Can Spy Apps Be Installed Remotely

Are you wondering if spy apps can be installed remotely? Is it possible to install an app on someone else’s mobile phone without getting access to it? You will get your answers here.

It is not really possible to install a spy app remotely on someone’s phone whether it is an Android Phone or an iPhone. Even if you are using Xnspy, you will need access to the target phone to install the app. If you attempt installing a spying app on someone’s device remotely, that is considered illegal. To use a spying app, you must have legal rights over the phone you want to monitor. Furthermore, you must inform the person that their phone is being monitored. Whether it is your kids, partner, or even employees, you are legally obliged to inform them before monitoring them.

How Does Spying Actually Work?

You simply have to install the Xnspy on the phone you want to monitor and after 24 to 48 hours, you will be able to track the phone’s activities from a remote location.

If you want to spy on an iPhone that isn’t Jailbroken, then you should do that remotely. That’s because spying on an iPhone (without Jailbreak) does not require installation. People who are not really aware of the process call it installing the app remotely but the scenario here is totally different. That’s because you don’t have to install the app in the first place. You spy on the iPhone using its iCloud credentials. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Subscribe to Xnspy

You have to begin by subscribing to Xnspy for iPhone (without Jailbreak). All the information you need to know to use the app will be emailed to you. From there, you are required to set up the login credentials for your Xnspy web account.

Step 2: Configure iCloud Backup

You must configure iCloud backup in the target iPhone. Chances are, its already done. But in case it’s not, here is what you can do:

1. Go to Settings >> iCloud 2. Enter the iCloud credentials of the iPhone you want to monitor

3. In the iCloud menu, Toggle ‘On’ all the features except ‘Keychain’

4. Tap on Backup >>Toggle ‘On’ the iCloud backup

Step 3: Log into the Xnspy Web Account

Visit from your browser and enter your Xnspy login credentials. From there you will be taken to the Xnspy dashboard. It will look something like this:

Step 4: Pair the iCloud credentials of the target Device

You will be asked to enter the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone so that the app can pair the device and start transferring data from the iPhone to the server and then into the web account. Once the device is paired, leave it for 48 hours to do its work.

Step 5: Log into the Web account again and start spying

Now you have to log into the web account again to actually start spying on the iPhone. The dashboard that will appear as you log in is the interface from where you can view and administer the data stored on the target iPhone from a single place. If you want to spy on the text messages, simply click on ‘Phone Logs’ >> ‘Text Messages’ from the menu at your left-hand side. You will be shown all conversations between the contacts and the target phone. Here is how it will look:

Keep in mind that remote installation is a technology that is not available yet. No matter what kind of spying app it is, the user needs to get physical access to the device to install it. Once the app is installed, you can control the phone remotely and track its activities.

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