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Xnspy Employee monitoring app

Xnspy Vs. Hubstaff:
Which is Best for Expanding
Your Workspace Productivity & Potential?

An organization’s success is directly proportional to employees’ productivity, skills, and experience. Without them, employers can often find themselves in peculiar situations. To minimize office distractions, poor performance, and employee productivity pitfalls, tracking apps aid employers in measuring the performance of their employees. To determine which app is best for the job, we will compare two such apps, Xnspy and Hubstaff.

Hubstaff Employee monitoring app
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Comparing Xnspy and Hubstaff Head-to-Head

Both monitoring software programs—Hubstaff and Xnspy—have been proven to help run business operations smoothly. Though Hubstaff provides the entire essential employee tracking suite, Xnspy delivers the same with other advanced features, making its monitoring process quicker and more efficient with each update.

With a comparison of each, we help you determine why you should utilize either one or both in your workspaces. Our evaluation is based on features, pricing, and performance.

Hubstaff: Business & Employee Efficiency Delivered!

Tracking your employees' routine and activities while they’re working can be a complex task to maneuver. Here is where Hubstaff steps in; it is an employee tracking software that provides insights into your employees’ working habits. By monitoring how much time employees spend on a website or application, their screen activity, their time spent on specific tasks, and the total number of hours worked, Hubstaff promises both efficiency and practicality. With its user-friendly features and automation, Hubstaff guarantees faster and smarter work.


Time is Money and You Can’t Risk Wasting Both

Procrastination is real. Employers managing remote workers without insight into whether their team is working can hinder productivity and veil inefficiencies. Therefore, Hubstaff is the need of the hour.

Hubstaff makes transparency simple and automated, prevents distraction at work, boosts productivity, and streamlines business operations to make employees work smarter and better.

Some of its basic features comprise time tracking with which employers can learn about time spent on tasks, detailed breakdowns of automated employee timesheets by date, project, and client, and alerts with automated attendance tracking. Its advanced features prove to be rewarding when it comes to optimizing employee productivity and performance.



Web & App Monitoring

Know what percentage of time your employees spend on each website or application. You can also access specific URLs to see whether or not work was being done.


Activity Monitoring

Track employee activity based on keystrokes and mouse movement. Get accurate productivity benchmarks and view your entire team’s screen in one view.


Location Monitoring

Benefit from alerts about whether a job starts late or goes over budget. Track travel routes in real-time. Automated GPS timesheets will track how long workers spend at each job.


Online Timesheet Monitoring

Keep track of employees' progress through summarized work reports of tasks and projects completed. Oversee project screenshots, detect idle time, real-time user activity, and automated approval workflows.


Payroll Management

Manage hours, teams, and automated payments with detailed reports of the time clock, set rates, and frequency. Choose any payroll method with Hubstaff desktop and mobile app integrated solutions.


Invoice Management

Track time, bill, and send online invoices. Receive online payment reminders. Customize invoice templates including logo, address, and tax info. Include expenses, add notes, and non-billable time. Save the invoice in any format (pdf, HTML, or doc).

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How Effective is Hubstaff?

Knowing how employees keep themselves busy during work hours can be extremely difficult, especially if they are working remotely. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be an issue; Hubstaff has non-invasive features that allow you to accurately track employee time, activity, productivity, and efficiency. Capable of supporting various industries, devices, and workers, Hubstaff concentrates its efforts on "focus," thereby improving employee productivity and business efficiency.

Hubstaff for Employers:

A highly sought-after employee monitoring software, Hubstaff automates and streamlines business operations. It gives employers the tools and resources to monitor how employees spend their working hours and assists them in collecting data, allowing them to present that in easy-to-read reports.

How does Hubstaff work?

Employee activity monitoring works in several ways:

  • Time and location tracking, browsing activity
  • Keystrokes
  • Mouse activity

If your employees are clocking in all their hours but your project and productivity goals aren’t meeting the criteria, you can utilize Hubstaff to review the websites and applications your employees spend the most time on. If you’re worried your employees are wasting valuable time procrastinating, you can benefit from screenshot monitoring, which allows you to view screenshots captured while whichever site was being used.

No employer wants to see burnout or decreased productivity in their workspaces. To prevent this, Hubstaff automates the time tracking process. It allows employees to stay within the boundaries of labor laws and protects them from exhaustion and loss of productivity—a win-win for both employers and employees.

To top it off, Hubstaff grants employers access to their employees' location through GPS tracking. Hubstaff’s productivity reports can give employers insight into how their projects are coming along and how each team member is performing. The software works on desktop, mobile, and web-based services; with over 30+ integrations, employers can easily monitor employees across the board.

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Hubstaff Pricing

Understandably, you don't want to risk losing money that you have worked long and hard to make. Here is how Hubstaff ensures you get a decent return on investment (ROI). However, before we get to the pricing structure, how does a free 14-day trial sound? Amazing, right?

Well, if you’re unsure as to whether or not employee monitoring software is required for your company, you can use Hubstaff for 14 days without paying a single penny. If you’re not interested, you can cancel anytime and benefit from the 60 days money-back guarantee.

Wait! That’s not all. Though there are 4 pricing plans to choose from, Hubstaff gives you the option of month-to-month or annual subscriptions. You get two months of free service if you choose to pay annually.

Pricing is as follows: Desk Free, Desk Starter, Desk Pro, and Enterprise

Desk Free

Includes: Time tracking, screen capture, and activity based on keyboard and mouse usage for one user. Edit and make payments for one month.

Desk Starter
$5.83 /user/mo
Includes 2 users

Includes: Everything from free, plus one third-party integration with any software, 24-hour technical support, individualized settings for users, a detailed activity report for 6 months, and screenshots interval of 3 per 10 minutes.

Desk Pro
$8.33 /user/mo
Includes 2 users

Includes: Everything in the starter, plus unlimited third-party integrations, application, and web monitoring, employee idle time, GPS tracking, fleet tracking, time-off, holiday tracking, scheduling, attendance, timesheet approvals, invoices, payroll, project and client budgets, and weekly work limits.

customizable plan

Includes: Everything in pro, plus higher limits on public APIs, unlimited job sites, VIP support, concierge setup, single sign-on, SOC-2 Type 2 compliance, HIPAA compliance, and pay-by-bank debit (ACH)

Let the Tracker Speak for Itself!

Save time and money; Hubstaff has your concerns sorted. It encourages employees to build more productive habits and unlock new levels of potential. A trusted choice of employers, Hubstaff keeps businesses running securely and efficiently. Don’t take our word for it? Hear it first-hand from the clients.

Customer Reviews

" My company uses Hubstaff so our team can have an easier time collaborating on major projects. But so far I have experienced on many occasions that the app would crash mid-project and time sheets would get completely lost. Really need to up their game. "

Customer Reviews

" I bought Hubstaff because I heard a lot of praise about the app’s integration with other productivity and communication tools such as Slack and Trello. But during the 2 months of using the app, Hubstaff has been buggy when integrating with these apps. "

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Xnspy: Surveillance on Your Fingertips!

As one of the leading monitoring software today, Xnspy extends support for effective surveillance in and around the home, as well as, the workplace. Backed by the finest IT support and development team, Xnspy delivers extensive, efficient, and mindful monitoring. Compatible with Android and iOS devices; Xnspy extends its services to various users from all over the world.


Xnspy Features - Track Every Move!

Sift through tons of data on any smartphone smartly and discreetly, be it your children’s or employees. The cutting-edge features of Xnspy provide detailed insight into the activities of those monitored. Some of the basic features Xnspy comprises are the ability to monitor users: contacts and phone history, their photos and multimedia, their social media activities, as well as, their GPS location. However, the advanced features of Xnspy are more versatile.




You can remotely track the device's location history, view the time/date stamps for each place, and also receive alerts when the user enters or exits a marked vicinity.


Monitor browsing activities

You can monitor someone's internet activity, their frequently visited websites along with the date and time, and their Wi-Fi network logs, even if they're in incognito mode.


Ambient noise capture

You can record all incoming and outgoing calls and also record audio from the surrounding area.


Remotely controlled devices

You can also remotely control the monitored device to wipe its data, take a screenshot, or even lock the phone.



You can monitor keystrokes from all popular social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and Facebook Messenger.


Access instant messenger chats and multimedia

You can read all messages exchanged and the photos uploaded. If users delete their data, Xnspy can still access it because all data is preserved on the cloud.


Actuarial reports

With Xnspy, you can get extensive actuarial reports that present insights into the top 5 callers, top 5 call durations, and the top 10 frequently-visited websites. An activity punch card also shows the number of calls made during a specific time and day of a week, in a very neat manner.

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Use Xnspy as You Please!

Though this monitoring software is for a multitude of users, it is widely used by parents and employers. Its versatile features allow for an all-in-one solution to anyone’s monitoring needs.

Xnspy for Parents

Parents can use Xnspy to monitor their children’s online activities and whereabouts as closely as they may wish. The increase in cyberspace attacks has made the internet an unarguably unsafe environment for children. Therefore, protective measures are required. Rest assured, parents can relax their minds and leave it to Xnspy to get updated on the safety and security of their children, even if they aren’t physically with them, through services like GPS location tracking.

Xnspy app for parents

The vast features of Xnspy prove to be beneficial for children’s online and offline safety, both. Secure from possible threats resulting from the internet, Xnspy allows parents to monitor their children's instant messages, social media photos and videos, calls, and voice recordings. They can also benefit from remotely controlling a cell phone that permits them to intervene tangibly. With a simple click of a few buttons, parents can keep track of all activities children carry out on and through their cell phones.

Xnspy for Employers:

Business decisions cannot be based on guesswork. Lots of employers worry about their confidential data being compromised, or employee deliverables not being as per company standards. Xnspy, here, is an essential hands-on support that provides employers the power to monitor and track what their employees do on company-owned devices. They can also track employees’ real and digital activities throughout the day.

Smartly and discreetly, Xnspy allows complete transparency for employers; they can:

  • Monitor emails
  • Calendar entries
  • Browsing history
  • Text messages
  • Contacts
  • Multimedia files
Xnspy app for employers

In case they notice any suspicious activity, they can track their employees' every move via GPS location and instant alerts.

Oftentimes employee attempts to bypass surveillance tools turn successful, but with an employee monitoring software as robust as Xnspy, this can’t be a possibility, as employers can remotely track all kinds of activities without employing additional expensive resources.

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Xnspy Pricing

Whenever the need arises for a monitoring software program, whether for Android or iOS, pricing is one of the first factors that grabs an onlooker’s attention. Who doesn’t want an app that does it all for them, and is reasonably priced?

Xnspy offers a superlative deal for its long-term users. Those who want the best service can choose from two pricing options: basic and premium. Prices vary depending on the features offered.

Basic Edition

Premium Edition

At a monthly subscription, you will be charged
$29.99 per month.

At a monthly subscription, you will be charged
$35.99 per month.

At a quarterly subscription, you will be charged
$41.99 quarterly billed to $13.99 per month

At a quarterly subscription, you will be charged
$59.99 quarterly billed to $19.99 per month

At a yearly subscription, you will be charged
$59.99 annually billed to $4.99 per month

At a yearly subscription, you will be charged
$89.99 annually billed to $7.49 per month

Xnspy Reviews - Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

The superior service Xnspy brings is worth every penny. Users don’t have to sift through enormous amounts of data when they can just use Xnspy to monitor every nook and cranny of someone’s smartphone, that too, extremely efficiently and best of all, secretly. Not sure whether Xnspy lives up to its hype? Hear it from the customers and experts, and put your doubts to rest.

Customer Reviews

" Very helpful. I have been using XNSPY for around 7 months now and I haven’t faced any major bugs or feature issues during my time with the app. I installed the app on my employees’ work iPhones so I could keep up with their location at all times. The app gave me timely updates about their real time location and also allowed me to setup a geofence. "

Customer Reviews

" I first heard of XNSPY when I discovered a data leak at the work place. I didn’t know who was releasing confidential information to the competitors. A friend of mine suggested using XNSPY to track my employees’ social media messages to check who they get in contact with. It was a lifesaver because I could see screenshots of every person they were in contact with. "

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Monitoring Capabilities, Albeit, Different: Hubstaff vs. Xnspy

As previously stated, Hubstaff and Xnspy are both great monitoring software, but both share similarities and differences when it concerns features. While Hubstaff is known primarily as an employee monitoring software, Xnspy is characterized as wide-audience surveillance software.

Want a side-by-side comparison to make a better judgment of the two?






GPS tracking

Activity tracking

Browsing history

Real-time monitoring


Device usage tracking

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The Finer Details



Both can monitor time spent on the kind of web and apps visited, as well as track keystrokes, but Xnspy can also do so from all popular social media applications. So here, Xnspy takes the lead because it can access all chats and media exchanged, access contacts and phone history, location, and time stamps—something which isn’t possible with Hubstaff.



Xnspy enables users to remotely control the monitored device, as well as take screenshots, or even wipe its data. Hubstaff, on the other hand, can only take screenshots of the screen view every few minutes.



When it comes to GPS tracking, both types of software can alert users when the monitored device enters or exits a particular area. With Hubstaff, users can get alerts about whether a job starts late or goes over budget, while Xnspy can alert users with the date and time stamps of the monitored devices' location history. Hubstaff can track travel routes in real-time, but only Xnspy’s ambient noise capture feature can record all incoming and outgoing calls, and even record audio from the surrounding area.


Real-time monitoring

Through online timesheet monitoring, Hubstaff users can oversee project screenshots, and detect idle time, real-time user activity, and automated approval workflows. They can also only get accurate productivity benchmarks by viewing their team’s screen in one view. However, Xnspy goes one step further by remotely monitoring a device, taking screenshots whenever the need arises, and providing extensive actuarial reports with insight into the top 5 callers, top 5 call durations, and the top 10 frequently-visited websites.

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Catch Them if You Can!

Let’s face it, you, as a business owner, want to verify that your employees are using their work hours to accomplish their assigned tasks. You want nothing more than reassurance that your team is productive, and isn’t wasting time watching dog videos, engaging in reckless social media trolls, or worse, secretly doing something that could potentially jeopardize all that you have worked hard to get. So, if you were to choose, Hubstaff and Xnspy, both come with a myriad of comprehensive features known to work perfectly well for monitoring, however, you may deem appropriate.

Wondering what it is you should look for when considering a monitoring software? Consider this:

  • Noteworthy features
  • Screen capture
  • Usability
  • User interface
  • Data loss prevention

Both Hubstaff and Xnspy are robust types of monitoring software that are easy to use, have a clean interface, prevent data leaks, and enable screen recording. Hubstaff is most commonly used by remote and field workers, freelancers, and companies across 15+ industries, such as software development, real estate, nonprofit organizations, e-commerce, construction, design, and more. Xnspy is used more generically, in a larger capacity to monitor more than just employees.


Final Word

Hubstaff is known to curb unproductive behaviors to the side, while it tracks and monitors exactly how employees keep busy at work. The only thing is, that monitoring via Hubstaff is done with the knowledge of the team, whereas Xnspy monitors in stealth mode, from the background, like your personal detective.

This way Xnspy proves a better choice for monitoring software because it can catch one to all that may not meet the eye at the first glance. It also offers 30+ features while providing detailed actuarial reports neatly, and is much more affordable than most surveillance software. Though Xnspy doesn’t offer a free trial, unlike Hubstaff, it still extends its services beyond its subscription plan by providing 24/7 customer support, whenever and however needed.

Best believe, Hubstaff is a great choice for employee monitoring, but the hands-on support of Xnspy will provide you with the best of both worlds! Therefore, choose wisely.

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