Why You Need Remote WhatsApp Spying as a Parenting Tool—Part 1

Why You Need Remote WhatsApp Spying as a Parenting Tool—Part 1

Parents have enough on their plates as it is without having to worry about what goes on on their kid’s instant messengers. To be fair, not every parent is completely comfortable with technology to know that kids have moved on from texting to Kik, from MSN messenger to WhatsApp. WhatsApp, most popularly so. It has taken over text messaging in a big way because it is a lot more interactive and a lot more, well, instant. It is a new found way for kids to communicate with each other and express themselves. So, it doesn’t surprise me when parents aren’t completely on board with it. What surprises me is the lack of caution they take in monitoring them on that very platform. In truth, they should be gathering all their tech comrades that would help them make parenting a whole lot easier. Now, there are a few ways in which they could spy on WhatsApp remotely and keep a good check on their kids, intervening when need be.

XNSPY is out parenting app through which WhatsApp spying for parents is made easier. Because yes, it is remote, but it is also very easy to use. Let’s weigh our options here.

The Pros of Using WhatsApp Monitoring

The transparency of information.

Parents will know of every single message that is sent or received through WhatsApp on their kid’s phone. This means they know of every contact their kid is communicating with, they know of the content that is being shared amongst them, they know of the context in which the conversation is occurring, and they know of every single media file that is being transferred.

The correct timing of action.

XNSPY relays the information to parents in real time. This means that parents can read messages as they appear on their kid’s actual devices. Moreover, all logs are stored for future reading as well. Other than that, XNSPY has a Watchlist system that sets alarms for very specific kinds of activities—WhatsApp messages contained suspicious words, or messages from suspicious contacts all trigger the alarm system, keeping the parent informed at the right time.

The wireless ability.

The key word here is “remote”, and this means that most of the monitoring occurs wirelessly. The parents just have to install the app onto the kid’s phone once and then they operate from an online remote control.

In our next blog, we’ll be reviewing some cons of WhatsApp spying as well so that you know all sides of the coin and can make a decision on your own. We will also be giving you an overview so that you have a better understanding overall of what you need to do as a parent when WhatsApp is all they want to use.

Here at XNSPY, we want our parents to know about the good and the bad of all the apps their kids use. We personally do not think the apps themselves are bad! We just want parents to know that kids can use them in ways that can be risky.

Keep a look out for part 2, which should be coming soon!


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