Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Rumors and News and Future Compatibility with XNSPY

It has been reported that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the successor to the explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7, will be released in September after being showcased on the 23rd of August.

Even though this is still speculation, and we can’t ride off of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s release, which was released at Mobile World Conference, it still makes sense for Samsung to be releasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ahead of Apple’s iPhone 8  launch, to get a head start in sales and hype.

The new Samsung device will surely be unveiled at New York City and speculation arrives at 23rd August as the date.

Apple vs Samsung

Apple might fall behind because of a late release day and also because there some trouble in Paradise and Apple is facing some trouble with the upcoming iPhone 8. There is no doubt that out of the two, the IPhone 8 has much more anticipation towards but what’s interesting is that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 has a self-made history to it, so a hype and a buildup is present for it too. There are rumors that Apple’s iPhone 8 might face supply shortages and knowing Apple fans, many might actually be willing to put up with shortages and delays so long as they get a new iPhone. The average consumer might not be as understanding.

Samsung has already gained some traction and repertoire this year after the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, that received great reviews and proven to be a practical and popular device. Samsung is riding off of this wave of good fortune and allegedly releasing the phone earlier than the iPhone 8. Apple iPhone sales have been in decline already and even though it might still be one of the most profitable companies in the world, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could jeopardize the iPhone if the newest installment in the series isn’t the best smartphone device on the planet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to follow the same route as the Samsung Galaxy S8, with a bezel less screen only it will be 6.3 inches big. It doesn’t have to do anything explosive like its ill-fated predecessor, it just has to get everything right.

The stylus is rumored to have been focused on this time around and we’ll see more practical use to what makes the Note series. The hardware has been improved and software customized to suit a versatile need.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could, however, make many people think twice. Maybe it’s to make up for the Note 7, maybe because Samsung’s going all out with these phones, but the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 s rumored to be as much as one thousand dollars. That might be a lot more than people anticipated, but the iPhone 8 is expected to cost around the same so there still will be competition.

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