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How to Spy on WhatsApp on iOS Devices?

With over 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messaging app, and by a long margin. Users love the app due to its immense versatility. What started as a messaging app can now call, video call, and share multimedia of all kinds.

However, with so many users and an average time of 40 minutes spent daily per user, most of us are curious to know who’s talking with whom. Especially those of us with young children entrusted with their own accounts. In these situations, spying on WhatsApp accounts may not be as farfetched as it seems.

How to Spy on WhatsApp
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Why Spy on WhatsApp?

If you have children, WhatsApp spying could come in quite handy in knowing how they are interacting with their friends or peers. As a parent, it’s worthwhile to be watchful of the online actions of your children who can share inappropriate photos, videos, or texts with their WhatsApp friends. With certain spying techniques, it is possible to get a complete highlight of one’s life.

But parents are one category. Other categories of people that benefit from WhatsApp spying are:


WhatsApp is far from a casual chatting application meant to text friends and family. With WhatsApp groups, employees can provide work updates and have casual conversations outside of the office. It has also become a favored collaborative tool for remote and hybrid teams.

But WhatsApp can also be the first route where employees can leak sensitive information outside of the company. Due to its end-to-end encryption, corporate devices would also struggle to locate instances of malice. It is where WhatsApp spying software comes in use.


How to Spy On WhatsApp Chats, Photos, And Call Logs on iPhone

While there are many ways to spy on WhatsApp remotely, XNSPY is one way to do it. A WhatsApp monitoring app like XNSPY does it quite comfortably. You don’t need to learn code, read extensive guides or try spoofing techniques because you can do all that with just a download.

You can use XnSpy to spy WhatsApp on iOS devices and in this guide, we will tell you how.

To spy WhatsApp, you will need to install XNSPY on the target cell phone or tablet. This is a prerequisite to spying on WhatsApp. However, you only need a few minutes on your hand to do this.

Download and Install XNSPY on the
Target Device

Once the app is installed and running, it automatically starts fetching WhatsApp data from the monitored device.

  • To view the uploaded chats, go to and sign into your online account (credentials are emailed upon subscribing).
  • On the Dashboard, click on the “Messenger” tab to reveal a drop-down menu and choose WhatsApp from there.
  • Upon clicking, a new screen will load with all WhatsApp chats with name, date, and time stamps.
  • Click on a contact to access all the previous conversations.
  • You can also view WhatsApp call logs and photos from the monitored device but this requires additional rooting of the target device.
Xnspy dashboard
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How to Spy On WhatsApp [iOS – Jailbreak] with Xnspy

How to spy on WhatsApp on an iPhone using iCloud

If you don’t want to jailbreak an iPhone, no problem. XNSPY has a no-jailbreak spy solution for you that doesn’t require any download or installation.

Step 1: All you need is the iCloud credentials of the person whom you wish to monitor.

Step 2: Simply purchase an Xnspy membership and log in to the dashboard.

Step 3: Here, you can enter the iCloud credentials and Xnspy will automatically pair to the account.

Step 4: Once you have everything set up, you can access WhatsApp chats and photos using XNSPY Dashboard.

How to Spy On WhatsApp [iOS – Jailbreak]

Spying WhatsApp on iOS devices is just like spying on WhatsApp on Android; you need to install the app on the target device. However, all iPhone users know that third-party apps can only be downloaded on an iOS device after jailbreaking it.

Step 1: To use XNSPY Jailbreak, you first need to jailbreak the target device. Make sure to go through this tutorial on how you can jailbreak an iOS device.

Step 2: Next, download Xnspy on the device. Follow this iOS Installation guide to learn more about how you can install XNSPY on a jailbroken device.

Step 3: Once installed, it’s time to sign into your XNSPY Dashboard. You will be provided the login credentials upon subscribing to XNSPY.

Step 4: On the XNSPY Dashboard, click on the “Messenger” tab to reveal a drop-down menu and choose “WhatsApp” from there.

Step 5: Upon clicking, a new screen will load with all WhatsApp chats with name, date, and time stamps. You can also click on a contact to reveal all the previous conversations.

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What WhatsApp Data Does Xnspy Provide?

Xnspy is a robust WhatsApp tracking app on iPhones and can provide almost all data from the device and its associated account. Here’s everything you can view with Xnspy:


Read WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp chats are the first and easiest part of collecting user data with Xnspy. Read all existing and incoming WhatsApp conversations.


WhatsApp Media Access

View all downloaded files through Xnspy’s multimedia tracking option. You can view all photos and videos saved in the WhatsApp folder on the device.


Location Tracking

Need to view someone’s live location without using the WhatsApp live location feature? Xnspy’s built-in location tracking provides turn-by-turn updates on the device.


WhatsApp Call Recording

Listen in on any incoming and outgoing calls using Xnspy’s call recorder feature. Get alerts when a call is placed and start eavesdropping with a click of a button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • Xnspy works by remaining hidden in the background and doesn't notify the user of its presence. This stealth mode operation works on iPhone 14 and all prior models as well.

  • Locations sent through the WhatsApp instant messaging app are received as direct messages. When you download and install Xnspy on any iPhone, you have clear access to all data sent and received on the target phone. This includes personal messages, group messages, multimedia files, voice notes, stickers, GIFs, and locations too. Any locations sent through the Google Maps application can be opened as links too. The Xnspy app also uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS to track the device in real-time. You can have turn-by-turn updates on the iPhone if locations shared on WhatsApp aren't accessible. Xnspy's location tracking is also far superior and more accurate.

  • While free iOS spying apps do exist online, we recommend against downloading them. This is because free apps don’t have the developmental pedigree as most paid apps and usually have half-baked features. They may also use insecure or compromised servers to store your data, or just be flat-out scams or malware apps designed to steal your data instead.

  • Xnspy can run effectively on all iOS versions until version 17.0.3 . Xnspy is hard at work updating the compatibility of the app and it can run on most jailbroken iOS versions too.

  • Remote installation isn’t possible on any phone but with the iCloud installation method, you can login to Xnspy with the associated iOS credentials.

  • There is no limit on WhatsApp chats on Xnspy. All existing chats are backed up to the Xnspy server where they are available to view at any time.

  • Jailbreaking can provide additional Xnspy features on iPhones and iPads that may not be present in the iCloud method. But it is not necessary to jailbreak your iPhone for downloading Xnspy.

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