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How To Spy On Someone's Photos And Videos Remotely?

There are times when the temptation to browse through someone’s private gallery is overwhelmingly strong but realizing how challenging a task it is, deflates the entire effort. What most people don’t know however, is that Xnspy is the tool for the job if you want to spy on someone’s photos and videos remotely.

Whether it is casually browsing your child’s saved pictures, or checking to see who’s sending what to your partner, Xnspy has you covered. Employers can benefit too by highlighting company data leaking through bad actors. Today, we discuss how you can use Xnspy to view all saved multimedia data on any phone.

Spy On Someone's Photos And Videos Remotely
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Why Is It Necessary to Spy on Someone’s Photos and Videos?


Digital Use in Children

Parents may want to monitor their kids who might be sexting. It is a risky habit performed by late teenagers or young adults to transmit proactive and sexual photographs or videos. Teens send photos and videos via their phones.


Control Sexual Content

As more young adults use social media and their phones to post sexual content, sexting has become a difficult topic for parents and instructors. Sexting might result in accusations of distributing or possessing child pornography which is a criminal offense.


Avoid Data Leaks

A photo exchanged between two people can quickly become viral. Teens may expect it would be kept private, only to discover later that it has been widely shared with their pals, potentially with catastrophic consequences.


Control Cyberbullying

Bullying, harassment, and humiliation are common difficulties when images and remarks are sent beyond the intended receiver, such as a hacker. There may be major emotional and societal consequences, including young suicides.


Maintain Corporate Security

Managers and businesses might want to know if their workers took screenshots of intellectual property or private emails and are sharing them with competitors to try to strong-arm for better financial compensation.

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Prerequisites For Using XNSPY

Before beginning the installation of the spy photo app, make sure the following conditions are met:

  • Physical access to the device you wish to monitor is required.
  • Make certain that the gadget is unlocked and connected to Wi-Fi.
  • If requested, you may need to disable or uninstall any antivirus software. It is to ensure the app to track phone photos is not wrongfully flagged as spyware.
  • Allow Unknown Sources - Only available in Android versions before 5.0. It may be accessed in an Android phone's settings menu and must be enabled to install apps that aren't available in the Google Play store.
  • Disable Play Protect - In the most recent versions of Android, Disable Play Protect replaces unknown sources.
  • Before installing XNSPY on the device, you will need a link to the APK file. You will receive an email with a link to download the APK file.
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How to Use XNSPY to Spy on Someone’s Photos and Videos on Android?

Installing and using XNSPY to spy one photos and videos on an Android devices is easy. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Subscribe to XNSPY

Select the Xnspy subscription plan of your choice, and sign up with your email address.

Buy XNSPY to Spy on Someone’s Photos and Videos on Android
Install Xnspy APK on the target device

Step 2: Install XNSPY

Install the Xnspy APK on the target device and wait for it to get in sync with the XNSPY server.

Step 3: Begin Spying

Once the app is in sync with the device, you can begin the tracking process.

Access Dashbaord to see photos and videos of monitored device

Step 4: Access the Dashboard

Log in to your XNSPY dashboard account and go to Photos and Videos section in the left menu.

Step 5: View all the Photos and Videos

The Photos and Videos section will show you all the photos and videos stored on the target device.

View all the Photos and Videos
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How to Use XNSPY to Spy on Someone’s Photos and Videos on an iPhone?

XNSPY is even easier to spy on photos and videos on an iPhone. It is because you don’t need physical access to the device.

  • Step 1: You just need to have iCloud credentials of the phone user.
  • Step 2: You need to ensure the target device is backed up on iCloud.
  • Step 3: You need to ensure two-factor authentication is turned off.
  • Step 4: You then need to head to the XNSPY dashboard and log in using your credentials.
  • Step 5: Head to Photos and Videos section in the dashboard and you will have access to the data.
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Why is XNSPY the Ideal Spy Gallery App?

XNSPY lets users track photos and videos remotely on a phone. It can be highly useful for employees who want to watch images and screenshots of private talks or trade secrets taken by other employees. Employers can use the app to ensure that they do not sell images or videos as evidence in a whistleblower case or sell trademark information to the highest bidder.

Parents can also use the software to keep their children from sexting. Parents can use XNSPY to track photos and videos remotely to ensure the media is acceptable for their age and safe for work.


All Formats Are Supported

Xnspy supports all formats of photos and videos. These include jpg, jpeg, gif, png, psd for photos and vid, mpg, x264, x265, mvk for videos.


Access to all Photos and Videos

XNSPY is not just an app to monitor phone pics and videos saved on the gallery. It shows all photos and videos the moment they get saved.


No Data Duplication

XNSPY uses advanced Image Sensing and bit-matching to ensure no data is duplicated. It means no duplicate photos or videos will be extracted, saving time and space.


No Technical Skills or Hardware Necessary

Other methods to view photos and videos need special hardware or some technical skills to use. It isn’t the case with XNSPY’s app to monitor phone pics and videos.


Easy Setup

XNSPY has a simple registration and setup process for both iOS and Android devices. App installation takes 5 minutes and you are ready to start using the spy gallery app.


Stealth Mode

Xnspy operates in the background, which allows users to use the app to monitor phone pics and videos in complete secrecy.


Real-Time Updates

Xnspy provides constant updates and extracts latest data from the target device so users are constantly up to date with the latest photos and videos.



XNSPY only requires the unlocked device to be monitored via an ongoing membership, which can cost as little as $7.5 per month.


Remote Access

XNSPY can track photos and videos remotely. It means the app users do not need to physically unlock or handle the device once the app is installed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • Yes, you can use XNSPY to spy on someone's photo gallery and the device owner won't know because XNSPY operates in total stealth mode. It means the app is hidden from plain sight and it won’t show up in the app drawer or the list of open apps.

  • Yes, you can remotely install XNSPY to track someone's saved photos and videos from their phone gallery. You need to install XNSPY on an iPhone using the cloud method. You will need the target device’s Apple ID and login password.

  • Yes XNSPY is the perfect choice to see someone's current photos and videos and deleted ones as well. As XNSPY saves all photos and videos on its servers once it gets installed on a device, it will keep a record of photos and videos even if they got deleted from the target device.

  • XNSPY automatically starts extracting data from a device once it gets installed on it and gets in sync. It takes 24 to 48 hours for XNSPY to get in sync with the device. The app extracts new data every 5 seconds and updates it to the server so that the user is always up to date with the latest information.

  • Yes, you can. XNSPY is compatible with all devices running Android version 4.0 and above. The ability to spy on someone's photos and videos through their gallery is available on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

  • XNSPY supports all devices running iOS version 6.0 and above.

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