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How to View Someone’s Frequently Visited Websites on Their Phone?

If you really want to know about a person, tracking their internet activity is the best bet for you to get their true picture. In today’s world, a cell phone serves the same purpose as a modern day ‘diary’ and therefore, biggest secret keeper of a person. How a person spends time in the digital world tells a lot about the person.

Whether you are suspicious of your employee’s activity on the company provided cell phone, or your child is spending way too much time on his cell phone, you can now monitor their internet browsing history and can see at a glance if something is off. The internet is filled with the good and bad and therefore, filtering the content is very important so that your child is not exposed to inappropriate content at this early age. As a parent, it is vital that you are aware of the kind of website content being accessed by your teen.

How to view someone’s frequently visited websites on their phone?
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How You Can View Browsing History Analysis?

With the help of the smart cell phone monitoring app XNSPY, you can now get the browsing history analysis of the monitored person. By simply installing the app on the phone you wish to monitor, you can view their cell phone activities like call logs, text messages and see what they are up to when they are using the internet. Moreover, you get the browsing history analysis in the form of ‘Top 10’ visited websites which allow you to get insight into someone’s internet behavior.

Getting the Top 10 sites saves you from the hassle of sifting through a bunch of sites that may have been accessed through the monitored phone.

Read on below for the step-by-step procedure that allows you access to someone’s browsing history analysis easily:

Step 1: Log into Your Account

First, you need to log into your XNSPY Web Account. Visit and enter your login details.

Xnspy dashboard
Xnspy dashboard

Step 2: Select “Phone Logs”

After logging into your web account, select ‘Phone Logs’ from the menu to your left. You will see a drop-down menu.

Step 3: Choose “Internet History”

Select ‘Internet History’ from the drop-down menu. This will get all the websites visited through the cell phone you are monitoring.

Xnspy dashboard
Xnspy dashboard

Step 4: View All Browsing Details

You will see three tabs under the main ‘Internet History Logs’; Internet History, Bookmark, and Analysis. Select ‘Analysis’ to view the browsing history analysis.

Here you can get the Top Sites visited by the monitored device.

XNSPY offers an easy and user-friendly interface that allows you to monitor someone’s cell phone with ease and efficiency. With XNSPY’s help, you can easily know what websites your employees or children are viewing over the internet so you can take the required action.

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