Music Festivals Are Increasingly Harboring Drug Culture

So it’s soon going to be music festival season. For most of you, it has already begun. I like to think that they are a great cultural event where people come together and just enjoy the music. That’s what it is to a lot of people. Unfortunately, for some of the younger audience, music festivals have also become notorious for harboring a pretty intense drug culture.

Do Festivals and Narcotics Go Hand in Hand?

There are a few people who say that above all else, music festivals have a bad reputation. That’s all there is—a bad name more than the actual drug use. According to this camp, there isn’t anything that teenagers do at festivals that they’re not already doing elsewhere.

And I suppose there is some truth to their claims. But fact is that if a teenager were to rebel and want to try a recreational drug in these festivals, it would be available to them. These events feature drugs and alcohol as a given, and no one can ignore that part, whether the reports be exaggerated or otherwise. That is the music festival lifestyle.

Reports have found that around 50% festival goers like to be under the influence during their time there. Perhaps it is because it creates a sense of community and recklessness for a while. But it almost certainly leads to disaster most of the time.

A Series of Overdoses

Another thing that can’t be ignored? The list of reported incidents at these events.

Last year, 3 people were hospitalized at an Avicii show because they overdosed on ecstasy. EDM festivals in particular are notorious for rampant drug culture, and the numbers don’t favor them either.

Two Electric Zoo festival goers died from an overdose, causing the event to be but short. A similar incident occurred at Defqon in Sydney.

At the Falls Festival, the body of a man was discovered, and a girl had a near-death experience in the same night, both related to drugs.

70 people were hospitalized after they took part in a mass overdose in Washington, with one man reported dead.

And just recently, it was discovered that people are going to extreme lengths to smuggle drug in venues despite all of these reports.

So here’s the thing. Exaggerated or otherwise, this is teenagers we are talking about. And data has shown that these festivals have led to death from overdose.

Be Prepared

I suppose now you, as a parent, have a pretty good idea of what you’re getting into. Especially if you’ve got teenagers at home that can’t wait to go the next music festival with a lineup of all their favorite artists. Here’s what you can do to ensure their safety.

  • Make sure you check beforehand what kind of safety plan the venue of the festival has.
  • Talk to your kids about the risks involved.
  • Install a mobile tracker on their phones in case they get in trouble so you know where to pick them up

Always remember to have an open line of communication with your kids so you can talk to them about these things in an impactful manner.


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