How to work from home during the COVID-19 lockdown

How to work from home during the COVID-19 lockdown

The outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus has triggered businesses to think of every possible likelihood that allows for daily operations of the business running smoothly. To practice social distancing as much as possible, the trend of remote working, commonly known as working from home has grown at a grand scale.

Millions of people are trying to take cover from the awful COVID-19. But not all. Let’s take a look at a few numbers:

  • Only 29% of Americans can work from home, reports Bureau of Labor Statistics, which includes 1 in 20 service workers and over half of the information staff.
  • The technology sector has gone remote with Apple, Amazon, Airbnb, Google, and Twitter, asking some of the employees to stay away from the workplace.

Does remote working impact productivity?

  • According to a study by Harvard University, people who are allowed to work from anywhere were 4.4% more productive than those working in a rigid office environment.
  • Working from home could be a bit difficult adjustment to make. Here are a few ways that could make it easier for you:

Right Tools

  • No office would be complete without the right equipment, right?
  • You cannot effectively work from home if your workspace at home is not suitable to work.
  • Find yourself a dedicated area, preferably a spare bedroom or a guest room with a desk, where you can focus away from household chaos.
  • Figure out the best environment. Do you need complete solitude or you can play music?

Internet Access

  • Not everyone has a quality internet connection at home, while some may not have it altogether.
  • Employers need to consider this and come up with a backup plan. 


  • Whether you work from home or office, you need to have your caffeine.
  • With the virus going out, coffee places are shut down. So going out is not an option. Also, it is against the idea of working from home.
  • When you work away from the self-designated workplace of your home, it impacts your productivity.

Establish boundaries

  • Apart from setting boundaries for both your friends in terms of social distancing as well as regarding work, you need to stick to a few rules yourself.
  • When you work from home, it is easy to get distracted as personal matters keep surfacing. It impacts relationships too. So, you must establish a proper work/life balance and fix start and stop times is step one.
  • Stay in touch and updated with your coworkers as well and let them know when you are on a break.

Minimum Munch Breaks

  • Snacking becomes easier when you are working from home as you can wander to the fridge whenever you want. At work, you might resist cravings and talk to a colleague rather.
  • At home, however, you tend to make frequent visits to the fridge and eat more than usual.
  • This is both terrible for your health and energy levels. Eating foods having high carbohydrates and sugar all day leads to an energy slump at noon. This makes you lazy, and with the bed and couch being nearby, it makes it hard not to nap.
  • To feel active and fight boredom, take short walks around the house.