Do the official WHO and CDC COVID-19 safety instructions confuse you too?

Do the official WHO and CDC COVID-19 safety instructions confuse you too?

It’s hard to keep a timeline of all the events that have happened in the last couple of months, but since I am an avid reader and a paranoid when it comes to COVID-19, there are a few things that I think I can help you understand a little better.

COVID-19 is a novel virus and there’s still so much that we need to learn about it. If you remember, the WHO told us that COVID-19 doesn’t aerosol through a cough or sneeze; however, there is a new set of instructions available now that tells us that these pathogen-carrying droplets can travel up to 27 feet through “gas clouds.” Moreover, once these clouds lose momentum, the remaining droplets evaporate which can stay suspended in the air for hours.

This new development changes everything. Every single thing regarding how we have been tackling the pandemic so far. This also means that our front liners are at an extremely high risk of contracting the virus. This especially makes sense when you get to know that even respirators like N-95 aren’t tested for their efficacy in an environment with gas clouds carrying the infection particles.

With over 3.5 million Coronavirus cases worldwide, we are now finally figuring out how the virus transmits and we are still not there yet to figure out how to keep ourselves safe if we are exposed to the virus. I am not a pessimist or sadist—I am a realist that wants to believe in facts so we aren’t fed with misinformation that could risk us to the infection.

What does it tell all of us, especially those reading this from home?

Stay inside as much as possible. Every time you go out into a closed space like a supermarket or office, you are risking yourself. The only time when masks are effective is if every single one of us starts wearing it which is highly discouraged since if there’s anyone who needs PPE the most, it’s our front liners, unless if your country has enough stock for everyone like in China.