8 Common Parent-Teen Conflicts—What Can Parents Do?

Teen years can be the hardest times. Teenagers go through a lot; hormonal imbalances and a complex world that they have to deal with. And sometimes they just feel all alone in it, making things much worse for them. Parents need to learn how they can stand by their kid’s side in eradicating the confused feelings about different issues like sexual behavior, identity, peer pressure, drugs or drinking.

Parents feel anxious and angry when their kids won’t recognize the parental authority. Things get difficult when parents fail to resolve the conflicts with their teenagers. It’s pertinent that parents should not only know the major conflicts that their kids could have with them, but also, a way to deal with them. Conventional methods of parenting might not work in the contemporary world and therefore, parents also need to know about the new digital monitoring techniques. 8 common parent-teen conflicts are:

Curfew Disputes

Your kids don’t like the unnecessary and impracticable curfews. They will retaliate. A good way to keep check on your kids is by monitoring their activities when they are outside. Digital curfews can be used which can geo-fence your kid’s movement through a smartphone app.

Choice of Friends

Kids should be given freedom in choosing their friends but with some mediation. Stay updated with their activities and conversations so that an indirect appraisal of their friends can be done.

Spending a Lot of Time with Peers

Let your kids hang around. They are filled with commotion and adrenaline. Stay-at-home attitude is not correct for them. But it’s important that you are always aware of their location so that they don’t put themselves in some sort of trouble. A GPS tracker can do that for you.

School Performance

Your kid’s school performance is dependent upon a lot of factors. Classroom fears can be one thing. Lack of attention can be a consequence to that. Learn to understand that every child is different. Don’t pressurize them to do things which they are not interested in.

Driving Privileges

You underage kid might insist on driving a car. Well! There is no bargain here. Tell your kid to wait for the right time, get a driving license and then they can drive.

Sexuality and Dating

Your life decisions involved getting married and having kids. May be your kids want something else? Appreciate their sexual preferences. It’s their choice. But do make sure that they are into safe dating and not into some online predators or harassers.

Clothing and Hairstyles

Does your son like to wear a nail polish? There is nothing to worry. Break yourself free of the gender stereotypes. Teenage is a sensitive stage and interrupting it can affect their development stage.

Sell-Destructive Behaviors

Teens are usually involved in smoking pot or binge drinking these days. Peers pressure can force your kid into doing something that he doesn’t want. Build a relationship so strong with your kids that they never lie to your face about anything.

The Right Attitude

Parents need to go subtle with their child’s upbringing. Violent behavior from parental side will be reciprocated in the same way by their kids. Remote monitoring tools can ensure that a moderate interference, together with the feeling of be being overseen is propagated. Your kids need to know that you are on their side!


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