How to Spy On Phone Calls with A Call Log Software?

Your important unsaved cell phone numbers could get lost under the heap of all the other phone calls, which, sometimes, have strong repercussions. Imagine losing cell phone number of an important client or someone attractive whom you met on the subway or in a pub. There could be many reasons for one to check phone call history. Maybe you lost your phone and you want to know if it is being used to make calls. Or maybe you just want to view someone’s call log to see who they have been calling. Whatever the reason, if you want to check the call log history to view the list of incoming and outgoing calls, or in other words, spy on phone calls, there are a few ways to do that.

If you cannot simply look through someone’s recent calls because you don’t have access to the phone, you can log into the phone’s account and look at the phone’s history. Here are the steps to get started:

  • Open your internet browser and navigate to the website of your service provider. It could be AT&T or Verizon.
  • Select the log in option, type in the phone number and the password. This will connect you to the account’s information.
  • Select “Usage and Recent Activity” and the screen will display all the call history of the entire month.

You can use this method to check the phone’s recent call activity if you have the password to the account of the device you want to monitor. If you don’t have the password, you will have to look for another option.

Fortunately, cell phone tracking and spying apps have enabled us to keep tabs on another phone, even if you don’t have physical access to it. Xnspy is one of those tracking apps. It’s a call log software that can sneak into any one’s phone and provide you details about the phone call history. The process of spying on phone calls is simple. Follow the steps below to successfully know what phone calls have been made, received and missed by the target device.

Step 1: Log into the Xnspy web account

Visit and enter your credentials to log into the Xnspy web account.

How to spy on Android text messages

Step 2: Check the frequency of the calls through a graph

After you have successfully logged into the web account, a dashboard will appear. You can see a graph that shows the frequency of the calls. The red graph represents the incoming calls and the blue graph represents the outgoing calls. You will find something like this:

How to spy on Android text messages

Step 3: Click on the Phone Log Menu

To check the details of the phone calls, at the left-hand side of the dashboard, click on the ‘Phone Logs’ menu. This will give you a drop-down list of everything that you can view remotely from the target device.

How to spy on Android text messages

Step 4: Click on ‘Calls’ sub-menu

Click on calls to see the entire phone call history log of the target device. The screen that will open up on your right side will have all the details. It will show you the incoming and outgoing calls. Other than this, you can also see the time and date stamps, the name of the contact, their phone number, and duration of the call itself. This is what you will see on your screen:

How to spy on Android text messages

Step 5: View the Geotags

You can also check the location of the caller. Just click on the location icon to get the details.

How to spy on Android text messages


Xnspy has two editions - Basic and Premium. The Basic Edition costs $8.33 a month; whereas the Premium Edition costs $12.49 a month.


Xnspy is compatible with all latest Android and iOS devices. Have a look at Xnspy’s compatibility with numerous mobile devices in the following table:

how to Spy on phone calls

Other Call Log Software That Let You Spy On Phone Calls


Spyzie is another popular cell phone monitoring software you can use to remotely spy on other’s call logs, text messages, GPS Location, media files, Social Apps and browser history. It does not require your phone to be jailbroken or rooted. You just have to follow a simple three-step procedure to get started with this app:

Step 1: You have to create an account

Step 2: You must activate Spyzie on the device you want to monitor

Step 3: You are ready to start monitoring from its Control Panel.

Using Spyzie, you can check the call log on any device you wish to monitor. You will get to see all the incoming and outgoing calls, the name of the contact, phone number, time and date stamps as well as the duration of the call.


Spyzie is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can use it to monitor web browsing history on any device you like without rooting or jailbreaking. Take a look at its compatibility:

How to spy on phone calls


Spyzie is available in two editions. The first option is Premium Edition that costs $39.99 a month. The second option is the Ultimate Edition that costs $49.99 a month.


mSpy is a cell phone monitoring software and tracking App meant for both Android and iPhone. It works silently in the background without letting the target device owner know of its existence. It monitors text messages, calls, WhatsApp, location, etc. at all times without consuming much battery. You can also use it to track phone call on the device you want to monitor.

From its control panel, you will be able to view the entire call log showing incoming and outgoing calls. MSpy also lets you check the duration of each call, contact name, time and date stamps of the calls.


mSpy also has two different versions: Basic and Premium. The Basic Version costs $29.99 a month whereas the Premium Version costs $16.66/month when billed annually.


How to spy on phone calls


Flexispy is cross-platform phone spy tools that offer solutions to track and monitor the digital activities on a smartphone whether it is Android or iPhone. You can count on this app to help you track the phone calls on another device. You will get to view all the incoming and outgoing call logs with the time and date stamps of each call and its duration.


Flexispy is available in 2 versions: Premium and Extreme. The Premium version costs $68 and the Extreme version costs $199 a month.


To use Flexispy on iPhone, the device must be jailbroken first. However, there are no rooting restrictions to use it for spying on an android device. Check out the table below to see if it is compatible with the device you want to track:

How to spy on phone calls

How to Choose The Best Software For Spying On Phone Calls?

It is pretty clear how you will be spying on the phone calls on another device by using the apps mentioned above. Now it brings you to the next big question: Which is the best software to spy on phone calls? All the ones mentioned above almost work in the same way. However, you can pick the best software on the basis of the following criteria:

• Price

Free apps are usually the most attractive to users. But since these are third-party apps and their developers are unknown, it is not recommended to use free apps. They could also leave malicious content on the device you want to monitor. So try to avoid free apps. Do not go for an app that’s being sold at an unbelievably cheap price either. Also, don’t pick the one that’s the most expensive one. You must do a price and quality analysis before making the final decision.

• Compatibility

The app must be compatible with the device you want to monitor. For example, if the device you are planning to monitor is an iPhone and you certainly cannot jailbreak it, look for an app that is compatible with iOS without jailbreak.

• Features

Make sure the app is capable of performing the function you are looking for i.e. spying on phone calls in this case. It would be great if you are getting complimentary features against one.

Xnspy is the most compatible call log software to use for spying on the phone calls on another device. It costs $8.33 a month and it supports all the latest Android and iPhone devices. At this price, you don’t just get to spy on the phone calls, but get access to a number of other features to track the digital activities on another phone.

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