10 Internet Rules You Should Probably Put Up on Your Fridge—Part 2

10 Internet Rules You Should Probably Put Up on Your Fridge—Part 2

Did you read the last post we did about refrigerator rules? We are back at it again, this time with 5 more brand new set of rules.

6.     Take Privacy Seriously

Another thing you’ve got to instill in your children from the get go is that privacy—even on the internet—is extremely important. Not a lot of parents realize that the online world has just as many privacy issues as the offline world. It is just on a different format. Therefore, you need to tell your kids to be very careful about what they post online and how often they share personal information. Giving too much away—be it photos or locations through “check-ins” can be rather dangerous in the wrong hands. Identity theft is, after all, a big issue in this age.

Internet Rules

7.     Everything Leaves a Footprint

One more thing they ought to know is that everything they post on the internet will leave a footprint, so it they should post wisely. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of embarrassing moments that have come up at our office when someone’s old MySpace is dug up. And this applies to adults as well. Before you even show up at your internet, your potential employer has already Googled you and dug up information on you. Let that footprint you leave behind be a good one. However, if you fear that there are some ghosts in your cyber closet, here are a few tips to get rid of them.

Internet Rules

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8.     Unplug at Bedtime

It is so important for your kids to have good work ethic and a healthy lifestyle. And this is only attained once they’ve had a proper night’s sleep. Unfortunately, staying up all night with your tablet and phone in tow has become something of a norm. Daily Mail has gone so far as to call this generation “Vampire Children”. They also talk of the devastating effects it can have on a child’s life. So as a parent, encourage that early to bed, early rise practice and make sure they unplug before bed time each night.

9.     Careful Who You Connect With

The internet opens up your kid’s world to a whole lot of information and connections. Anyone is accessible through the internet. This in turn means that your kid is accessible by anyone. All you’ve got to do is make sure that they don’t connect with the wrong sort. This can be done by you checking their friend lists on different social media platforms. You can also read their IM messages to ensure that they aren’t connecting with malicious strangers.

Internet Rules

10.Talk to a Parent About Things You Don’t Understand

There are going to be a lot of things they come across that they simply won’t understand at their age. It could be something they’ve looked up for their homework, a discussion about social issues on a forum, or crude jokes being made by their favorite internet celebrity. You just need to ensure that between you kid and yourself, you have an open line of connection. Your child should be able to come to you to talk about things they don’t understand rather than turning to someone else.

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