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How to Spy on Android Text Messages Without Installing Software?

There are many reasons why someone might wish to learn how to read someone's Android text messages without installing software on their phones. You might want to monitor your children's activities. You suspect negligence in your workplace. Or you are simply worried about the well-being of your loved ones.

Whatever the reason may be, most people rarely leave their phones unattended. So, how must you spy on their text messages without installing software? Well, there are a few ways you can spy on Android text messages. We will tell you how.

How to Spy on Android Text Messages without Installing Software?
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Here Are Some Common Ways to Spy on the Android Text Messages Without Having the Phone

If you have previously worked as a private investigator or you’re one of the nosy ones who can only express care by standing over someone’s shoulders 24/7, then these ways might work for you. You will have to practice extra caution though.

You don’t want your loved ones to suspect you or worse, find out what your intentions are and cut ties with you temporarily. For parents, since we know how teenagers can be at times, extra carefulness is recommended.

If you wish to find out what your kids are up to or their whereabouts, this is how you can spy on their text messages:

1. Search Their Phone When They Are Busy or Distracted

It is the simplest solution of all. You simply have to wait for them to put their phone down. When you get the chance, just quickly go through their text messages.

However, nowadays, people are glued to their phones 24/7. So if you have absolutely nothing to do all day, you might find a good time to spy on someone’s text messages.

But, then again, 5-10 minutes may not be enough time to read every single text message, so unless someone forgets their phone and is gone for hours, this option might work for you.

2. Ask to Borrow Their Phone

If you need more time to go through their text messages, you will need to have the phone in your hands for a little longer. Instead of beating about the bush, ask them if you can borrow their phone.

Though this can be a great opportunity to carefully read the text messages and find the answer to the thing that is bothering you, it might not be easy.

People, especially kids get very defensive when asked for their phones, even if it may be for 5 minutes. You will be lucky if someone lets you borrow their phone.

3. Check Their Phone While They Are Asleep

If the two options above don’t work for you, you can check their phone when they’re sleeping. Except, some problems may arise with this too.

For instance, you have your kid’s phone in your hands, and just as you’re about to scroll through their text messages, your kid wakes up. Now, not only are you the untrustworthy parent, but your kid might give you the silent treatment for days.

And not just that, if you find nothing incriminating, you will have that guilty conscience that you could’ve simply asked your kids about their recent activities.

These methods are not perfect; they have a few drawbacks:

  • You will never know if someone deleted their text messages before you accessed the phone.
  • You won’t have enough time at hand to go through the text messages and get the information you were looking for.
  • You will always be anxious and stressed out about it.
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Is it Possible to Spy on Android Text Messages Without Installing Software?

To be honest, there is no reliable way to spy on text messages without installing software. If someone tells you there is a way, it’s probably a scam. Even if you were to go through a carefully curated selection of leading android spyware apps, chances are you wouldn’t find a single one that installs without needing physical access to the device in question. The only way to remotely access someone’s Android text messages is by downloading and installing an app on their phone.

Use Xnspy to Read the Android Text Messages Remotely

Xnspy can become your perfect companion if you want to spy on text messages from an Android device. The good news is that you will need physical access to the target Android device for 10 minutes only, which will be more than enough to install Xnspy. After that, you won’t have to worry about accessing the phone.

And you can even hide the Xnspy icon once installed, so the owner of the Android phone won’t have the slightest idea that their phone has spying software.

Follow the steps below to read Android text messages:

Step 1: Log into Xnspy Web Account

After subscribing to the Xnspy for Android Edition, visit and enter your login credentials, and you will be taken to the Xnspy dashboard.

Xnspy dashboard
Xnspy dashboard

Step 2: Choose ‘Phone Log’ Menu

You will see a menu on your left-hand side. Click on ‘Phone Logs’

Step 3: Choose ‘Text Messages’

A drop-down list will appear as you click on ‘Phone Logs’. Select ‘Text Messages’ from the list.

Xnspy dashboard
Xnspy dashboard

Step 4: Spy on the Text Messages

You will now have the opportunity of spying on the text messages of an Android device. Click on any contact name to view the entire thread of conversation that contains sent and received text messages along with their time and date stamps.

An added advantage of using Xnspy to spy on Android text messages is that the app is smart enough to capture everything. If the Android device owner deletes a message, you can still see it from your Xnspy dashboard if its backup is created successfully. That means you won’t miss out on any information.

Now that you know the possible ways to spy on text messages without installing software, you can choose the right option based on the information you want. Don’t hesitate to take the right actions to keep your kids safe.


Can You Spy on Android Text Messages Without Rooting the Device?

Rooting allows developer-level privileges to users and can allow them to make changes to their device beyond what Google or the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of the device has intended. It also allows you to get around the administrative system to maximize device functionality. If your Android is rooted, you have full access to the operating system and can tinker with the hardware with software too.

Rooting allows the installation of certain apps too that aren’t allowed to work on a non-rooted device. Xnspy and other spy apps are one such category of applications that, while can be run on non-rooted Android devices, have additional functions and features that can only be unlocked using the rooted method.

Xnspy, however, doesn’t require rooting to allow users access to text messages on a phone. Other similar apps require rooting as a pre-requisite to access text message data from a phone. Xnspy can track and upload all existing and incoming text messages from any Android phone to its secure servers.

Many websites and text message-spying apps claim that they can spy on text messages without rooting devices, but here’s a word to the wise: don’t fall for it. Unless it is clearly specified and proven using a live demo or free trial, chances are that root access would be needed to receive text message data.

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Other Benefits of Using Xnspy

Xnspy comes with over 30 different features that give full access to a person’s phone. Some other benefits of Xnspy include:


Monitor Phone Activities Remotely

The app allows you to monitor all emails, phone logs, calendar entries, and saved notes from a phone.


Record All Incoming and Outgoing Calls

With Xnspy installed on Android devices, all incoming and outgoing calls are automatically recorded, which can be downloaded and listened to anytime.


Real-Time Location Tracking

Xnspy gives you the real-time location of a person and also monitors specific locations with geofencing.


Control Devices Remotely

You could remotely lock a phone, factory reset it, take screenshots, or even record its surroundings by activating the phone’s microphone.


Get Alerts on Watch listed Contacts, Words, and Places

You can watch list contacts, words, and places so you get instantly notified if something important takes place.


Access Social Media & IM Chats

You can read instant messages and view photos on select IM apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Signal, etc.

But these are just a few of the dozen other things you could try with Xnspy. For a full list of features, you can visit Xnspy’s Feature page dedicated to this information.

Xnspy is a capable text message tracker that does not require you to root a device. It can also provide instant updates remotely with users needing to set it up once before being instantly connected to the Xnspy servers. While users are free to explore other competing options, there aren’t many that can rival Xnspy in terms of features, accessibility, and affordability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • Breaking into text messages and trying to access their contents can be an incredibly difficult job if you aren’t a seasoned hacker. But developers have made monitoring text messages on Android and iOS a possibility without the unnecessary hassle of coding or breaking into complex systems. Text message monitoring applications such as Xnspy serve as a great example of this. The Xnspy app is a powerful tracking tool that has many features, with complete access to text messages and iMessages support.

  • Xnspy, like all other text message monitoring Android apps, has been meticulously developed to be the best at its primary job. That job is to successfully and stealthily infiltrate any Android and iOS device and retrieve data from it. As a text message tracker, Xnspy is very capable and can even store deleted messages, too. If you’re wondering how to read someone's text messages without their phone, Xnspy is the way to go.

  • Besides the conventional techniques of looking over someone’s shoulder and peering at the screen or risky maneuvers such as using someone’s phone behind their back, there is no surefire way of reading anyone’s text messages. That is, besides using specific software for the task. Most people wonder how to spy on text messages without the phone, and in these cases, the best method is to employ a monitoring app. Xnspy is one of the best for the job that allows you to spy on text messages without having the phone on your person. However, you would need to install the Xnspy app for the first time to begin the backing-up process. After installation, you can easily pry on any text message sent and received.

  • To clone text messages, you would need to clone a person’s entire phone. This includes making a copy of the IMEI number and registering it to a device, and physically copying someone’s SIM card so the broadcast tower reads its signal as that of the primary device. Obviously, this is easier said than done. And if your primary goal behind cloning text messages is to figure out how to get someone’s text messages on your phone, then Xnspy and other text message tracking apps are by far the easiest route to take.

  • Yes, there are two methods that you can employ to read anyone’s texts for free. If the person you want to track uses Google Messages, pairing their Messages app to the web client can provide you with instant updates. Similarly, pairing someone’s iMessage to a Mac computer can give you similar results. But if you’re wondering how to track messages on Android or iOS using an app, that will cost you money. Xnspy and other text message monitoring apps typically charge a subscription fee for the service.

  • There are only two surefire ways to track a cell phone or its text messages. The first is to use a phone lookup service to locate any phone in a general area. This method is imprecise and doesn’t give exact location coordinates either. You can’t also view the contents of the phone with this method. The second method on how to read text messages from another phone without them knowing is through specific mobile and text message spy apps.

  • Yes, you can set up an SMS divert provided your carrier supports this feature. Other third-party apps would be required to manually divert text messages to another number, but these rarely divert messages in the true sense and instead send a copy of the message to the designated number. If your goal is to figure out how to see someone’s texts without having their phone, then SMS diversion may not be the best option. Try a mobile or an SMS monitoring app that allows you to secretly and stealthily tap into anyone’s contents.

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