How to Analyze Someone’s Phone Call Logs Easily

Phone call analysis is an often overlooked tool. It’s not offered by most of the spying apps available for now. Recently, Xnspy solved this problem by offering a call analysis feature to its Android users. You can know a lot about the phone activity of the person by using the features associated with Xnspy’s call tracking tools. This will serve as a sophisticated way of managing calls and the ability to capture information about the callers. So without a further ado, lets us explain to you how to analyze someone’s calls using Xnspy:

Install Xnspy

The first step would be to download and install the app on the monitored Android phone. For this, visit the website and subscribe to the app. After the subscription, you would receive an email with installation instructions and login credentials. Remember that before you install, you would need access to the target phone just once. Follow the installation instructions to set up the app. In case you find any problem, you can consult the 24 hours online help on their website.

Log in to Your Online Account

Installing Xnspy is not complicated and it takes no more than 10 minutes to complete the whole process. Now that you have the app installed, you would need to log in to your account. Use the login credentials sent to your mailbox to sign in. If you want to open your account on the mobile, you can download Xnspy’s mobile app.

Analyze Someone’s Phone Call Logs 1

You are there, almost!

As you know that Xnspy spy is not just a call logging app, it is a complete monitoring solution. So after logging in, you will be directed to the main dashboard screen where you will see a range of features offered by the Xnspy. Just on the left side of your screen, you will find a tab “Phone Logs”. Once you click this tab, it will expand and show all its secondary features. Right on the top of this expanded list will be “Calls” tab. Click this tab and you will have all the calls information displayed in the middle of the screen. If you see on the top of this list, you will find the “Analysis” option under the “Phone Calls History Logs” heading. Just click it and you will see the analysis screen showing top five callers, top five call durations, and call time activity punch card.

Analyze Someone’s Phone Call Logs 2

How does Xnspy analyze?

There are three ways Xnspy presents you the call data analysis of the monitored device.

Top Five callers

The first on the analysis list is the top five callers that called the monitored device over the span of the month. This list will show you the contact numbers that called the most during the whole month. You will not only find the contact number that called, but also the number of times it called. The list is displayed in descending order, so the number one on the list is the number that called the most followed by the four other numbers in the list.

Top Five Call duration

This list presents the top five durations for the whole month. The first number on the list means the call that was of the longest duration. You will find the number that called followed by the duration of the call. The rest of the list follows the descending order just like the top five callers list.

Analyze Someone’s Phone Call Logs 3

Call Time Activity Punch Card

The final stat on the list is a punch card. It is kind of a graph that explains which hours of the week had most of the calls on a particular day. Let’s say that if you want to know the calls made on Monday between 1 AM to 2 AM, then you can simply point the cursor to the dot on the punch card, and it will show the number of calls made on Monday between 1 AM to 2 AM. This is a very interesting stat that makes it easier for anyone to know which hours of a particular day are most busy for the user.

Analyze Someone’s Phone Call Logs 4

This is a very interesting stat that makes it easier for anyone to know which hours of a particular day are most busy for the user.

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