Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

Galaxy S8 Review

The Samsung Galaxy came at a crucial time for Samsung, after the last flagship saw its demise in smoke and flames. The Samsung Galaxy S8 came with huge expectations and carried the reputation of the company, a true make or break of moment for the company.

But did the S8 make it or break it? You be the judge of that, but all we can say is that the S8 holds all the bearings to revive the company. The rumors and leaks preceding the phone were unlike any other. Most of the rumors were proved to be true, but what the rumors didn’t entail is how the phone could be a contender to be the best smartphone in 2017.

Features of the Galaxy S8

The one thing that most people will purchase the Galaxy S8 for and the one thing Samsung advertised the most is the majestic looking infinity screen.  It had become very clear from the rumors that this ‘Infinity Screen’ will be a main focus of the S8. Because of this screen, the S8 does not feature mechanical keys for the home button, the back and the recent button. These will all be features as software buttons.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera

The camera on the S8 hasn’t seen much improvement over the still brilliant camera of the S7 even though promises were made that the camera would have been something of an upgrade. The camera still features a 12MP sensor on the back with an f/1.7 aperture and fast auto-focus. The S8 surprisingly did not try to compete with the LG G6 or the iPhone 7 and include a dual lens, clearly focusing on the fingerprint sensor in terms of design.

The front camera however has been upgraded to an 8MP sensor, great in low-light. The camera app alsos features Snapchat like filters.

One unexpected upgrade to the camera is the Bixby Vision, that will allow users (from launch) to search up objects that they point their camera at.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications

The Galaxy S8 sports a 4GB of RAM, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor (or Exynos 8895). The phone is powered by a 3000mAh battery and the Android version from launch is Android 7.0 Nougat.

Bixby, The Galaxy’s Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Samsung unveiled Bixby as a prime feature of the S8 and shocked us all a little, because nothing of the sort had been mentioned in the leaks.

Bixby is an Artificial Intelligence assistant, shadowing the like of Siri but what sets it apart from Siri or even Google Assistant that Bixby is meant to be an open ended AI assistant that follows commands through your voice, camera and a (surprisingly) dedicated hardware button.

 It also allows users to refer to it any manner they want, not restricting them to specific words or phrases (hint: Okay Google). That being said, Google Assistant is still available to use on the phone, and the Bixby is something Samsung hopes to keep working on. Bixby Vision hopes it will lead the S8 in artificial intelligence realm.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date and Price

The Galaxy S8 will be the most expensive phone Samsung has ever made right away from launch:$724 (£689, AU$1,119). The actual Galaxy S8 release date is April 21 for the US and April 28 for the UK.  Pre-orders are available for the phone.

XNSPY and The Samsung Galaxy S8

XNSPY is compatible for the latest Android devices, and will run smoothly on the Android 7.0 that Is set to be on the S8. To find if your phone is compatible, visit here.


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