Everything You Need to Know About WhatsApp Spying on Android

Everything You Need to Know About WhatsApp Spying on Android

Did you know you could spy on WhatsApp chats and calls from a different phone?

If you’re a parent who is always rather anxious about their child’s mobile safety, this news is probably a breath of fresh air. Instant messengers aren’t new anymore. Parents have started to accept that they’re going to stick around and maybe outlive traditional “SMS” in the future.

But the main problem that parents lament about with messengers such as WhatsApp is the lack of supervision opportunities they provide. Anyone can reach out to kids on WhatsApp which presents a lot of safety concerns. There’s the obvious stranger danger, online solicitation, financial exploitation, and much more. Anyone can message your kids and speak to them, be it with a friendly advance or with a more conniving one.

And so getting a WhatsApp spying app for Android and learning how to use it becomes absolutely necessary. Here is everything you need to know about it.

What WhatsApp Spying for Android Does

Lucky for you, our app has WhatsApp spying as one of its standout features. And fyi, we’ve also got monitoring for Line, Viber, Kik, Tinder and Skype and you can use this guide and apply it to any other messenger as well. However, for this blog we’re going to be using WhatsApp monitoring as the yardstick to explain how this function works. What you do is install the app onto the child’s phone. Generally, this app works silently and in the background of the child’s Android device, which means it doesn’t change or interrupt their regular use. It is also a 100 per cent undetectable so your child wouldn’t even know that it is installed on their phone. This way, they can’t uninstall it or try to sneak out of parental monitoring.

While it leaves no traces of activity, at the same time, it records any and all communication that occurs on WhatsApp. Then, it uploads all the recorded data onto the online control panel. Only parents have access to this control panel and they can remotely read and check everything that goes on in there. Moreover, parents can also set certain alarms or triggers so that they can be notified of suspicious activities right away.

Is it Beneficial to Your Children

Of course it is! Kids are going to experiment with all sorts of things when they are younger. They are especially helpless when it comes to internet trends. So of course they are not going to understand that talking to complete strangers on the internet can be a safety hazard. Let’s not forget that WhatsApp also allows the user to receive and send photos, videos and audio messages. This means that it is very easy for the predator on the other side to send your child inappropriate content and demand some in return. Therefore, an app like Xnspy provides the parental intervention through WhatsApp spying. Moreover, when you can point out suspicious activities occurring on your child’s Android device, it also provides the perfect opportunity for you to have a conversation with them regarding online safety and the measures they should take to spot a predator, a cyberbully or a cyberstalker.

How Can You Install it?

Xnspy is very easy to install. You’re already on our blog—all you’ve got to do now is click on the “Buy Now” button on the top of this page and buy a subscription that suits your needs. Next, you’ve got to install it onto the child’s phone or tablet. You can find complete instructions on the installation here. Now that the app has been installed, your duty truly begins. Make sure you go through every single message, group chat, call logs and shared media. It is the only way to make sure you’re taking care of your child’s safety on WhatsApp.


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