3 Digital Villains We Need to Get Rid of in 2016

3 Digital Villains We Need to Get Rid of in 2016

We talk about them all the time. We educate you on how to avoid them. But you know what? It is 2016 and I think it is high time that these fellas just pack their bags and leave. They have ruined a lot of lives and we’ve had it with them. These are the three biggest digital villains that we need to get rid of right away.

1.     Cyberbullying

To be honest, if you’re a parent in 2016, you know what cyberbullying is by now. So we’re not going to dumb it down and define what it is for you. In the coming blogs, we will however talk about the scope of it all and the damage it has done. Because cyberbullying is an issue so grave, it has become a White House concern.

Victims of online predators

What we plan to make parents understand is that they should take cyberbullying just as seriously as they would playground bullying. Because it causes emotional and psychological harm. Look at this picture by Anti Bullying Blogto get an idea.

So, in the later posts, we will teach you how to identify a cyberbully, how to take the correct precautions and how to protect your children.

2.     Online Predators

When the kids are not picking on each other, you have to worry about the predators. I’ve always found this be a sinister issue. Because in a convoluted sense, the predators have found a way into your home through your kid’s phone screen. And because they are in the cyberverse, they are faceless and nameless. Characters like these talk to your kids on chat rooms or social media. The look for sexual and financial exploitation, coerce personal information out of children. Sometimes, they even convince these kids to meet them offline.

Internet Marketing Ninjas show you how to look for red flags.

We’ll talk more about these issues and soon, you’ll know exactly how to protect your kids.

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3.     Inappropriate Content

The internet is open for literally anything on the planet. If you can imagine it, it probably exists. And there’s a good chance your kids are being exposed to it. Studies have found that kids start sexting as early as in the sixth or seventh grade. Kids can also be exposed to pop up pornography ads, or they could be seeking it out, too. So you’ll need a way to filter all the inappropriate content out of your kids lives.

Here are some stats by Gifts We Use

Educate Yourselves

The smartphone generation has brought with it a new pile of social issues, hasn’t it? We have taken it upon ourselves to create as much awareness about them as we can. I realize that these 3 villains we talked about are NOT the only ones. There are lots more out there and we’ve addressed them on this blog before. However, the first step in fighting these villains and eliminating them from our lives is getting ourselves educated about them. You’ve got to know how they operate and how they enter your child or loved one’s lives. You’ve got to pull the plug at the source. It seems like a small contribution, but if everyone does their part, who knows? Maybe we’ll get rid of them once and for all.


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