Refund Policy

Your purchase and use of XNSPY software are regulated by this policy. Please read it carefully before completing your order as it delineates your rights with regard to your purchases, including any essential restrictions and exclusions. By placing an order with XNSPY, you agree that your order shall be governed by this policy.

Refund Conditions

Subject to these Refund Policy conditions, you may be eligible for a refund within 10 days starting from the date of your purchase provided that your reasons don’t contradict with the Refund Policy Conditions outlined below. No refund will be issued after the refund period is over.

General Guidelines

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase of XNSPY software, you can be eligible for a refund within 10 days starting from the date of its purchase according to the Refund Conditions outlined below. However, we are convinced that most refunds can be avoided if you request professional help from our Customer Support.
In case a customer wants to switch his license from Android/iPhone to iCloud or iCloud to iCloud to (change the device) edition then a fee of $10 will be applicable before switching the license.

Partial Refund Conditions

If an XNSPY customer makes a refund request within 10 days of purchase, a partial refund will be made if your case meets one of the conditions mentioned below:

No-Refund Conditions

No refund can be granted to XNSPY customers in case their reasons for a refund request are completely beyond our control. The reasons can be the following:


Legal Prerequisites for Using XNSPY

With the use of XNSPY, you acknowledge and agree that you own the device you will install the software onto or that you have obtained the legal consent of the owner to be an authorized administrator of the device and its users. We absolutely do not condone the use of our software for illegal purposes which includes using Xnspy to spy on your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend or partner.

Call Recording

If you experience one-sided recording, the issue is not occurring due to XNSPY. This issue occurs due to the firmware settings on most Android devices. The firmware disables the device’s mic APIs when the target user makes/receives a call. This makes the recording one-sided.
In this case, we cannot guarantee which device the call recording feature will work on because different service providers have custom firmware settings on different devices.
If you are using our application on a device mentioned as compatible on our website but are still unable to get both sides of the call in your recording, we can offer you an extension on your subscription worth 20% amount of your purchase. Or a refund of 20% amount of your purchase will be processed. You can still keep the app and use it for other offered features.


Your target iOS device needs to be Jailbroken to install XNSPY Jailbreak Edition. Make sure your device has been Jailbroken before purchasing XNSPY.


XNSPY No-Jailbreak/iCloud version requires the iCloud credentials of the user that you want to monitor. Before you proceed onto monitoring with XNSPY, make sure that you have the legal consent of the target person for using their credentials for monitoring purposes.


Your Android device needs to be Rooted to obtain full functionality of XNSPY. Make sure you visit our Buy Now page to see which features require Rooting.

Refund Procedure

You can send your refund request to Support Department at [email protected]. The refund decision is usually made within a week.

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