Prince William to Create Royal Cyberbullying Task Force

Royal CyberBullying Task Force

Seems like the gravity of cyberbullying as a modern day issue has finally reached the grand halls of the Buckingham Palace.

Prince Williams, who is now a father of two, fears that his own children will have to grow up in a world where cyber bulling exists. It makes complete sense, too. Already at the tender ages of 2 and 1, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are social media favorites. Their births broke the internet as people gathered outside the hospital, tweeting updates in real time. Then later on, their Baptism was livestreamed to the entire world as well. Needless to say, the Royal babies are already internet celebrities.

Keeping this in mind, Prince William is speaking to the big shots of the internet world, talking about protecting children online.

He spoke to the Chairmen at Twitter, Google, and an audience of top tech personnel, saying that when wife Catherine “Kate” Middleton and he decided to start a family, they were appalled by the ever increasing rates of cyberbulling reports.

Sidenote: we should point out here that so many cases of cyberbulling go unreported. This means that the true scope of cyberbullying as a phenomenon is actually far greater than the “reports” would have you believe. Needless to say, we encourage that more parents actively take part in reporting such cases… a passive approach will only make things worse.

As it so happens, Prince William’s approach to the issue is far from passive. He wishes to form a Cyberbullying Task Force and asks for tech gurus to lend their “energy and assistance” to turn something which is a worrying situation into an opportunity.

This campaign is being launched as part of the broader mental health awareness campaign. The three royals, Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry have each chosen an area of concentration in this campaign.

Prince William has been working with young men with high suicide rates. Princess Kate has been wrking with young people. Prince Harry has been working with the mental health of military personnel.

Prince William, in his address to the tech audience, mentioned the perks and progress that social media brings forward but also warns of the perils it entails. But he admitted that this problem is not a new one, neither one that he is unaccustomed to. On the contrary, he mentioned that as many others his age, he is always glued to his smartphone for many reasons… be it entertainment, news, gaming, even work. He also joked that no one spoil the England vs. Wales soccer game for him.

And then he mentioned (matching his opinion with the XNSPY blog quite well, we might mentioned) that now, there is no difference between a child’s online and offline life anymore. Therefore it is important that a systematic task force be set up that can take everything that is good about the internet and social media and use it to strategize a cyberbulling remedy. And one more, much like the XNSPY blog, kids that use the internet are too young. They lack the mature and experience to make informed judgments about safety and people.

We wholeheartedly agree with Prince William and we will reiterate what we’ve been talking about for a couple of years now. Something needs to be done. You already have the XNSPY Parental Control on your side as the hands on solution. Hopefully, the Task Force brings about the mass awareness on cyberbullying that the world needs.


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