How Can I Receive iMessages from Another iPhone to Mine?

We all have wished once in our life to monitor someone’s text message log. Why? Maybe you want to solve the mystery behind your child’s changed behavior, you want to know what your employees are doing with the office resources or you just want to make sure your family is safe.

Xnspy’s iPhone text monitoring feature makes it all possible. In this guide, we will introduce you to a step-by-step guide of receiving text messages from another iPhone to yours.

1-Download and Install Xnspy

You first have to install Xnspy for iPhone on the target device (the iPhone which you want to monitor). Let us tell you that Xnspy doesn’t require any jailbreak, so no need to worry about voiding the warranty of your phone by jailbreaking it. The app has an iCloud version that simply requires the iCloud credentials of the target device to start monitoring. Click here to learn how to configure the iCloud backup.

If you already have a jailbroken iPhone, no problem! We have the jailbreak version of Xnspy too. This requires installation, of course. Click here for the iOS installation guide. Remember, you will need the target device for installing the app.

Note: As you will need the iCloud credentials of the target device, make sure you have their consent before using Xnspy.

How to spy on Android text messages

2-Log into the Xnspy Web Account

Now, it is time to visit from your iPhone to access the Xnspy dashboard to start monitoringthe target device. Entering the credentials will take you to the paired devices screen from where you can choose the device whose iMessage you want to monitor (you will see multiple devices here if you are monitoring different devices with XNSPY).

How to spy on Android text messages

3-Click on the ‘Messenger’ Menu

On the Dashboard screen (You will land here after selecting the monitored device.), you will have a menu at your left-hand side. From that menu, click on ‘Messenger’ and a drop-down list will open up.

How to spy on Android text messages

4-Go to ‘iMessages’

From the drop-down list, click on ‘iMessages’. Now, you will have the iMessages log displayed right in front of you.

How to spy on Android text messages

5-Choose any Contact from The Options

Click on the Name (contact) and it will show the entire conversationof the target device with that particular contact.

How to spy on Android text messages

6-Check the Time and Date Stamps

On the same window, just at the right of each message, you will see the time and date stamps. Here is a dummy example “14 Apr, 2016 11:58:03”.

Likewise, click on each contact and read the conversation. An addedadvantage of using Xnspy is that even if the target device deletes any iMessage or a conversation, you will still have it on your dashboard, as long as Xnspy creates its backup. Xnspy is compatible up to iOS 11.0.3 so it’s definitely going to work on iPhone 7 or X (if that’s the device you want to keep tabs on).

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