Here are Some Tips from Your Easter Travel Guide

Here are Some Tips from Your Easter Travel Guide

Easter is coming! There are signs telling it is close – tulips are sprouting, candy-filled Easter baskets now line the walls of every supermarket. It is time to start thinking about Easter dresses, preparing for egg hunts, and inviting loved ones to Easter dinner. With all these tasks in mind, have you thought about a perfect Easter family holiday? If you are looking for the perfect holiday plan, look no further. We have listed 7 most important travel tips for you to plan a more successful and imaginative Easter holiday adventure. 

  1. Plan Easter on a Budget 

Well, recent research has claimed that Americans are expected to spend $18.11 billion this year on Easter. The National Retail Federation added that 79% of adults are planning to celebrate the Easter holiday in 2019 which is the lowest frequency in decades. Whereas, the average spending per person is expected to be the highest this year at $151. In the expense list, Food ranked at the top of the list followed by clothes, gifts, and candy.

Sticking to the budget is hard, especially when it is holiday time! You can have fun without breaking the bank. It is more about making memories as a family. You can spend less on chocolates, Easter eggs, and gifts to celebrate Easter on a budget. Saving money and still having fun as a family is possible. All you need to do is to look for cheaper ideas for Easter activities.       

  • Involve your kids in research

Just because you are late planning a trip, doesn’t mean you need to pay through the nose. Let your kids explore the net, and trust me these tech-savvy kids can do it much better than you. Well, don’t trouble them with funds or duration beforehand. Let them explore and find out what works for them as a holiday. Turn your holiday planning in a fun-filled activity. Ask kids to prepare a list of 10 activities they want to do on Easter holidays and find 5 best places for these activities. Now you can find a commonplace that everyone has on their list. In this way, you will get them excited before they go.

  • Choose a destination where Easter is celebrated differently

Make a list of all the activities you want to be doing while on your Easter break. Based on these activities, choose a perfect destination. Remember, sticking to the budget and keeping yourself updated with the weather conditions are the best way to plan a perfect family holiday.

The personal finance website WalletHub has prepared a list of most egg-citing cities. The survey is based on the 100 largest cities, and they have considered a slew of metrics that make these cities worth visiting for Easter celebrations. The team has considered 12 factors from weather to Easter Egg-Hunt activity per capita in the comparative study.

Here are America’s 5 best cities to celebrate Easter:

  1. New York, New York
  2. Chicago, Illinois
  3. Los Angeles, California
  4. Cincinnati, Ohio  
  5. St Louis, Missouri
  6. Have a look at Weather updates

Easter is arriving on Sunday, April 21, and for those planning to fly to some other cities in America to mark the holidays, weather isn’t reliable. The most important travel advice is to keep yourself updated with the weather conditions. Check the weather forecast of the city you want to visit and keep track of it. Of course, you can assign this task to one of your kids.

For your information, if you are planning to visit the Central and Eastern United States, think once again as they are anticipated to face damaging thunderstorms and tornadoes later this week. According to reports, American cities in the threat zone include Dallas, Oklahoma City, Shreveport, Little Rock, Springfield, and Kansas City. Few areas even in the South, Midwest, and the East aren’t safe as at least two dozen states are forecasted to be hit with severe thunderstorms.

  • Be prepared for a lot of people at the airport

Don’t forget to carry hand sanitizer! According to industry trade group report, a record of 158.2 million passengers is anticipated to fly on U.S. airlines between March 1 and April 30. The statistics have grown up 4.3% as compared to the last year. Since Easter falls in that window, get ready for some congestion into, out of, and at the airport.     

  • Browse those sites that have holiday homes for rental

Are you booking a hotel? Well, if you want to stick with the planned budget, then you can look for holiday rental homes. There are various sites on the internet that you can explore. You can compare the prices and choose the best one according to your family needs.

  • Pack smart

No idea what to pack for your Easter holiday? We have prepared a checklist for your assistance. Tickets, cash and cards, passport, a copy of your travel insurance, and power adapter are “Not to Forget” items. Prepare an “Easter Packing List,” ask your kids’ help to make it a fun activity. You don’t have to pack everything so always pick up a few most important items. Smart packing can help you to be organized during your trip. 

I know you love Easter because it’s chocolate time! Have fun smashing those yummy eggs. Beware of the Easter bunny! It brings tons of yummy calories and fun time with family. Good luck! Hope you have an amazing time and hope you make millions of amazing memories.