Night Time Smartphone Etiquette Guide for Kids [Part 1]

Night Time Smartphone Etiquette Guide for Kids [Part 1]

Late night cell phone (ab)use is much worse than your kids’ daytime obsession. For this reason, devising a smart late night guide for your kids would ensure that they sleep tight through the night without glancing at their phones at intervals.

There are many reasons why you should come more stringent about your kids’ nighttime screen time.

  • Screen time just before sleep can interfere with the melatonin levels in your child’s body (melatonin induces sleep). More exposure to cell phones, tablets, TVs and computer just before sleep would mean they will have difficulties going to sleep.
  • Your kids’ obsession with social media can encourage them to stay up all night without caring much about their school, grades or health.
  • Parents should focus on improving the quality of sleep of their kids as it’s essential for their mental and physical health.
  • Kids’ performance during the day can sever just because they couldn’t go to bed on time.

If you really want your kids to have better grades, participate more in sports, and be more around real people than with their phones, it’s time for you to setup a nighttime smartphone guide. Just yelling at them to go to sleep doesn’t work; it has a lot to do with critically balancing everything in their life.

  1. Lights out

When it’s nighttime, it’s time to say goodbye to all the lights, including those emanating from the phone screens. To ensure that your kids don’t lose on quality sleep, make sure that their phones aren’t within their reach at night. Kids who sleep with their phones next to them periodically get up at night, disturbing their sleep cycle badly.

Remember, the more sleep your child will be losing, the more will be their chances of suffering emotionally and academically.

  1. No “no phone zone” outside home

While it’s good to have “no phone zones” inside home; your child should never be going out without their phones. If your child is out with their friends late or staying at their place, it’s necessary for you to stay in touch with them. Part of the digital etiquette guide would be telling your kids to carry an extra charger or a battery pack with them.

Don’t take “my phone was dead” for an excuse. There is no purpose of your child to carry a phone if they aren’t returning your calls or updating you with their location wherever they go. Tell your kids to leave you with a text about their location when they are moving, or the contrary, you could use a location tracking device that would automatically keep you updated about your child’s location.

  1. More family time should be priority

Whenever you have planned some evening family activity, be it indoor (like watching a movie) or outdoor (like barbeque), your kids have to be there, unplugged. It’s necessary that your kids spend valuable time with the family, which isn’t a possibility if they would be glued to their phones all the time. These are the situations that really need your attention, because your kids should know too how great it is to converse and share thoughts and insights with other family members.

Stay tuned for the Part 2 of the read. More on nighttime etiquette coming up.


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