Smartphone Cameras are Trendier than Traditional Cameras

Smartphone Cameras are Trendier than Traditional Cameras

No one brings cameras to parties anymore. Okay, so maybe that’s going too far. Perhaps 2 of your friends bring their DSLRs along so you can have a nice picture taken for your Facebook. Still, you cannot simply look past this trend. People now have fewer things to carry because everything they would need is in their phones. Including cameras. And this has certainly given way to pseudo-photography. Forget Andy Warhol and his contributions to digitalizing modern visual art. With Instagram, everyone’s a photographer. Take a look at the stats from Kissmetrics:

So how exactly are smartphones taking over the use of handheld cameras? Let’s have a look.

Smartphones Are a Necessity; Cameras Are Not

These days, before you want to own a good camera, you want to own an iPhone. While your camera would only serve one purpose, and are considered more of an indulgence, your smartphone caters to your everyday needs, which includes staying connected. You can’t make phone calls on your camera. But you can take pictures with your phone. It is much easier taking a selfie with a smartphone anyway.

Smartphone Image Quality is Improving

Handheld cameras, no doubt have the better quality (they have one job, they might as well do it properly). Still, if you’re the casual social media photographer, you know phones these days are coming up with even better cameras. I mean let’s talk about the iPhone 6s camera for a bit. Not only does it have a higher megapixel count to previous generation iPhones, it also has autofocus, noise reduction and tone-mapping. So while the average picture-taker has the option of photos with an acceptable quality to make memories, it will probably be a while before they think about getting a camera. In fact, contemporary smartphone camera quality supersedes run of the mill camera quality any day.

Instagram makes it Easy

The Instagram craze has made smartphone photography more fun as well. The app, which is available for most Android phones and iOS versions, has taken online vanity to a new level. In the beginning, people used it to take pictures of themselves and their food. Now, with the increase in popularity, everyone’s a photographer because of Instagram. Once you’ve taken a picture on your iPhone or Android device, Instagram gives you the option to add filters. This makes the pictures look so pretty, you might as well start a photography blog. You don’t have to be professional when the Hudson or Mayfair filters to make you look good.

Smartphone Cameras Have Accessories

the pocket spotlight takes better pictures

While the iPhone camera is what it is, there are many ways you can one up their game. iPhone cameras now come with accessories such as the Pocket Spotlight which helps provide a better light than the built-in flash. Others include the Olloclip Lens which allows the user to have a wide angle,fisheye view and a 15x macro. This makes the smartphone picture snapping experience one step ahead.

There Are Apps as Well

Smartphone users tend to download apps that can make their photos even better. For example, Camera Genius gives them the option to crop their photos and add more filters than Instagram has to offer. Similarly, Mattebox helps the user with focus, exposure, white balance and the like.  While these exist to make picture quality better, the casual snapper will remain happy.

Cameras are not going anywhere, that much is true. But while real photographers may scoff at smartphone cameras, the average user is more than happy to keep on using them. It’s the selfie era, anyway.


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