How to spy on Kik Messenger of an Android Phone?

Since technology is progressing fast, every other day, a new messenger or chatting application is added to the Play Store. They may not be as popular as the rest but people still use them. One such application is Kik Messenger.

Has your teenage son been using Kik Messenger lately and you suspect that not many of his friends are there? Do you feel he might to talking to a stranger? Are planning to spy on his Kik messenger conversation? Before you overthink and come to a wrong conclusion, maybe this would be a good way to figure out who your son is communicating with and what he talks about.

Instead of accessing his phone (which would be impossible since teens never let go of them) use Xnspy. It is a spying app that lets you remotely check the Kik messenger conversations, ensuring your teen is not involved in something sneaky. Once you have installed Xnspy on the target device (your kid’s smartphone), it will report all the Kik messenger chat activities to you. All you have to do is log into your Xnspy web account and access the Kik messenger chats.

Begin with installing Xnspy

The first step is to install Xnspy on your son’s device. Once you subscribe to Xnspy, you will be emailed the instructions for installation. Follow them step by step to install Xnspy on the Android device. You must wait for 24 to 48 hours before spying since Xnspy needs to pick data from target device and then transfer it to your web account.

Steps to spy on Kik Messenger chats

Now that you have installed Xnspy on the target device and 48 hours have passed, follow the steps below to start monitoring the Kik Messenger chats:

Visit and enter your web account credentials.

Pick ‘Messenger’ from the dashboard menu on your left.

A drop-down list will appear containing social media apps. Click on ‘Kik’ to open the Kik messenger log on your son’s phone.

You will now have access to your son’s Kik Messages Log.

Click on any message to read the entire conversation between the contact and the target phone. You will see all the sent and received messages along with their time and date stamps.

The best thing about using Xnspy to monitor and read Kik messenger conversations is that it also works in offline mode. However, you can access these messages once the target device is connected to the internet. After successfully reading the Kik messages, you can take immediate actions in case your teen was involved in some dangerous activity.

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