Why You Need Remote WhatsApp Spying as a Parenting Tool—Part 2

Why You Need Remote WhatsApp Spying as a Parenting Tool—Part 2

Hey XNSPiers!

As promised, here is part 2 of our remote WhatsApp monitoring blog, where we will talk in detail about what it takes to review your kid’s instant messaging applications.

In the first part of our blog, we went over the pros of WhatsApp monitoring. Now it is time to look at a few down sides.

The Cons of Using WhatsApp Monitoring

Of course, there are a few drawbacks. First of all, the functional cons. Unfortunately, our app does not work on Blackberry, only if you’re an Android or iOS user. We are always trying to work towards reaching as many people as we possibly can, which is why we chose Android and iOS platforms first. Hopefully, we can expand toward more platforms in the future, so always keep an eye out!

Secondly, the deeper cons. Some would say that monitoring kids on such a deep level is probably not a good idea. Building a relationship based on trust is important with children, and letting them use WhatsApp to their discretion is an arbitrary but important part of the trust. But I don’t view it as such. I feel like as parents, you have a duty to look after your kids and while they are minors, you should be able to monitor their conversations for their own safety and wellbeing. Moreover, using XNSPY entails that you are comfortable enough with apps and smartphones to have sought out an app to make your parenting better.

Are There Alternatives?

The alternative to WhatsApp spying through an app? Monitoring in the real, physical world. At the end of the day, you mean to read through your child’s WhatsApp messages, don’t you? You can do so by actually getting hold of their phones and reading through their instant messenger. Of course, kids are smart and will be quick to hide the suspicious stuff before the inspection. It then sounds much easier to just use a discreet app that will help you do the monitoring for you.

Parting Words

So, are you ready to spy on WhatsApp remotely using your mere wits and a monitoring tool? One the one hand, you’ll have all the information in the world to tell you what your child is up to. You’ll know if they’re being mischievous, you’ll know if they are talking about something unethical, you’ll know if they’re sad, you’ll know if there is nothing to worry about. On the other hand, sometimes it will make more sense to have an open conversation with your child rather than have to go through their messages.

But then again, technology merely enables what we do in the real world, doesn’t it? So, who says we can’t have a bit of both?

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