American Red Cross Delivers Safety Tips for Independence Day 2016

American Red Cross Delivers Safety Tips for Independence Day 2016

Looks like we’re not the only ones handing out safety tips this Fourth of July.

The American Red Cross has also recently released a safety post for the upcoming Independence Day Weekend and we’d like to share them with you. Most of the safety tips concern beaches and fireworks, because according to them, that is where most of the accidents are likely to occur. Moreover, they are also taking action to make sure no such accidents occur. They have released the First Aid app so that people can have safety measure a tap of the finger away. And as always, remember that you also have the XNSPY app on your side to help you track your children in a time where there are likely to be crowds and a lot of chaos.

Safety in Fireworks

Like us, the Red Cross has suggested that it is best to attend a public fireworks display rather than do one at home. In order to have a safe and accident free experience, you should be at least 500 feet away from the show, therefore doing one at home is risky. Moreover, public displays are put on my pyrotechnicians who know what they are doing.

However, if you absolutely must have a fireworks show at home, make sure you are following the safety protocol to a tee. This includes making sure kids never handle fireworks of any kind. Make sure you’re near a water supply before you light the fireworks. Always wear eye protection while lighting them and only light them one at a time. Never light a firework near flammable things or point them toward people, buildings, animals or cars.

Moreover, stay away from places where amateurs are lighting fireworks, especially the DIY kinds.

Safety in the Water

The other thing that the Red Cross has issued warnings about is the beach. They predict that millions of people will hit the beaches this Fourth of July weekend. The huge crowds in the water could pose a safety hazard. So if you do plan on visiting the beach, make sure you know how to swim first. Moreover, choose a spot where there is a lifeguard present. Follow all instructions and all safety rules the beach has enforced. Moreover, if you do want to go out to swim, make sure you go with a buddy. If you are accompanying children, make sure they wear lifejackets. Keep a close eye on the children and don’t let them stray too far into the water.

Safety in Rip Currents

Most lifeguard rescues happen in rip currents. They are in fact most responsible for most beach related deaths. How do you recognize that a beach has rip currents? It’s quite simple really because most beaches with waves that are breaking are likely to have rip currents.

If however you do find yourself in a rip current, swim parallel to shore till you are free. Once you’re free, swim toward the shore.

Make sure you read up on safety protocol completely before going swimming, especially in a time where there is likely to be a lot of chaos occurring.

Install Safety Apps Beforehand

The final thing that Red Cross has warned people about for the holiday weekend is to get safety apps before you begin going out to celebrate the holiday. The Swim App is the perfect app to learn all about safety in the water. Share this with the entire family, especially with your children, before you head out to the beach. The app also has a version for kids where they can learn through gamification.

The second safety app you should keep on hand is the First Aid app. This will provide you with instant guidance on what to do if you find yourself in an emergency medical situation. This includes anything from bee stings to performing CPR.

And of course, the third app you’ve got to have is XNSPY. This will help you track your children when you head out so that you never lose them and if they stray too far, you can always relocate them. What’s more is that you can set geo-fences around safe areas and danger zones. If the children do cross the danger zones, you will be notified right away and you can go after them and stop them from harming themselves.

Have a safe Independence Day!


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