because not every site URL needs to be put in, you can use keyloggers to partially monitor someone's behavior. They might be utilizing copy and paste, using auto-filled URLs, or just maneuvering to the website saved as a bookmark.

  • A remote keylogger for Android or keylogger iPhone sees all the keystrokes made on a device in any app or web browser. It will usually read the texts typed in or the web addresses typed, or terms searched on Google. Keylogger iPhone can also view bank details typed in a mobile banking application for example.

  • An Android 13 keylogger and similar keyloggers extract keystrokes by detecting on-screen keyboards on smartphones and tablets. It is why most newer keyloggers, including the Android 13 keylogger are specifically designed to extract keystrokes from touchscreen devices.

  • Keyloggers can be removed through a factory uninstall. It means that all the data saved on the device will get deleted, including photos, apps, backups, contacts, etc. But few antivirus software can sandbox the malicious code of a keylogger from the rest of the system so that it doesn't execute and harvest keystrokes in the background, thus protecting the device. Most antivirus software has the option to delete the malicious file in question entirely.

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