5 Ways E-Grounding is Better than Traditional Grounding

Disciplining Gen-Z is a way different monster than any parenting class would ever teach you about. Because this is a time when Google has become older than many kids that use it.  So, simply grounding—that is confining a child to their homes/rooms as punishment—may not be as effective anymore.

Kids Today Have Different Activities

Why isn’t grounding useful anymore you ask? Because children have different activities now. Back in the day when you got grounded, it actually meant something because it meant you couldn’t go out to see your friends or play or take in the fresh air. Kids these days, however, have an indoor life which is much more exciting to them than the outdoors. Video games, smartphones, the internet with all its offerings. I’m sure you’ve found yourself asking your kid to get out instead of staying in. So grounding them is like handing them a vacation. It’s not punishment, it is reward.

e-Grounding is Effective

So what do you do when traditional grounding is moot? You turn to e-grounding. This simply means, when push comes to shove, you take away their technology privileges. Kids these days can maybe live a week without going outside. They’ve got Netflix to keep them company, Facebook to keep them in their social circles, WhatsApp to keep them with their friends. But once you’ve taken that away, too, that’s when the punishment really begins.

Here’s a really clever idea on what you can do while you’re kids are e-grounded…

Establishing Unplugging Hours

I feel like digital detox should be practiced in all families. A few allotted hours during the day when the entire family unplugs. Mealtimes are ideal times for unplugging. But there must also be a few hours where there family can do something together, and if not, the child is made to do something creative or physical.

Parental Controls Work Wonders

A parental monitoring app is ideal in making sure your child is not going overboard with their gadgets. This will also help you regulate that the e-grounding is actually being carried out. So anytime your child tries to sneak back their gadgets, or find another way to log into their Facebook, you are going to be informed right away.

Children Become the Teachers

We’ve been trying to keep you up to date with smartphones and the internet in the hope that we bridge the technology gap between you and your children. But honestly, what better teacher is there than the people who’ve been born and raised around iPads and laptops? So don’t be afraid of a little role reversal. Let your kids become your teachers. If anything, you’re going to understand their world a lot better!


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