5 Traveling Tips You Definitely Need This Summer

5 Traveling Tips You Definitely Need This Summer

Summer vacation used to be a time for relaxation when all you needed was to buy a ticket and hop on the bus with your family. A lot has changed since then, including technology being readily available for almost anybody with an internet connection. It makes planning a vacation easier and traveling safer. If you are among the many people looking to go on a summer vacation this year, here are 5 tips for traveling you may not have even thought of.

1.   Make Your Reservations ASAP

According to the U.S. Travel Association (USTA), 85% of Americans plan to travel this summer, meaning crowded roads and airports. Due to two years of covid restrictions, cancellations, and delays, people are eager to leave their homes and go on a trip. It means expect busy flights and full hotels.

Hotels have seen earlier than expected summer bookings, and that has caused a stream of chaos, especially in popular tourist destinations such as nature destinations. National and state parks are more crowded than ever before, and most parks are only taking in tourists who have made prior bookings. It makes advanced reservations even more crucial than before.

Some flights have to change their routes throughout the COVID pandemic. And this means that summer flights have been fully booked up to capacity, and there’s less capacity to several international cities. So plan. Buy tickets in advance and make all your reservations ASAP.

2.   Stretch Your Budget As Much As You Can

Your hard-earned dollar is more valuable than it has ever been. Gas prices have skyrocketed, and it’s the highest they’ve been since 2014. Nearly two-thirds of American travelers (63%) believe increasing gas prices will affect their decision to travel in the next two quarters. It means you will have to spend your money wisely.

Soaring gas prices have consequently impacted the cost of travel. According to USTA, travels costs have increased by 12% since 2019. Even domestic flights are now expensive. Domestic airfares have increased 7% since 2019 and almost 11% in just one month from February to March 2022.

Popular tourist destinations like Hawaii and Europe are costly, and they won’t be getting cheaper anytime soon. Normally, favorite tourist spots become budget-friendly during summers due to bulk traveling, but it won’t be the case this year. People avoid these spots and travel to cheaper countries like Turkey, Canada, Costa Rica, and Chile whereas travelling to East European countries is becoming a new trend for individuals who want to visit Europe on a budget. These are friendly places with great cultures and tourist hotspots, so you will still have an amazing time during your vacation. These countries offer great bang for your buck as the dollar exchange rate is quite favorable. So stretch out your dollar and look for places that offer great value.

3.   Prioritize Your Adventure Style

The pandemic tested many people’s mental strength and resolve, but you can finally take a breather. Prioritize what you want from your vacation. Are you looking for adventure, relaxation, or just the scenic views of your favorite mountainside? Make a plan of your favorite activities to maximize your enjoyment of the trip.

Choose what works best for you based on the necessary safety precautions and your level of comfort socializing. For instance, if you’re an introvert you can enjoy a sunny day at the beach with your favorite book by your side. Or, if you’re the life of the party, you can have a blast at an EDM concert with the DJ blasting your favorite beats. But you’ll have to take proper precautions if you will be attending a crowded event. Even if peak COVID is behind us, you should still be cautious, carry a hand sanitizer, and wear a mask.

By prioritizing your adventure style, you minimize the risk of time and money wastage and instead focus on the things you want most out of a vacation.

4.   Make Safety a Priority

Safety should be a priority while on vacation, especially if you’re going solo. When in a new country, you’re unfamiliar with its customs and places. So it’s easy to get lost or taken advantage of.

Because they appear more defenseless, independent travelers are more likely to be victims of muggings, pickpocketing, attacks, and other crimes. Getting hurt, sick, or lost are frightening scenarios that no one wants to go through.

Your loved ones can use a remote cell phone tracking app to track you at all times while on vacation and can inform the local authorities in case of an emergency. The geolocation tracking function of XNSPY, a remote cell phone tracking app for Android and iOS devices, could help with your travel safety.

Its remote cell phone tracker feature allows customers to see their loved ones’ current position. So, if you’re going on a solo journey through the Mayan temples of Guatemala or making your way through the busy streets of Istanbul, it’s easy to get lost while admiring the scenery. Your loved ones can use XNSPY to check up with you.

So plan for any unforeseen circumstances, and install XNSPY on your phone. Your family and friends need to log in to the app’s dashboard and navigate new locations. They will be able to view your location in real-time and monitor your location history if they need to retrace your steps.

5.   Don’t Go Destination Hopping

Destination hopping would have been feasible before COVID existed as it allowed you to visit nearby places without worrying about money or getting sick. But since COVID-19 restrictions have just lifted, a few countries are still in lockdown and taking things slow.

So it is much harder to visit different destinations in one go, and much more expensive than before. So keep things simple and don’t have a finger in every pie. Like I said before, prioritize your adventures since it will make your vacation stress free and economical.

By following these tips, I can assure you your next vacation trip will be the best one yet, and it will be a summer worth cherishing.