Infographic: Victims of Online Predators – A Demographic Breakdown

Infographic: Victims of Online Predators – A Demographic Breakdown

Great technological inventions among people have profoundly shaped our culture, communication, media, society, and entertainment. However, with these benefits come great dangers that every person should know about.

What are Online Predators?

Many people are not clear about what “online predators” are and what they are capable of doing, which is why they take this online threat too easy. According to, they are adult online users, who find children or adolescents to sexually abuse or harass them for personal satisfaction. These predators use the information they can gather using all communication technology and the internet to locate their target and victimize them.

An interesting and equally horrifying fact says 50% of sexual offenders are married or in a long-term relationship.

Sexual predators are master manipulators. They use the anonymity of the Internet to their advantage and target both boys and girls of all ages. They possess skills that can cripple any person’s sense of awareness. Always in search for more tech savvy and emotionally vulnerable kids as their targets.

This infographic will give you a detailed demographic analysis into victims of online predators and how everyone using the internet is a likely prey to some very dangerous threats. The victims of online predators can be male or female, of any age, and of any ethnicity, from anywhere in the world.

Let’s get into it!!!

Online Predators

Reasons You’d Love XNSPY

XNSPY is the most convenient and accessible way of protecting people against predator attacks.

  • Given today’s social media usage it ain’t difficult for Xnspy to keep track of all activities
  • Increased third Party apps use and reliability has raised a lot of threats, so screen conversations from popular ones like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, KIK, Line, and Facebook
  • Create a watch list of specific offensive words
  • Get instant alerts against unknown or new locations visited
  • Listen to unknown calls and even have those calls recorded
  • Keep an eye on saved photos and videos of an Android or iOS device
  • Instantly lock the target device whenever you want
  • Check installed apps and even prevent installing offensive or unwanted apps


This isn’t it—there are tons of other digital villains lurking around your child’s cyberspace. It’s our responsibility to create social awareness about cyber threats, and it’s not possible without educating ourselves first. Set moderate digital rules at home that aren’t too harsh on your children, so they wouldn’t have to acquiesce, or in a worst case, retaliate. Educate yourself about the online threats, because that’s the only way you can keep your kids safe, and make sure you remember the aforementioned tips on identifying the online predators.

Keep people you love safe!


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