How to Use Parental Controls to Protect Your Kid from Bullying

How to Use Parental Controls to Protect Your Kid from Bullying

I believe so far in this blog, we’ve talked to you about how you can use parental controls as a way to check for cyberbullying on your child’s phone. And some parents pointed out to us that just because cyberbullying has increased, doesn’t mean that bullying in schools has disappeared. And they’re absolutely correct.

I have always mentioned, albeit not in so many words, that cyberbullying and bullying in schools are not mutually exclusive. They coexist and complement each other. Bullying in schools transcends into the cyberverse. Kids are pretty well connected on social media, so the teasing and name-calling that happens in schools finds its way on Facebook walls, and WhatsApp text messages. It should’ve been enough that strangers on the internet like to be mean. But then people from their own peer groups come forward and make their lives even worse.

Take a look at this infographic from Rossier…

Keeping in mind that school bullying coexists with cyberbullying, here is what we suggest parents do:

  • Obviously, keep the communication channel open between you and your child. Encourage them to inform you about anything bad or upsetting that happens in school.
  • Many teenagers feel embarrassed to talk about being bullied—or they simply don’t want a target on their back by tattling. This is where a parental control comes in handy.
  • Remember, you’re not just monitoring their phones to get them in trouble. You’re monitoring them to see if they are in trouble as well.
  • Know what matters to interfere in and where to step back. Here’s a handy guide to help you out.
  • Sometimes, you’ll find that your child might not be bullied—but they’d be the bully instead. Here is what you need to do in that case.
  • If you find hurtful, abusive, or downright harassing messages on your child’s phone from another student, take it to the school right away.
  • Make a habit of regularly checking through your child’s phone and communicating with them.

Parental controls take care of your kids digitally, and in person. Because your child’s digital life is not isolated from their physical lives. Sure they’ll be things you don’t understand in the digital world, but don’t treat them separately—because now digital upbringing is an integral part of… well, upbringing.


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