How to tap a cell phone remotely?

Do you intend to tap a cell phone remotely? Having trouble figuring out how to go about it? Do not worry as we have got you covered. This article will detail a complete guide on how to track a cell phone. But before we get underway with the techniques, it’s important to discuss the legal and ethical uses of spying apps. We will then move on to a few options you can choose from. From there, some of the best apps for the job will be identified from the list and explored in detail. Next, the pricing options will be listed alongside the compatibility for it, and evaluate the features in detail. A guide on how to use the app on both Android and iOS devices will be provided afterwards and then, a review on how you can use different functions of the app before identifying major advantages. It is going to be a long one, so buckle up, or scroll down for a quick summary!

Uses of spying apps and important considerations

Smartphone monitoring apps typically evoke images of jealous partners, stalkers, and criminals. This is primarily because of the way such apps are portrayed in popular media. However, the truth is rather simpler. These apps are designed for two different segments of the populace. First, it aims to provide a monitoring solution to parents who wish to ensure the safety of their child in the digital realm. This is because adolescents are more exposed to and vulnerable to dangers online. These dangers include cyberbullying, access to inappropriate content such as pornography or violence, device overuse and addiction, interaction with cyber predators, or different types of scams. As a result, parents use these apps to oversee their child’s digital activities.

On the other hand, cell phone spying apps are marketed to employers so they can improve productivity and transparency in the office. Some apps are specially designed for the purpose but some are flexible enough for use in both situations. These apps gather device-use data to showcase how much time and employee is wasting. This way, employers can gauge the productivity of each individual.

That being said, it is important to realize two important factors before you buy a cell phone tracker app. First, it is illegal to use such apps without the consent of the monitored individual. Unless you are a parent or a guardian of a child under the age of 18, you must obtain clear consent. Similarly, it is unethical and unreasonable to install these apps on the smartphones of your employees. It is best if you install it on company-owned mobile phones.

With these aspects clear, let’s list some of the options available to you. We will provide a quick overview of each app, layout the price and features, and identify the best among them. We will then explore the best cell phone tracking app in detail.

Top cell phone tracking app options


How To Tap A Cell Phone Remotely 1

XNSPY costs less than USD 10 for a subscription and offers a powerful set of features. Unlike other smartphone monitoring app, XNSPY is not exclusively designed for either parental or office use. However, it is advanced and flexible enough for use in both contexts. XNSPY is the best cell phone tracking app for several reasons. These include its affordability, advanced functionality, flexibility, and ease of use.


How To Tap A Cell Phone Remotely 2

mSpy is a smartphone monitoring app that offers several valuable features. However, many important functions are also missing. This is because the app is primarily designed for parental use. mSpy costs between USD 30 and USD 60, depending on your subscription package. This is certainly not the most affordable app on the block.


How To Tap A Cell Phone Remotely 3

Spyera is an advanced cell phone spying app because it offers a ton of features. Any function you see available with XNSPY; you will likely find it with Spyera too. The problem, however, is that it lacks an instant alerts-based feature, and costs many times more than XNSPY. Spyera’s price tag can run between USD 13.99 and USD 31.99, again, depending on your configuration.


How To Tap A Cell Phone Remotely 4

Like mSpy, Spyzie is also designed with parental use in mind. This is rather obvious once you take a look at the features provided by the service. In short, both Spyzie and mSpy are more suited for a limited role at home. It is also quite expensive, ranging between USD 49.99 to USD 59.99.


How To Tap A Cell Phone Remotely 5

We could not decide if we should include Flexispy on this list, given that there were other contenders too. This is because Flexispy is the most expensive cell phone spying app available on the market. While the service offers a very impressive range of features, the complete version costs USD 349 for a subscription. That is a shockingly high price tag, and you can find very similar features at a far more affordable price tag.

Here is a comparative summary justifying our choice.

How To Tap A Cell Phone Remotely 6

Now that we have identified the best smartphone monitoring app, let’s explore it in more detail.

XNSPY cell phone spy app

As we have seen, XNSPY is the best cell phone spying app because of its unique attributes such as affordability, advanced functionality, and ease of use. You can choose between two different subscription options for the app. The basic version only offers a very limited range of features and does not provide most of the useful features. However, it costs cheaper than the premium version at USD 4.99 a month. The premium package offers complete functionality and costs USD 7.49 a month. Given the price tags of other smartphone monitoring apps mentioned above, it is a complete no-brainer to choose the premium version of XNSPY. It provides the best bang for your buck!

About compatibility, you do not have to worry about it. This is because you likely use a smartphone already running on OS versions supported by XNSPY. The app can be installed in all Android cell phones running on versions 4.0 and above. It offers wide support for iOS too, being compatible with all versions above 6.0.

With the pricing and compatibility concerns out of the picture, let’s get down to the meat of the matter.

XNSPY smartphone monitoring app features

Here are some of the most important features available with XNSPY. We will also explore how useful they are for both parents and employers.

• Telecommunications tracking

With the XNSPY cell phone tracking app, you can monitor all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls via the call logs. The list details each call along with the time, date, and call duration. Moreover, the premium version offers the call recording function too. With that, you can remotely direct XNSPY to tap into the call and record the conversations. These recordings can then be downloaded for remote listening as well. The call log feature is useful for parents who want to monitor who their child is talking to, and when. On the other hand, both these functions are important for employers. The call logs can be used to create a database of, for example, customer support calls, and the recordings can be used to mark employee performance.

• Location tracking

How To Tap A Cell Phone Remotely 7

XNSPY provides you with real-time GPS data. You can pinpoint the location of the phone on Google Maps, and view complete GPS history too. Moreover, XNSPY has a geofencing feature too. With this, you can mark any location on the map to fence it. XNSPY will monitor that area and alert you the moment the fence is violated either by entry or exit. Parents will find this feature useful if they want the peace of mind of knowing their child is safe at school or another country. Similarly, employers will also find high utility in this function, particularly the real-time data access element. This is because companies in the transport, shipping, or service delivery industry need to track deliveries in real-time and coordinate with remote employees.

• Instant messaging and social media app monitoring

The XNSPY smartphone monitoring app can monitor almost all major instant messaging and social media platforms. These include Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Kik, Tinder, and others. All sent or received messages, along with their multimedia files, are accessible remotely. While employers may not find this feature very useful, this is an indispensable function for parents. This is because most adolescents nowadays use IM and social media apps for almost all of their communication and socializing needs. In short, the digital realm holds a major part of their identity, and parents should ideally be able to monitor that.

• Internet activity tracking

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The service is useful in this area for both parents and employers. Employers can mark each employee for their productivity. They can simply check internet browsing history with XNSPY; create a log of all emails exchanged via different platforms, and identify bookmarked pages. The email feature can also aid in resolving interpersonal conflicts because it keeps a record of all official communications. Similarly, parents can use the browsing history feature to monitor if their child is accessing or overusing specific content related to pornography, violence, drug use, and similar ideas.

• Multimedia files

Obtain access to all multimedia files the user has saved on the phone. The XNSPY cell phone tracking app can be used to remotely view and download multimedia content. These include pictures, videos, and audio files. Employers may not find this feature very useful. However, parents can use it to track what kind of multimedia their child is consuming, or if they are taking inappropriate pictures/videos.

• Device remote control

XNSPY’s device remote control feature is very interesting. For example, you can remotely turn on the microphone and record the surroundings to get an idea of what is happening. Similarly, you can remotely take screenshots to track the user’s activity on the phone. Moreover, parents can view all installed apps and block any app with the click of a button. This is useful to prevent your child from misusing some apps. Additionally, you can remotely lock the phone, and restart it as well. In case the phone is lost or stolen, you can activate the data wipe feature. It will retain your privacy by immediately deleting all data from the lost phone.

• Watch list alerts

How To Tap A Cell Phone Remotely 9

This is undoubtedly the most impressive and sophisticated feature of the XNSPY cell phone tracking app. The app has a dedicated watch list for contacts, words, and locations. You can add anything to any of these lists. XNSPY will then alert you the moment there is any activity relevant to the list. This way, you do not have to spend time and energy in going through a large amount of data just to identify something suspicious. XNSPY’s watch list alert feature will do that for you, and alarm you quickly. There is no other smartphone monitoring app that offers a feature as useful and effective as this one.

• Miscellaneous functions

XNSPY offers other advanced features as well. These include a keylogger that records all keystrokes and Wi-Fi logger that logs all network connections. Similarly, all entries on the calendar are also visible. Moreover, you can generate a detailed report on device activity and user behavior. This report will detail information such as top callers, most visited websites, and similar data.

You may be wondering how you can use these features, or how you can install and use the app as a whole. Don’t worry because we will now be going through that.

How to install and use XNSPY

For Android

How To Tap A Cell Phone Remotely 10

Step 1: Select the “Buy now” option on the XNSPY website.

Step 2: Enter your email address and select a subscription package.

Step 3: Make payments on the XNSPY version of your choice and check your inbox for an email.

Step 4: It will contain installation instructions, your XNSPY control panel login password, and a URL to download the app’s installation file.

Step 5: Download the app on the phone you want to monitor and run the installation wizard. The physical access requirement is only for installation purposes. You are not required to gain physical access to the device after installation and all tracking is done remotely.

Step 6: Wait for a day or so after installing XNSPY. This is the time required for the app to collect data and transfer it to a different server.

Step 7: Log in to your XNSPY account with the password included in the email.

Step 8: In the control panel, select the relevant Android phone to view all the collected data.

For iPhone

How To Tap A Cell Phone Remotely 11

Step 1: The same purchasing process applies here too, though there are slight differences in terms of requirement. Just purchase your XNSPY subscription and check your email inbox.

Step 2: The inbox will not contain a download URL but you will be downloading Xnspy to a computer and not the iPhone. The email will also include an activation code (required to verify your subscription) and login credentials for your web account.

Step 3: Once the app is downloaded to a computer, connect the iPhone to that computer and complete the setup process using the on-screen instructions. To connect an iPhone to a computer, you’ll need the iTunes installed.

Step 4: Commence sync by going to the iTunes app. For the first sync, use a USB connection with the iPhone while future syncs will take place over Wi-Fi.

Step 5: Log in to your XNSPY account, and select the iPhone from my devices menu on the control panel.

Step 6: The control panel can now be used to view all iPhone data.

The installation process is not very difficult. However, you can reach out to XNSPY’s live customer support any time you need help. Let’s go through how you can use various features of the service.

• How to record phone calls with the XNSPY spy app?

Login to your account, select the relevant device, and move the cursor to the far left corner of the screen. This is the menu bar. Browse to the option titled “Call recording” and click on it. You will now enter the call recording menu and can record calls with a single click.

• How do I view instant messages and SMS?

For SMS, scroll over to the “Phone Logs” tab from the menu on the left and then select text messages. For social media and instant messaging apps, you have to Messenger drop-down menu. Just click on it to view all IM and social media apps tracked by XNSPY. Select any one of these to view all exchanged messages.

• What about the call log?

All call log information is contained under the phone log option.

• How do I use the XNSPY spying app to track GPS location?

Select the “Locations” option on the control panel menu. A new page will open on the right that will detail all location-related information.

• Can I use the XNSPY parental monitoring app to see how my child is using the phone?

How To Tap A Cell Phone Remotely 12

Yes. Select “Screen Time” and “Installed Apps” for this purpose. Under the former, you can view how frequently and for how long your child uses certain apps. You can also view all installed apps under the latter option, and toggle the blocking feature to block the app from opening on the phone.

• How do I view photos and videos saved on the phone?

Separate options for photos and videos and listed on the control panel menu bar. Just select them to view multimedia content.

• How to use XNSPY to view internet history and emails?

The web browsing history and emails are included under the phone logs option. You can read each email and view bookmarked pages under these options as well.

• What about saved contacts and calendar entries?

Both of them are also clickable options under the phone logs drop-down menu.

• How do I remotely turn on the microphone with the XNSPY cell phone spy app?

You can do so via the “Remote Control” menu. Select “Record Surround” in the sub-menu to turn on the microphone.

• What about the keylogger and Wi-Fi logger?

There are separate options for each of these on the menu list.

• How do I take a screenshot?

You can take screenshots through the remote control menu. You can also lock the phone and delete all data from this menu as well.

• Can I export all the collected data?

Yes. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu bar and select the “Data export” option. On the right, select the kind of information you want under the “Module” option, and then select the period under “Time.”

• Can I turn off some features of the XNSPY monitoring app?

Yes. You can toggle on/off any feature via the control panel. Go to “settings” at the bottom of the page, and then click “Toggle features.” You can now turn off any feature in this menu. To re-activate it, just click on the icon in front of it.

• How do I renew my XNSPY subscription?

Select “Device profile” from the settings menu and then select the “Renew” option under the “Subscription” tab.

• How can I use XNSPY’s watch list alert function?

How To Tap A Cell Phone Remotely 13

A separate watch list for words, contacts, and locations is included under the “Settings” menu. You can also choose to receive alerts from all of them, or one of them, via the “Toggle Alerts” option.

Major advantages of XNSPY

XNSPY offers many important advantages over other smartphone monitoring apps. For example, the app provides the best combination of affordability and functionality. Apart from that, XNSPY has built a strong reputation as a reliable service provider. This is because it has been a competitor for a very long time. Major reiterations of the app have ironed out bugs and issues as well. Furthermore, other apps that offer good features often become difficult to use. This is primarily because of privacy concerns as such apps collect all data. With XNSPY, you can simply turn off a feature if you deem it appropriate. Perhaps the most impressive part of the XNSPY monitoring app is the watch list alert feature. With this, you can stay updated on the go to the information that matters the most to you. You will be alerted the moment your child is in danger, or if your employee is wasting time. No other spying app offers such as service, making XNSPY the best smartphone monitoring app.

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