How to Listen to surroundings on Android Phone?

Can’t figure out how to use Xnspy to listen to the surroundings on an Android phone? Don’t worry, we are here to help. Xnspy lets you send a remote command to the target phone and listen to its surroundings live. This feature is also known as ambient recording.

Why will you need this feature?

A concerned parent would want to know where their kids are and what kind of company they sit in. Wouldn’t it be great if you can reassure they are safe? If you are an employer, wouldn’t you want to make sure your employees don’t just spend the working hours chit-chatting? Xnspy lets you listen to the surroundings of your kids and employees without having to wait for anything. One command is required to send a request and listen to whatever is happening in the vicinity of the phone.

Start by installing Xnspy in the target phone

To use the ambient recording feature and listen to the surrounding, the target phone must have Xnspy installed in advance. The procedure for installing this app is simple. Subscribe to Xnspy and follow the instructions to install it on the target phone. It should take 10 to 15 minutes to follow the procedure. 

Wait for 24 to 48 hours

Initial wait for 24 to 48 hours is required before you can listen to the surrounding. This depends on the data stored on the phone. During this waiting period, Xnspy will be transferring data from the phone to the servers and then your web account. 

Log into your web account 

After 48 hours, you are ready to log into your Xnspy web account. Visit and enter your login credentials.

Listen Surroundings On Android Phone 1

Welcome to the dashboard

Pick ‘Xnspy for Android’ and you will be taken to the dashboard of the target phone. This dashboard is the interface from where you control the target device and view all the data stored on the phone in an organized way.

Listen Surroundings On Android Phone 2

Steps to record surrounding of the phone

To start recording the target phone’s surroundings, follow the steps given below:

1- Choose ‘Remote Control’ from the dashboard menu on your left-hand side. Select
‘Record Surround’ to send a remote command to the phone.!

Listen Surroundings On Android Phone 3

You will be asked to enter the number of minutes you want Xnspy to record the surrounding of the phone and click ‘Record’.

Listen Surroundings On Android Phone 4

Note: You can record the surroundings for up to 30 minutes. 

Steps to listen to the recordings of the phone’s surroundings

Once you have recorded the surroundings, follow the steps below:

1-From the same dashboard menu, pick ‘Record surround’.

Listen Surroundings On Android Phone 5

2- Now you will be taken to the screen where all the recordings are stored along with the time and date stamps. As you click on the microphone icon, a new window will show all the recordings from where you can download them too. 

Listen Surroundings On Android Phone 6

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