Only You Can Stop Your Kids From Becoming Full On Internet Addicts

Only You Can Stop Your Kids From Becoming Full On Internet Addicts

Internet addiction is increasingly becoming a serious issue, particularly in teenagers. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because if you think about it, adults may have this problem to a degree too. These days, an average person’s life in a week runs around nearly 30 hours on the internet at work,  perhaps 15 on Facebook/Instagram/other social media, and nearly 10 hours watching shows on Netflix.

The thought that some kids may have taken their internet usage overboard is not altogether an alien concept. However, when it stands at a point where it is deteriorating health, parents should probably start viewing it as a serious matter. Perhaps even one that needs help.

One good way to take matters into your own hands is get that very technology on your side. With the right tools, you can plan out a cyber-curfew for your child using a simple parental control software. This will help you make sure your child is not slowly becoming an internet addict.

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Keep a Keen Eye on Their Internet Usage

First off, start by monitoring just how much time they spend on the internet.

The blatantly obvious method for doing so would be to breathe down their necks.

However, what about parents those have full-time jobs that cannot be around their kids 24/7? Or parents that travel around and have to leave their kids with nannies? What about single parents who already have a lot to do without having to watch over cyber dangers? Here’s what’s going to make things easy for those parents—they need to make it a habit to keep track of their kid’s internet activity and view their visited websites.

A parental app, for example XNSPY, can help you can view the date and time of when your child visits a website. This way, you can know exactly how much time they spent on their smartphones or tablets during the day.

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Know What Websites They Frequent

Another good idea is to always keep track of the websites they visit the most. With some baseline research, you will find that many internet addiction cases begins with gaming or gambling websites. An 18-year-old in Taiwan actually died after playing a game for 40 hours straight. Of course this is one extreme of what tech addiction of any kind will do to you. However, it also makes clear the severity of what your child could go through.

Keep an eye on your child’s browsing history and identify the websites they visit most—they could be the source of their addiction.

It is possible your child may also have a social media addiction.

Actively Monitor their IMs

Teens are addicted to texting and that’s stating the obvious. And now that there is internet in phones and apps like WhatsApp and Viber, texting has not just increases, it has become instantaneous. Use the right parental control software and you’d be able to:

Stopping your kids from talking to their friends altogether seems rather unreasonable, doesn’t it? At the same time however, you need to tell them to cut back on digital communication and start encouraging personal communication. Making time for both will not only ensure balance; this will be much healthier for them as well.\

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Take Internet Addiction Amongst Kids Seriously!

Setting a thought out computer curfew is a modern parenting technique.  Like any other regular curfew, it helps you establish timings and boundaries: no WhatsApp after 9 p.m. or no Minecraft during study hour and so on and so forth.

It would be worthwhile to remember at this point that the internet has its advantages. It is a form of communication and information. But you also have to remember your teenager is growing up. They need to get ample amounts of sleep and the right amount of off-screen time so they could have a happier and healthier life.

Do you think cyber-curfews are important? What do you do to make sure your child does not spend all day in front of their computers?



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