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Can Mobile Spy Apps Really Monitor WhatsApp Messages, or is it Just a Hoax?

Instant Messengers have revolutionized the way we communicate today. Their inclusion into the smartphone world is almost inseparable from the idea of digitalization itself. WhatsApp is perhaps the most significant example of this. The simple messaging platform has evolved into a Goliath in modern telecommunication, and this is no accident either.

WhatsApp is routinely the subject of hacks and cyberattacks, and the internet is awash with people trying to exploit a WhatsApp account in any way they can. Mobile spy apps claim to be the most efficient way to gain access to WhatsApp accounts, but do they even work? Can mobile spy apps monitor WhatsApp messages on someone’s phone, or is it all an elaborate hoax?

Can Mobile Spy Apps Really Monitor WhatsApp Messages, or is it Just a Hoax
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Evolution of WhatsApp

It could very well be argued that the biggest component of modern communication and telephony saw an instant boost with instant messengers. WhatsApp was always a prominent name when smartphones initially started gaining momentum. And today, it boasts the largest number of users due to its ease of use and widespread availability. But this popularity has been two-fold for the company.

What is WhatsApp's End-to-End Encryption?

Despite WhatsApp’s acquisition by Meta (formerly Facebook) and the overarching reputation of the social media platform, the instant messenger division has always prioritized security. End-to-end encryption was one such way WhatsApp has put on a more privacy-focused face. And it works!

End-to-end encryption locks all chats with a secure code, which makes the chat (in its raw encrypted state) a bunch of random numbers and symbols. The app has a unique code for every chat, and to ensure complete secrecy, these codes are generated at random and are often changed for every chat as well. This means that to decipher any chat on the WhatsApp platform, a hacker would need to know the exact decipher key to unlock the contents of a conversation. With billions of users generating multiple billions of chats every day, breaking into a chat is virtually impossible.

WhatsApp also extends this end-to-end encryption security to chat backup, and recently, to all calls made on the apps. Every bit of communication on WhatsApp is now safer than ever before.


Can End-to-End Encryption be Broken?

Technically, yes. But this is less of a problem for the user than it is for WhatsApp. This is because, as we mentioned before, all chats are garbled numbers and symbols until they’re deciphered by the unique encryption key. Unless a hacker knows the specific key to a particular chat on a WhatsApp account, the chances of a successful attempt are next to zero.

However, if Meta one day decided to downgrade its presence globally and began shutting down its servers, hackers could try and attack the servers directly to break into the system. This way, they can read all chats from any user just from the log files stored on the server. Security is a chain that is only as strong as its weakest link. As long as Meta and WhatsApp are strengthening things at their end, end-to-end encryption will be impenetrable.

Can WhatsApp End-to-End Encryption be Broken?

How Do Spying Apps Monitor WhatsApp?

While hackers will have a tough time trying to break into your account while trying to decrypt end-to-end encryption, there is one method that bypasses the technicalities required in a sophisticated server attack.

WhatsApp spying apps are commonplace on the internet, with iterations powerful enough to only be reserved for the world’s most powerful governments. But you would be surprised to learn that some WhatsApp tracking apps are available for consumers to download and get started with online. These apps don’t usually charge a premium for their functionality either and work by accessing the user’s WhatsApp account on the device itself.

Using Xnspy to bypass WhatsApp Encryption

WhatsApp spying apps infiltrate a device (be it a mobile phone or tablet) and nestle themselves in the security permissions of the device. These monitoring apps enable the device to record all activity and report it to a third-party server, which displays it to the user of the software. With WhatsApp spying apps, users aren’t just limited to one instant messenger either. Some of the best spying apps enable complete monitoring functionality of the device, with a few accessibility tools as well.

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The Limitations of WhatsApp Monitoring

But as exceptional WhatsApp tracking software may be, they do have their shortcomings and limitations. All WhatsApp spying software allows users to gain access to other accounts, but this access isn’t as free as owning and operating the account yourself.

Some of the most common limitations you’ll run into with WhatsApp tracking apps are:

1. Can’t Interact with Messages

Users are limited to a backseat view of the account. They can see and record activity on the WhatsApp account, but cannot interact with the messages.

2. View-Only Function

The view-only function of WhatsApp monitoring software means that users can’t reply to messages from the account, or delete them from the account. They can only read conversations that are already taking place or have taken place in the past.

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Why Would You Want to Monitor WhatsApp?

WhatsApp as we’ve already discovered is an important, if not necessary, means of communication. Being able to monitor its use in certain situations can benefit a variety of people. To understand the scope of monitoring advantages, let's discuss a few use cases

1. For Parents

Keeping tabs on those you care about, such as your kids, has become a need in today’s age of information. With the internet becoming an increasingly unsafe place, the protection of our kids must also extend to their mobile devices. Through monitoring WhatsApp we can keep track of any cyberbullying they might be facing, shield them from potential scammers and ensure that the content they interact with or are exposed to is in line with your values as well as theirs.

WhatsApp Monitoring for parents
WhatsApp monitoring for employers

2. For Employers

If you’re a small business owner using WhatsApp, monitoring chats can help you analyze feedback, and status views and keep track of how your marketing actions are going. If you’re a larger corporation with multiple employees, you can ensure that working hours are being used efficiently, and devoid of distractions. Having such a tool installed on company systems can help monitor productivity, maintain professionalism in the workspace and guard you against misuse of company time and property.

3. For Schools

Schools are responsible for the safety and well-being of children when their parents aren’t around. As an institution, you can use the monitoring of WhatsApp on school systems and devices to safeguard students from being discriminated against, picked on, or pressured into doing anything they are not comfortable with. In a hybrid working environment, you can also ensure exams and school work is conducted fairly without any form of cheating or malice.

WhatsApp monitoring for schools

What is Xnspy?

Xnspy is a premier WhatsApp monitoring software kit that is designed to be an all-in-one solution for everyone’s monitoring needs. The software has extended support for Android and iOS platforms and runs on all supported devices whether it be phones or tablets. This makes Xnspy the best consideration for people looking to monitor a WhatsApp account.

Xnspy has had a prominent share in the device monitoring segment for over a decade. This has enabled the brand to consistently develop its WhatsApp tracker and provide the most sought-after functionalities and features. Xnspy goes beyond regular WhatsApp monitoring and positions itself as one of the leading tools for all phone monitoring needs.

Installing the Xnspy WhatsApp Spying App

The Xnspy installation process is easy for newbies and experienced users alike. One prerequisite to note is that the application cannot be downloaded through the Play Store or the App Store, which can make the installation process seem unconventional at first. Still, following these steps, you’re on your way to downloading and using the world’s best WhatsApp monitoring software.

1. Subscribe to Xnspy

Xnspy is a premium product and as its capabilities far exceed those of similar “free-to-use” apps, it requires a subscription to initiate. Xnspy has two plans, both costing less than $10/month. Subscribe to any plan of your choice and register through your email. Once the payment has been processed, Xnspy will send you an email with your login credentials.

Subscribe to Xnspy
Login to Your Xnspy Account

2. Login to Your Xnspy Account

Once you have selected the plan of your choosing and successfully paid for it, you will use your login credentials to sign in to your Xnspy account. You can find the login page here:

3. Select the Device and Operating System to Use Xnspy On

Xnspy supports iOS WhatsApp monitoring as well as Android. Pick which device you would like to set the Xnspy WhatsApp monitor on and follow the tutorials here to complete the installation process:

Select the Device and Operating System to Use Xnspy On
Link Your Device to the Xnspy Dashboard

4. Link Your Device to the Xnspy Dashboard

Once the Xnspy Whatsapp monitoring app has been successfully installed, you will be prompted to link the app to your online Xnspy dashboard. Once complete, Xnspy will begin transferring existing and new data from the device to the dashboard.

5. Log in to Your Xnspy Account Again and Begin Spying

The data upload can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, depending on how lengthy WhatsApp chats are on the device and all the media associated with the chats. Once complete, re-login to the Xnspy online dashboard and you will see the names of the contacts and their respective chats displayed in the WhatsApp tab.

Log in to Your Xnspy Account Again and Begin Spying
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The Problem of Remote Installation for WhatsApp Spying Apps

WhatsApp spying apps or WhatsApp monitoring software have cultivated some misconceptions about themselves. The biggest is perhaps their method of installation.

As monitoring apps are generally installed using sideloading methods and aren’t found on conventional app stores, people can assume they operate differently from their run-of-the-mill counterparts. This has given rise to the idea of remotely installing WhatsApp tracking apps. Remote installation of apps isn’t possible for any application, let alone a WhatsApp tracker app.

It is due to the way mobile operating systems handle security. User consent is important to install any app on a phone or a device. This consent is usually acquired by having physical access to the device itself and installing the application manually. In the case of WhatsApp monitoring apps, this is even more pertinent. As these aren’t found on conventional app stores, sideloading it from the Xnspy website is the only way to install it.

As of now, it is not possible to install any app without physical access to the device it is intended to be installed. Watch out for Xnspy clones or other dubious WhatsApp tracking devices that offer remote installation as they are most likely to be scams.

Precautions for Avoiding Fake WhatsApp Spying Apps

WhatsApp remote monitoring applications and spyware are popping up all over the tracking landscape that exists around us. However, it is important to know that not all such apps are there to benefit you. Some might be actively trying to harm.

When installing WhatsApp surveillance software, ensure that you are choosing an authentic supplier. In the case of Xnspy, it will always be our website you can purchase through, so make sure to avoid any clone websites or domains under any other name that are posing to be us. Beware of any apps that are branded as “Xspy," “XNSPYING," or any without the Xnspy dot com website. All domains using dot net or dot org are most likely to be scams. Xnspy is not liable for any transactions and payments made to cloned websites.

Besides clones of Xnspy, users are also advised to be aware of free WhatsApp surveillance apps. A point to note here is that apps that tout free-to-function applications can be different from "freemium" versions. Free-to-function WhatsApp trackers are most likely to be dummy apps, or worse, malware. These can exist on your device and download all data and never report it to you. Apps of this nature can do more harm than imagined and we strongly advise all users to conduct proper research before downloading any WhatsApp monitoring app.

Freemium apps can have a pay-as-you-go model which can add to the legitimacy of their functioning. Users have the option to pay for the features they want to use. Apps of this type are marginally better than free WhatsApp trackers.

As always, we recommend all users conduct ample research into the subject and app they eventually choose. Our list of the top 10 WhatsApp monitoring apps is a good resource to begin your research. All apps require user data to function, and we suggest using apps you can trust with your personal information and device activity.

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Other WhatsApp Spying App Considerations

There are plenty of WhatsApp remote monitoring applications available in the market today. We consider Xnspy as the best option due to its plethora of features, and remote monitoring capabilities. However, we wouldn’t want to come off as biased, so here are some of the other popular WhatsApp spying apps for your consideration:

1. Spyzie

It’s an all-inclusive app to check WhatsApp activity on any smartphone. With its advanced feature, you can read the WhatsApp chats on the target phone and this also includes group chats. You can also view the photos, videos, and voice files. You can view them and download them remotely also. You don’t have to root or jailbreak the device to spy on the WhatsApp of another phone. It supports WhatsApp chat and multimedia monitoring on Android and WhatsApp chat monitoring on iPhone only. A problem with Spyzie is that will have to spend money on getting the Ultimate Edition of the official WhatsApp spy tool since the premium Edition does not support it. Also, it does not support the latest iOS 15.


2. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch, while sold as parental control, is fully equipped to spy on WhatsApp. However, with its mainstream features and expensive retail, Hoverwatch couldn’t make it to the very top of our list. Hoverwatch is for those who appreciate aesthetics. Their website is appealing to the eyes, including their online dashboard. Just how the whole control panel is designed could differentiate between the best WhatsApp tracker and a mediocre one. And to us, Hoverwatch meets somewhere in the middle. You can track WhatsApp chats and call logs, and that’s pretty much it.


3. uMobix

uMobix is a basic-level WhatsApp spy tool and comes at some of the final spots on our list. While WhatsApp monitoring apps do exist in the wild, most are new to the instant messenger and social media monitoring side. uMobix is no exception to this. Hence, all these other apps have been added to the list to tell our readers what not to buy. Having said that, uMobix is a derivative of parental control apps, and we all know most parental controls lack the sophistication of advanced monitoring tools. uMobix is good enough for parents to trace WhatsApp chats of their kids and nothing more.


What Makes Xnspy Unique?

Xnspy is one of the few true remote WhatsApp monitoring apps that have a lot more going for it than the advertised capabilities. Not only is Xnspy a capable WhatsApp tracking tool, but it is also a powerful all-in-one toolkit for all your device monitoring requirements.

Here are some of the reasons why you'd want to pick Xnspy over the rest:

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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • All spy apps including the Xnspy WhatsApp chat monitor can effortlessly tap into WhatsApp chat data and display them on their dashboards and servers. They do this remarkably well too, and can even include emojis, files, pictures, and videos that were shared between chatters.

  • Watching out for any unread messages that are now marked as “read” is the best way to know if someone’s looking into your chats behind your back. Download an antivirus software to pinpoint if a WhatsApp chat hacking tool is installed on the device. To remove any WhatsApp tracker, you would need to perform a factory reset on your device.

  • The short answer is, not a lot. The Xnspy WhatsApp message tracker for instance can very easily look into all chats and media shared between accounts. But they’re limited in functionality and can only view this data and can’t manipulate it beyond downloading a copy of it.

  • Remotely hacking any social media or instant messenger is a difficult job. Unless you use an easy password across all platforms, have other people know of your passwords, or don’t have additional security measures, such as two-factor authentication, your accounts are prone to hacking. But using Xnspy or any other WhatsApp monitoring app to remotely install and operate isn’t possible. The hacker would need your device physically to install these apps.

  • People can routinely check into unassuming phones, tablets, and computers to get access to personal data and information. WhatsApp is no different, with its apps available for all devices and platforms. Anyone can pry through your WhatsApp conversations if any of your devices are left unattended and unlocked. They can even view new unread messages, and mark them unread after the fact. Conversely, people also download monitoring applications such as Xnspy to aid in this process.

  • Xnspy is mobile monitoring software that can be used to get access to data on any mobile device or tablet. The data in question here can be photos, videos, call logs, social media activity, location data, and even WhatsApp message data. This further extends to deleted messages as well. Even if the parent device deletes message data from any messaging app, Xnspy keeps a copy saved on the server.

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