Are Your Children Unruly to The Point of Ruling You?

Your children should always have the confidence to speak up when they need to and to feel empowered. They should be encouraged to be assertive and to face discouragements with a positive outlook. But when is confidence too much? When do they start expecting instead of deserving?

Confident, empowered children have a strong outlook, so they indulge in hobbies and work that they are proud of. This is an empowered child. However a child who expects becomes dependant, demanding and will never be happy with what they have. These children cannot function on their in the real life and face failures with frustration. What do you do when you have children who have a strong sense of entitlement?

Consider the following points if your child has become a belligerent ghoul:

1.      Provide for their needs instead of their wants

Buying gifts or spoiling your child may be a good feeling, to see your child happy all the time. But spoiling them will create entitled little monsters. Create and assert limits. There is nothing inherently wrong with giving gifts to your child, but they will develop an unhealthy habit of expecting gifts and they will start demanding things you might not be able to give them. Practice moderation.

2.     Never Let Them Talk Down To You

Letting children speak about you in a derogatory manner, having them disrespect you in front of others and even cursing at you should NEVER be allowed and they should NEVER be allowed to get away with. These types of children suffer from low self esteem or poor relations with others. Be assertive and never let them talk back to you.

3.     Do Not Fix Their Problems All the Time

Do not interfere if they are stuck in a frustrating position. Don’t give them an easy way out. Frustration makes way to maturity. Kids will find themselves constantly finding you to for their problems and this will stop their growth. This will also make them boss you around and will manipulate you. BUT this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t help them at all! Moderation moderation moderation!

4.     Don’t Be Afraid of Being Unpopular

If they demand something that is still feasible but you might not be able to provide for it, it should not be a burden on you to say no. Sometimes saying what they don’t want to hear, even if it is completely reasonable you sometimes can and should say no, even if they don’t like it.  This will establish humble-ness in them. Not getting things even if they are totally reasonable and achievable is an unfortunate part of life. It is better to have them learn these lessons early on than for them to experience it in the real world, when it actually has repercussions and when they won’t be able to handle what they’ve went through because they have never learnt how to.

Keep your children’s feet firmly planted onto the ground. A head in the air is a head full of air.


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