Digital Dangers are Evolving and Parents Need to Understand the Complexity of the Situation

Things were a lot simpler when your child’s life was part of the visible, physical world. Because these days kids live a digital life, too. On Instagram when they document everything they do, or on messages where they are hyper connected. They’ve got an entire way of being behind their smartphone screens, and that’s putting it lightly. So, it is no surprise that over the years, parents have shown an increased level of interest in our iOS tracking software that can monitor that child’s iPhone and iPad. Because it is the only way they can properly monitor their children’s “other” life. Parents that still don’t have their hands on one have a lot of catching up to do.

When Parents Don’t Appreciate the Complexity

More often than not, a prominent technological gap exists between parents and their kids. This makes it difficult for parents to know exactly what they should be looking for, what the warning signs are, and what they should be teaching their children about online etiquette. Think about it this way: kids tend to be the digital “natives”. They never truly had to “learn” anything about their devices. They have been using it since they were born and thus everything comes naturally to them. Parents on the other hand are digital “immigrants”. They were born well before these devices were invented. Hence they had to learn about them. In many instances, this is what makes parents tech phobic. They are not fully familiar with these devices and what they are used for. This resistance to accepting new inventions creates the gap.

Therein lies the problem—when you don’t understand the norms and values of the internet culture, you can’t parent appropriately. It helps when you understand that primarily, the internet has the same problems as the physical world… just in a digital manifestation. So the first thing you need to tell yourself as a parent—simplify it all. There is nothing new that you need to learn. You essentially have the same things to woe over once you’ve picked them out through a mobile monitoring app. Here’s more about them.

How Internet Problems are Evolving

The most talked about smartphone/internet issue related to cyberbullying. Kids have now taken over social media platforms to be mean to other kids. Be it in the form of a rude comment, defamation, impersonation or exclusion, cyberbullying is a prevalent problem when children and smartphones combine.

Understand that children can have similar stressful experiences with bullies on the computer as they do with playground bullies. It is bad enough that it leads to anxiety, depression, even suicide.

Kids bullying kids is one thing. Adults grooming minors is an altogether different beast. Imagine your kid trapped in the tentacles of someone older who is weaseling their way into their lives for sexual exploitation. Sounds a lot more sinister, doesn’t it?

The thing with grooming that sets it apart from cyberbullying is that it is more subtle in its planning and more patient in its execution. Children don’t realize what’s happening to them—they feel like they’ve made a friend they can confide in, and that’s how they get them. Grooming is slow, grooming can take weeks, months, even years. Grooming is through and it is dangerous.

So yes, digital dangers are evolving. This takes me back to the early days of this blog when the kind of stuff I warned parents about was mean comments on Facebook or a bad post on Instagram. As the internet evolves, so do the dangers.

The Ever-changing World

This is exactly what has made more parents want to get a mobile monitoring app in the first place. They want to be able to see who their kids are talking to on their phones. They want to sieve through the messages that are being left to them—they want a better means of check and balance. There are many apps out there that can help parents attain this. For example, Life360 keeps the entire family on one platform digitally, so kids can reach out to their parents in times of stress. Similarly, XNSPY is a parental control that gives parents an all-access pass to their child’s smartphone. In that way, they can read and set alerts on bullies and their hurtful comments.

Considering their child’s mental wellbeing and general happiness is on the line, iOS tracking software like these make a pretty good investment. Parenting is evolving, and the fact that more moms and dads are on the lookout for digital means to look after their children is a step in the right direction. Gen Y are now becoming parents, which means that the digital gap may be closing. However, it goes without saying that the generation gap itself will always exist. The world in which the tech generation, Gen Z exists is one where there have always been iPhones and Instagrams. This only means that the parents now have to be one step ahead. No sitting around being passive anymore.


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