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How to Catch a Cheating Spouse/Partner with Xnspy?

One of the most persistent issues people face in relationships revolve around feelings of distrust. These feelings often arise when a partner or spouse show signs of infidelity. And everyone who’s ever been in a serious relationship knows how detrimental feelings of distrust can be. Infidelity isn’t just limited to souring feelings either, it can bring otherwise healthy relationships to a breaking point. In the vastly digitalized world, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of infidelity and cheating. Hidden cheating apps for iPhone and Android are all around us, but few know of their true utility. For the partners that are committing infidelity, it can be just as easy to hide instances of cheating from their significant others.

Most people before the digital age relied on subtle cues in their partners to verify whether their partners were seeing someone behind their backs. This, for obvious reasons, wasn’t the most effective or accurate way to approach the situation. And while the internet is awash with articles on the art of deduction when it comes to cheating, in the 21st century, you need modern solutions. You need better ways to catch a cheating partner.

catch a cheating spouse
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Why Do People in Relationships Cheat?

Cheating is regarded as the ultimate relationship killer, the subject of the juiciest gossips, and one of the most fascinating topics to study in behavioral sciences. But this doesn’t make the entire enterprise of relationship infidelity easy to understand.

cheating in a relationship

Most people cheat in relationships due to emotional imbalances within themselves. This study underlined some of the most common reasons given for infidelity in the past. These included anger, low self-esteem, lack of love, low commitment, heightened sexual desire, neglect, and the need for variety. The last reason is one we’ll delve deeper into in the next section.

The underpinning motivation behind infidelity is clear, then. But this isn’t to be misconstrued as partners “becoming weak” or “unable to think clearly” at the time of their cheating, regardless of how many times this trope is repeated. Cheating is the net result of a failure to process proper emotions while simultaneously disregarding the respect the significant other deserves. It is thus the biggest act of disrespect a person can show to their partners or spouses. Some people opt for apps for cheating spouse to try and get concrete evidence, and we’ll explain why everyone should consider this method of investigation for themselves.

Infidelity in the Digital Age

You’ll often here people dismissing the idea that infidelity is more prevalent today than it was 20 years ago, but the numbers don’t back this idea up (and neither should you). Cheating in men over 60 years of age has increased by 28% since 2006, and has had an increase of 15% in women compared to 1991. Newlyweds aren’t faring any better with one in three marriages reporting at least one instance of cheating. So people may run from the uncomfortable truth, but the fact that a lot of people cheat on their partners is true. And this shouldn’t discount your partner either!

The reason for this uptick in percentages is simple. The digital age emphasized heavily on the need to stay interconnected at all times, and to receive communications instantaneously. This change has enabled a lot of positivity with an ever-increasingly connected online society than ever before. A hive mind continuously buzzing in all parts of the world at the same time. But what this interconnectivity didn’t foresee was the problem of having an abundance of choice in social interactions. Dating apps have further divided the situation.

Dating apps have enabled millions of people to be on the lookout for the next best option. The vast pool of potential soulmates and eligible bachelors have increased everyone’s chances of finding their partners. However, it has also given rise to the infamous hookup culture. Random and emotionally detached hookups and flings aren’t just reserved for the singles anymore either, in fact, it has given individuals in marriages all the excuse they need to cheat.

Finding a potential one-night-stand has never been easier, and covering up your tracks is just as effortless. Delete the secret cheating apps, delete the evidence. This is where apps to catch spouse cheating have come to the mainstream.


Emotional Cheating and Physical Cheating

Infidelity usually comes in two forms. A person could be in a stable or long-term relationship and develop feelings for someone else. It would still classify as cheating. Not all instances of cheating have to be physical. Let’s look at the differences between emotional cheating and physical cheating.

cheating spouse monitoring app

Emotional Cheating

  • Emotional cheating could occur on a cell phone, computer, or a casual lunch or dinner with someone that isn’t your partner.
  • It does not involve physical intimacy of any sort.
  • The net result of emotional cheating is that one person in the relationship is investing more emotional attention to someone that isn’t their spouse.

Physical Cheating

  • Usually starts out as emotional cheating.
  • Is entirely dependent on sexual or intimate acts with someone that isn’t their partner.
  • Can occur at any place, but is usually relegated to being away from the public eye.
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The Signs of a Cheating Spouse and Partner

Regardless of the fact that your partner or spouse is currently involved in an emotional or physical affair, the consequences are the same. Similarly, the telltale signs of any form of infidelity are the same as well. Before you go looking for an app to see who your partner is texting, it is important to familiarize yourself with these nuanced signs.

Here are all the things you should be on the lookout for in your potentially cheating partner or spouse.

1. Their Schedule Changes Without Explanation

If you’re married or a long-term relationship, you can somewhat accurately predict your partner’s daily routine. If there is a sudden and unexplained shift in their schedule, it could be that they’re seeing someone behind your back.

2. Their Phone Habits Change

Being secretive about your phone’s contents can be a sure sign of infidelity. Partners is long-term relationships tend not to hide their on-device activity, but when they do, it’s usually because they have something on it that they don’t want you to see.

3. Their Libido Decreases

Partners who are getting it from somewhere else may not be in the mood for romantic or intimate moments. If your partner has a sudden and non-medical excuse for skipping intimacy, something may be afoot.

4. They’re Micromanaging Your Schedule

Cheaters need ample time to cheat. They can only do this if they’re aware of your routine and whereabouts at all times. If they insist on knowing about your plans for the day or week, and you don’t have an anniversary coming up, they’re probably cheating.

5. They’re More Attentive to Their Appearance

People can have a shift in the way they see themselves and aim to improve the way they look for a number of reasons. But if your partner is suddenly spending too much time grooming themselves, or buying new clothes or lingerie, chances are they’re trying to impress someone else.

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Common Ways People Employ to Catch Spouses/Partners Cheating

Once suspicion is aroused in a partner or spouse, it can be difficult and nigh impossible to subdue it until a resolution is found. Cheating is devastating for any relationship, but the mere indication of it can bring out the worst in people. Most become private detectives themselves and go off any signs or clues they can gather to confirm their suspicions.

monitor your cheating partners activites

How Men Catch Their Partners?

  • They discover calls and texts to their partner’s lover.
  • A stubble rash where they have been kissing their partner.
  • Their partner confesses outright.
  • A friend of their partner comes clean on the affair.
  • Apps to find a cheating partner in the act.

How Women Catch Their Partners?

  • Finding text messages and pictures (nudes) of their lover on the phone.
  • Their partner has a different perfume on.
  • Emails from the bank on suspicious spending trends are exposed.
  • Catching their partner with the lover in the act.
  • The lover tells the partner of the affair.
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How to Catch Spouses Cheating with Xnspy?

We mentioned before how most people uncover instances of cheating and infidelity in their partners, but none of them seem to be using technology as an aid. Despite most of the cheating occurring on digital platforms and mobile phones, people just aren’t leveraging their power to uncover these instances.

XNSPY - Spy on spouse cell phone

This all changes with Xnspy. Xnspy is a monitoring software that can infiltrate any smartphone or tablet to report on all incoming and outgoing data. Xnspy can be used to spy on partner’s texts and is one of the best apps to see if your partner is cheating. It can even uncover any hidden cheating apps for Android and iPhone, such as Tinder, that are specifically used to chat with and hook up with other people.

How Does Xnspy Help?

Xnspy can not only enable you to read cheating spouse text messages, but also has functionality to comb through the device’s installed applications and keeps tabs on social media and instant messenger data. This enables people suspecting their partners and spouses of infidelity to know for certain who’s receiving which text and when.

Here are some other features that Xnspy provides:


Call monitoring


Call log information


Screen recorder


Track GPS location


Get alerts on device activity


Website browsing history


Email monitoring


Wi-Fi network logs


Surround recording


Photo and video monitoring


App blocker


Remote commands

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Installing Xnspy

The Xnspy app has a simple three-step process for its installation. We’ll go over just what you need to do to ensure you have Xnspy set up to spy on spouse cell phone.

Step 1: Subscribe to Xnspy

Xnspy plans are available in three different variations. You can opt to choose from a monthly, quarterly, or annually billing system, and either of the three unlock all the features for you to catch a cheater uncensored.

Buy XNSPY spy app to catch a cheater
Download spy app for cheating spouse

Step 2: Download and Install the Xnspy App

Once subscribed, you will be prompted to download and install the Xnspy app on your Android or iOS device. You’re on your way to spying on cheating wife or husband now.

Step 3: Pair the App and Begin Tracking

The Xnspy app is to be paired with the online dashboard (provided to you at the time of subscription) and all the data will start flowing in after 24-48 hours of backing up. You can now view all apps for cheating, and any pictures and messages that may be exchanged.

app that can track all activities of a cheating partner
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Catching Them in the Act

To catch a cheating spouse, you need Xnspy on your side. Xnspy makes reporting and data extraction simple for you and can even catch cheating girlfriend or boyfriend right in the middle of the act. How? It’s simple!

With Xnspy, users have plenty of options on the granular controls of their spouse’s phone. They can view all the incoming messages, pictures, and videos, and can even use the find my spouse location feature to get specific turn-by-turn updates on their geographic coordinates. It has plenty of ways to spy on spouse that may be suspected of infidelity, and can even look into some of the most well-protected apps, such as iMessage, Viber, and WhatsApp.

Once you have Xnspy set up, all you need to do is login to the online dashboard where device data is pooled in. This is your central control where you can monitor every aspect of device activity, and can even take screenshots of the device usage or record messages on Snapchat and Tinder as evidence for later use.

The Xnspy cheating spouse app restores the power balance in a compromised relationship and allows users to achieve peace of mind with their partner and spouse.

What Makes Xnspy Unique?

Users have plenty of options available to them to catch cheating boyfriend or girlfriend. In fact, if you were to search “what is the best app to catch a cheating spouse” on Google, you’ll find plenty of apps for catching cheating spouse or partner. But what most of them lack, Xnspy doesn’t. Xnspy is a cut above the rest for these reasons:


Stealth Function

Xnspy operates in total secrecy. Once set up, the app won’t notify or alert the user of the tracked device of its presence.


Remote Control

Perform various device commands at a whim and remotely. Wipe data, lock the device, lock apps, and much more!


Instant Updates

Log data instantly as it comes. All messages, location, and activity is immediately reported.


Secure Servers

Xnspy stores data locally on its servers and values customer privacy and data protection above all else. We can’t snoop on your information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • Xnspy has both Android and iOS versions for the purposes of tracking. Android installation and setup is very simple. Once you have signed up to an Xnspy plan, you will be provided with your login credentials for the dashboard and ushered to install the APK file on the Android device. Once installed and set up, the app is to be paired with the dashboard, and after 24-48 hours of waiting, Xnspy would have backed up all the on-device and incoming data for you to view. Simply log back in to the dashboard to access all hidden files and messages.

  • Apps to spy on your spouse phone are powerful text message trackers. This is applicable for Xnspy as well. Once you have set up the track your partner app, you can find all of the incoming and existing text messages in the “Phone Logs” menu. Clicking on this option will present a drop down menu with “Text Messages” the second from the top. Click on it to view all conversations that have taken place on the phone. You can even view any deleted messages after the Xnspy app was installed.

  • Spying on a cheating spouse can be a tricky situation. You need a dedicated to catch a cheater app that can take the stresses of routinely having to snoop on the device to find any evidence of their infidelity. Xnspy can be that app for most, and if you’re wondering how to track my partner’s phone, this may just be the solution you need. Xnspy rummages through all the data present on the device and any that is coming in, and reports to its dashboard for you to view. This includes text messages, videos, pictures, and other chats from popular instant messengers.

  • The sheer abundance of social media and dating applications has made it very difficult to know for certain which of them are used to cheat on partners and spouses. Cheating apps for iPhone and Android could also be disguised as regular work or productivity applications with an icon or name switching tool. But it’s safe to assume that most cheating partners use Tinder, Signal, Telegram, and Line for the majority of their communications with lovers. Snapchat and Instagram are also universally known platforms that promote affairs online. Fortunately, with Xnspy, all of these previously mentioned apps can be spied on with ease.

  • If you’re wondering, “how can I begin tracking my partner’s phone”, then you’re at the right place. A remote monitoring application allows you to delve deep into the device’s onboard and cloud storage and report on its usability too. After installing a monitoring solution like Xnspy, you would not be required to manually search the phone for its contents. The Xnspy app does all the digging for you. But remember, in order to install Xnspy on a phone, you would require a one-time physical access to the device. Remote installation of any app is not possible on Android or iOS devices. However, if your spouse or partner is using an iPhone, you can use the iCloud spying method of Xnspy as an alternative. This only works if you know the email and password of the iCloud account the device is synced with.

  • Syncing any phone to another is easier said than done. There are no apps that can automatically sync two devices with each other and effectively clone them. But you can get all backed up data and messages if you use the same Google or Apple ID login credentials on your device. This way, you can get all the updates instantly on your phone as your boyfriend receives them. Consequently, you can also use Xnspy which doesn’t require you to sync devices, but can instead seamlessly and stealthily monitor the device for you.

  • If you searched, “how to spy on my husband or boyfriend”, you’ve come to the right place. Xnspy can be installed easily and can effectively upload all text messages on any phone. If your boyfriend uses Android or an iPhone, Xnspy can pry though the contents with ease. You can even use Xnspy remotely from a laptop and view all text messages on the device.

  • Whether your interest is related to finding a reliable method to spy on my girlfriend, partner, or spouse, you can rest assured that Xnspy is the way to go. With Xnspy, you have complete access to all media, texts, and instant messenger chats that are present on a phone or tablet. Simply log in to your Xnspy dashboard and navigate to Phone Logs, where you’ll find the menu to search for text messages. All conversations from the past, and any incoming ones, should be displayed here.

  • The easiest way to hack partner’s iPhone is by using remote monitoring apps such as Xnspy. Xnspy has two solutions for iOS where it can be installed for device reporting use via an app or through the iCloud synchronization. Of the two, most people prefer to use the iCloud installation method, as it is quicker and can provide all the data from the device’s online backup.

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