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How to Set Browser Tracking On Someone Else’s Phone?

Browser tracking is synonymous to monitoring someone’s online activities. With browser tracking, you can track someone’s web activities, online searches or anything they have visited on the internet from their phone. You can actually do this without physically grabbing their phone and checking their history.

For this purpose, you will need Xnspy to set browser tracking on someone’s phone. Here is how to get started:

How to Set Browser Tracking On Someone Else’s Phone?
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Download and Install Xnspy

The first step is to subscribe to Xnspy and download it on the target device (the phone you wish to monitor). You will be given an activation code, download link, and Xnspy credentials via email. Just follow the steps and download the app in the phone you want to monitor. In case it’s an iPhone, no installation is required, you just have to configure the iCloud backup and then enter the Apple credentials of the device in the Xnspy dashboard to start tracking.

How to Enable Browser Tracking?

The procedure to enable browser tracking Android and iPhone is the same. Follow the steps below for enabling:

Step 1: Log into Your Account

Enter your Xnspy credentials into the web account from the official website to access the dashboard.

XNSPY dashboard
Xnspy dashboard

Step 2: Select “Phone-Logs”

Go to ‘Phone Logs’ from the drop-down menu at the left-hand side of the dashboard.

Step 3: Choose “Internet History”

Choose ‘internet history’ from the list. You will see a list of all the web searches made by the target person.

Xnspy dashboard
XNSPY dashboard

Step 4: View Bookmarks

To view the bookmarks, click on ‘Bookmarks’ tab just below the ‘Internet History Logs’ header.

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Real-Time Browser Tracking

Xnspy enables you to monitor the browsing history of an Android phone in real time. However, this is not possible on iOS because you need to wait till the next iCloud backup.

Tracking Deleted Browsing Activities

With Xnspy, it is possible to track the deleted internet browsing history on the target device too. The app continuously creates data backup to let the user monitor or track someone’s phone any time of the day. If the internet browsing activity has been recorded and Xnspy has created its backup, you can view it remotely even if the person has deleted it from their phone’s history.

It is quite simple to set browser tracking on Android or iPhone using Xnspy. Within a few clicks, you can keep an eye on the internet browsing activities of any other device and see what they use their internet to search for.

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