Calling New Users: Here’s What XNSPY Can Do For You!

Calling New Users: Here’s What XNSPY Can Do For You!

So, we are 3 months into the New Year, and guess what? We’ve got another onslaught of brand new users. We couldn’t be happier—like we’ve said countless times before, we love creating a community of internet savvy, digitally aware people. So in today’s blog, I’m going to be speaking to you guys!

First things first: welcome aboard. You’ve got so much to learn, and I’m going to give you the gist of some of the things you’ll find useful right away.

What Inspired XNSPY?

I bet you’ve heard about something about us. We’re known for our app that does a bit of monitoring. Designed specifically for employers to watch over employees and for parents to look after their children, XNSPY monitoring app provides the insight of a person’s smartphone that the authority figure requires to make informed decisions.

Take parents, for example. Being at the center of XNSPY’s target market, parents are probably the party that can take the most advantage out of the app’s mechanism. It provides intel on not only SMS messages of the phone, but also texts  spying from other messaging services; like WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Kik or Skype. It even works well on Facebook messenger texts. Imagine what a parent can do with this sort of information. Haven’t you heard of countless cyberbullying instances where the parents didn’t even know that the bane of their kid’s existence was within their smartphones? That they were getting awful messages from their school mates that was driving them to make questionable decisions?

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Let me try to illuminate the full potential of a parenting app of this nature. Are you familiar with the story of Amanda Todd? She has now become a modern day case study for parents and children to learn from because she is one of the most publicized instances of extreme cyberbulling. A Canadian 15-year-old, Amanda found herself at the mercy of cyberbullies and online solicitors who threatened her using her own personal photos. The situation became so out of hand that it drove Amanda to suicide—just at the age of 15.

Now can you imagine how the situation would have been a little different if Amanda’s parents or guardians were aware of her online activities and the blackmailing messages she was receiving from her cyber-assailant? If her parents had any intel on her phone, they would’ve recognized the fishy situation on the onset and may have stepped in and controlled some of the damage caused by her indiscretion. At the most, they could’ve made sure that all contact from the assailant was suitably blocked so that she did not have to go through the bullying and the mental trauma that led her to think that suicide was the only option.

Not every parent will have to face something of this extreme, but every parent must prepare with digital monitoring as if they are. This leads me to believe that using parental apps, specifically those that present the text messages that gives send and receive, is the wise thing to do.

But How to Monitor on the Down Low?

For starters, XNSPY is quite actionable in that it is a silent application that works in the background of the child’s device. This means it is non-intrusive and discreet. The child does not feel like they are being monitored all the time. This alleviates the stress associated with constant monitoring and helps them in living their life as they may—except you’re watching over them, and only you as the parent have that knowledge. Secondly, it lets you conduct your monitoring commands in a wireless manner. The informational is relayed to you remotely on your online account.

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What’s equally important is that XNSPY gives you the ability to set alarms. You are instantly alerted if there is any suspicious activity going on with your children and their devices. Who decides what activities constitute as suspicious? Why, you do, of course. You can specify certain contacts (numbers, names, email addresses), words and even locations (on the GPS tracker) as suspicious and you get an instant notification, telling you it is time to intervene. Imagine getting a notification on your phone as soon as something has presented even the slightest hint of going awry.

Your Crash Course is Almost Done.

What you have on your hands with this mobile spying app is a precautionary measure. It isn’t damage control (although it can be). It is not a remedy. It is not even an advisor, telling parents what they need to do next. It is simply something that provides you with information, and leaves it to you to use as a precautionary measure, stepping in at the right times, recognizing digital parenting moments and getting your children involved in protecting their online privacy.

So if you want to learn more about the tenacity of the app, you might want to check out our Features Page. It is going to catch you up on the rest of what you’ve been missing!


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