Nighttime smartphone etiquette guide for kids [Part 2]

Nighttime smartphone etiquette guide for kids [Part 2]

When night befalls, it’s time for your kids to be more watchful of their activities. Even if you had been lax with them during the day, you have to roll up your sleeves and be more sturdy during night. Your kids’ sleep matters, and you have to ensure that they are getting enough of it. If you haven’t checked our nighttime smartphone etiquette guide Part 1, make sure you go through it too

Here it is, the rest of it.

No texting while driving

We have been telling you this time and again, but this time, it’s about your kids texting and driving during nighttime. It’s risky to text and drive in the day, and it’s scary when done at night. Any kind of distraction during late night driving is a lot more dangerous. Make sure that your child knows that there will be absolutely no texting allowed while driving.

Phones after homework

Most of kids sit down to do their homework in the evening; tell your kids that they will only have access to their phones once they have competed their homework and other chores. Once they have done it, let them use their cell phone for an hour or two. This is the maximum time that your kids should be allowed to spend with their gadgets as per American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation. During this time, kids can browser access their social media profiles, chat with their friends or browse the internet, because they have earned it.

Make some exceptions

Even though AAP has suggested one to two hours of daily cell phone use, have some room to make some exceptions when your child is using their cell phones for educational purposes. However, if your child needs access to internet for studying, let them use a family computer.

No Phones in the bedroom

This is the most essential part where you would actually be deciding whether your kids are going to sleep peacefully or not. Make no exceptions here. Your kids shouldn’t be allowed to take their phones with them when they go to sleep. It’s the time when they love to tuck in with their phones for late night calls          and texting. There was a time when staying up all night was no less than a trend. If you think alienating your kids from their cell phone is a little difficult, try using XNSPY as it can lock their phones whenever you want to.

Follow a contract

You can’t expect your children to follow your rules unless you are giving them back what was promised. If it’s promised that they will be having two hours of cell phone use after their homework, stick to your promise then. Setup a smartphone contract with your child as it’s the best way to stay on the deal. Add other clauses into the contract that would prevent them from visiting mature websites or talking to strangers online. There is so much that you can make use of once you have a smartphone contract. We will soon cover how you can make a smartphone contract with your child.

After all day at work, the last thing that you need to worry about is your kids misusing their cell phones. Having these etiquette rules will leave you wordless and bonded together as a family.

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