What Degree Of Involvement Should One Have With Their Child?

What Degree Of Involvement Should One Have With Their Child?

Your child probably leads a life you might not be aware of, as with any child. They have their friends and social life, and how they handle those situations in a healthy social environment is how they learn to grow and exceed to eventually become adults.

We’ve previously talked about hyper connectivity and how your child is constantly connected to the internet to social media or forums or whatever. They consider their ‘real’ life to be online sometimes or feel more comfortable being online. So their actual real life is a second fiddle to them.

Being Involved

Now, your child probably does have friends in real life and they probably socialize. We aren’t saying that they have to be loners and they only have friends online. No, every type of child has a ‘second life’ in their lives. Whether it’s to maintain an online persona, or to live as a moderator online or a gamer, they have a different life.

Many of these things might be beyond what you understand. They might be involved in forums and discussions that you either don’t care for or don’t care to understand. This permissive behavior of letting your children dwell unsupervised online can be justified to be like as the same as leaving them alone on the street. Imagine a 13-16 year old wandering the streets alone. Now imagine the same online.

By allowing this type of quite ‘agreement’ to go along, you are allowing yourself to distance yourself from you child. They go along with what you they do, you go along with what you do.

This shouldn’t go along very far. You need to realize that your child’s activities need to be supervised because they don’t know any better. Any harm except physical can and will come to your child online such as being scammed, having their money stolen, bullying, manipulation, being targets to predators and much more.

You would never let your child be this defenseless in the real world, right? You’d give them a phone, tell them to call regularly, set curfew and ask them when they’d get home etc etc.

XNSPY and Getting Involved

You should know what’s going on in your child’s life. You should know what they’re up to online, who they’re talking to (to check if they’re talking to anyone who they aren’t supposed to), going to websites where they’re susceptible to being scammed or bombarded with malware

XNSPY will help you be on top of all of that and more. You will have the ability to monitor their messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp.

XNSPY gives you the unique ability to look into your child’s life. You will be aware of their online activities, who they’re are in contact with, if they ever leave the house, you will know where they are exactly because of its unique real time location tracker. You will have a live tracker of where they’re going. You’ll also have a log documenting all the places they’ve been to for future reference.

XNSPY insures that you have a security measure like no other. You will have an upper hand for if something does not go according to plan. Your child isn’t going in blind into the online world, or at least unsupervised. They’ll still have your guidance and watchful eye. Whether you tell them that you’re observing them is up to you, but as we always say, give them some breathing space. They could be developing some important personality traits and skills.

Their ‘second life’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing if they’re being productive with it. When they aren’t being productive and when it’s becoming something quite the opposite; that is when you act with XNSPY.