All the Best Tech Debuted at the CES 2018—Part 2

All the Best Tech Debuted at the CES 2018—Part 2

In the last part we talked about some of the most impressive and handy technology that might be of use to us in the future. In this we will talk about some more of the wonderful technology and the applications it might or might not have in your lives. Most of the technology shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show are mainly concepts and fresh ideas that the industry giants want to display to the world. Some of this tech might not even have real world application but are only for novelty and just a showcase of the company’s progress.

Still this technology is extremely fun to look at and even more fun to talk about so that is just what we will do. Also, even if this technology has real world applications we can expect to see it in the markets worldwide by a few years unless otherwise stated. So without further ado, here are some more of XNSPY’s favorite technology of the Consumer Electronics show 2018

Sony’s Robot Dog Aibo

So if you were a technology buff back in the 1990’s you most definitely would have heard of Sony’s robot dog Aibo. It was a cool –albeit sort of odd looking robot dog that was supposed to be the replacement to man’s best friend. Well it never really replaced any real dogs but the concept and technology was still fun and years ahead of its time. It even won the 1999 Good Design Grand Prize. It was novelty item that was hugely popular in Japan but never really caught on in the United States (or anywhere else for that matter)

But with the Consumer Electronics Show of 2018 Sony decided to bring back this lovable robot dog but update to what a robot dog in 2018 should be like. With OLED eyes, a camera on its nose and back, touch sensors everywhere on its body and facial recognition- Aibo sure is back with a bang.

Updated to look more 2018, Aibo is now a cute and lovable looking puppy with eyes that will just melt your heart. This puppy has quite a brain as well. The robot dog will recognize faces and will build better relationships with people who play with it more.  Petting it inn certain places will generate different responses, say if you pet it underneath the chin it will react accordingly.

Aibo is only confirmed to ship to Japan as of yet but seems to respond to English as well so we might have to wait and see if they launch it to the rest of the world.

Kohler Numi Intelligent Toilet

I have never really understood people and company’s obsessions with having to talk to every piece of tech there is. It has always been easier to type out the information or access a menu but then again here we are- with a futuristic toilet that will talk to you.

American furniture and plumbing company Kohler showed off a pretty futuristic toilet-it became quite the spectacle on the floor. Honestly this thing looks like someone ripped it off a spaceship. It has adjustable lights and speakers that will make for quite the bathroom break.  Who knew that one day that even your toilets would have speakers? It has this minimalist and modern design which was pretty successful in drawing huge crowds to look at it.

Still, the speakers are pretty useful when it comes to this toilets features. Speaking of those features- all of those will be controlled by a central control panel. Everything from bidet temperature and pressure to how intense the air pressure would be when the drying function is on. Also-Kohler have also ended the age old argument of the toilet seat being left up. The toilet set will by itself raise when you step on the sensor and then will do down when you are done. But here comes the best part, Kohler will soon implement Amazon Echo and Google Home integration, so you can talk to your toilet and tell it to adjust the temperature and pressure on the bidet. You can also have them read some reading material if you have forgotten your phone and there are no magazines available.

2018, everyone.

What a time to be alive.

L’Oreal UV Sense

This was a pretty cool piece of technology that anyone who cares for their skin will love. This tiny device is small enough to go on your fingernail and can detect UV rays coming from the sun and just how much your body is receiving. This tiny button sized chip can store up to three months of data that can then be used to give you the best recommended skin care tips based on how much you are exposed to sunlight.

The chip transfers the data to your smart phone when held close through NFC and then the L’Oreal app takes care of the rest. The app evaluates the data and tells you which product you should be using, how much you should be using and at what times.

The small chip is reusable and does not have a battery. It is currently only wearable on the fingernail and it designed to look like fingernail art as well. But L’Oreal have said that they are looking to release more iterations of the UV Sense. Future chips will be able to go on watches, hair pins, sun glasses and basically anywhere that is exposed to sunlight. All of these items will work in the same way as the fingernail chip does.

My Special Aflac Duck

This piece of technology is one that has a special place in my heart. Most of the technology that is designed for children revolves around technology and mindless entertainment but this one is different. Built in the shape of a cute and fluffy duck, it is aimed to comfort children who are diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing chemo therapy. This duck is to serve as a companion to children who can express how they feel to it. The children hold up tokens with faces depicting various emotions to the ducks chest and have the duck react accordingly.

Say, a child holds up a token with a happy face on it, the duck will react and display happiness. This will help the children to showcase their emotions even if they are not able to express it themselves. These ducks will be shipped to Cancer hospitals for children at no cost to provide comfort to the kids undergoing chemotherapy.

Movi Smartphone with a Projector

This smartphone was built for movie lovers and video watchers in mind. The Movi phone has a built in projector that projects videos at a crisp 720p 22 inches across diagonally. The Android smartphone implements an idea that a lot of smartphone companies have had in the past but it does it more efficiently than we have ever seen before. It can project any video that is playing on the smartphone, through the Projection app. So YouTube, Netflix, Hulu almost anything can be projected pretty easily.

The laser projector does not really add much bulk to the phone, in fact none at all. If you were to hold it in your hands you would not be able to tell the difference. It has a bulky 4000 mAh battery though and Movi say can give way for a total of 4 hours of uninterrupted projection time. But that is where the phone’s novelties end. The rest of the phone does not feel like it belongs in 2018. It has a single camera in the back with a full high definition screen that just does not compare to the screens we are used to seeing now days. Still the projector is an idea that has been implemented successfully in this phone and it will be interesting to see if other major companies start to implement it too.

Helite Hip’Air

This was a quaint little item that actually has a lot of potential for use by a lot of people. Basically this is an airbag for your hips. Hip injuries are some of the worst accidents one can get and unfortunately they are quite common with senior citizens. This French company Helite, looks to combat that. The Hip’Air looks like an oversized fanny pack and is fitted with several sensors, an air canister and airbags. If and when the sensors detect a fall, the air canisters will trigger and will fill the airbags, much like a cars but this time only your hips are being saved.

This has serious potential for use by extreme sports players, horse riders and of course senior citizens. It is already being distributed among old homes in France and there are plans to bring it over to the United States.


Well that wraps us XNSPY’s favorite technology showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018. There was of course a lot of exciting stuff shown here and we were not able to see them all. If you think we might have missed some wonderful stuff, let us know!