5 Practical Safety Tips for Parents and Teenagers this Prom 2015

5 Practical Safety Tips for Parents and Teenagers this Prom 2015

So, Prom Night is just around the corner. For a lot of teenagers, it is a milestone they’ve been waiting for throughout school. For parents, they might as well never get to it at all. Because well, teenagers don’t exactly have the best track record. When you mix celebration with underage boozing, there’s not a lot of good that can come out of it. Look at these stats from Edgar Synder & Associates

I’m sure every parent would want their teen to have a safe and memorable night. Iron fist rules and boundaries would taint what should otherwise be something they’d always remember fondly. So we’re going to give you practical tips that you can actually apply. This way, both you and teenager can breathe easy.

Communicate an Agenda for the Day

First off, get into your best military discipline mentality and discuss an agenda. Plan the day out with your kids, talking about

  • What group of friends they are going to prom with
  • When do they expect to arrive at the venue
  • Who is driving them to the venue/other places
  • What other places do they plan to go

Your parental monitoring app will come in handy because you’ll be able to track them and know where they are in real time.

Discuss Dangers of Drinking and Driving

Prom Night is notorious for being a forum for underage drinking. Around 90% students believe their friends will likely drink on the night at different parties. So, you’re going to have to find out what parties they are attending and if alcohol would be present there. You can use your monitoring app to read their WhatsApp messages and see what they have in store for the night.

More importantly, discuss with them how careless and dangerous it is to drink and drive. And if they’re not drinking themselves, hitching a ride with a drunk friend is just as dangerous. Ask them to take care of their friends as well.

Get Other Parents Involved

Talk to other parents about the agenda their kids have for the day as well. Getting every parent in the know will be helpful because kids are less likely to indulge in risky behavior. Compare your safety notes with theirs. Encourage parents to tell their kids to look after their friends as well.

Establish Boundaries

It goes without saying, you are going to have to lay down some rules for your kids. Here are some that sound reasonable

  • Respond to your texts anytime you try to contact them
  • Stay away from parties where alcohol is available
  • Be home by a certain time

Volunteer Supervision

A lot of school or venues ask for volunteers to help overlook prom night. Perhaps volunteering at your teen’s event would help put your mind at ease. However, you must know that to be a volunteer, you’ve not only got to be a chaperone, but know certain safety techniques, such as CPR as well.

Another way you could volunteer supervision if not at school? You could have the after party at your place. You’ll be able to watch your kid and their friends closely, and in case anything goes wrong, you’ll be right there. And your kid could still have a good time.


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