Supply, Chain and Track this Holiday Season for a Fantastic Bottom Line

Supply, Chain and Track this Holiday Season for a Fantastic Bottom Line

Christmas shopping season usually begins with Black Friday. In the United States alone, 53.46 billion dollars were spent in 2015 in the shopping season that leads up to the 25th of December, the majority of which was on Cyber Monday. With the advent of social media, retailers advertise extensively online and because of this, the holiday season has become increasingly digital.

As an owner or manager of an online retailer, courier service or a logistics company, this is good and bad news for you. The good news is that you will most definitely get to have a piece of the digital pie. The bad news is that coordinating deliveries has become unprecedentedly hard for you. Managing your employees and making sure that they make the deliveries on time, if the deliveries are even being made not being sold off midway. Similarly, how do you ensure the safety of those employees who have to make long journeys? How would you where they are if unfortunately the weather has gone bad?  These are conditions you have to consider and plan for in this new age of online shopping.

Fortunately for you, you don’t actually have to plan much, with keeping your employees in check anyways. The solution to all of these problems, and more, are with XNSPY, our cellphone tracking app.

With XNSPY, you will have an eye on the company given devices so that you are aware of their every move. In this way, you are not at a disadvantage with the blind trust that you give to you employees. The employee monitor app is the best way to track company provided phones. The features listed below are a few of the most useful things you can do with a cell-phone tracking app:

1.      Setting Geo-Fences

Perhaps the most useful feature for delivery drivers. After the app is installed on the device you gave them, you can with your own device, remotely set up ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ geo-fences. For example, you can set up fences around their route, so if they were to take a detour into an ‘unsafe’ zone, not following the route, you will be instantly alerted. This makes sure they don’t deviate for personal errands while on the job. And during the holiday sale season, this will perhaps be rather handy because when you’re overwhelmed with orders, you can sit down during closing time and cross-check your sales logs with the delivery tracker history.

2.      Real Time Location

If you are concerned for the safety of a delivery driver, worry no more, with XNPSY, you will be updated with their current whereabouts. It also gives an extra sense of relief when you can see the progress of the job and see it finish as well. This is also a way to track vehicle theft.

3.      Location History Check

If you’re ever suspicious of an employee and somehow you weren’t able to track them in real time, you still can by checking their location log whenever you’re free. In this way, you can ensure that the employee is not using the company vehicle for personal use. You can check if they’re slacking by seeing if they took too long of a break.

It IS in fact your duty to watch over your employees and to make sure the job is done right. If the deliveries are made efficiently, the receiver of the package is happy, you as a manager are happy that the job was well done.

So, take it easy this holiday season! Sure you’ve got a few challenging weeks coming your way but if you’re prepared enough and have the right kind of support system around you, you’ll be breezing through it all, and your sales will be higher than ever.


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