The Great Technology Divide between Gen X and Gen Z

The Great Technology Divide between Gen X and Gen Z

“Parents really need to get a new pair of shoes to fit in as the older shoe is not the right fit for this epoch. “

Forget the Gen X-Y divide. We’ve now got Gen Z that doesn’t even know a time where smartphones did not exist. Which means, parents really need to reconcile their thoughts on the knowledge of gadgets and innovations. Everything these days is revolutionized by cutting edge technology. Those days of desktops and dial up connection internet are gone past. There are smartphones, tablets, and convertible laptops. Parent have realized that these are the ‘needs’ of this time but they never show any concern with what these devices do and how they work.

It’s A Parenting Fallacy!

May be not many parents realize the dangers of proximity to technology. Leaving your child with devices that can access internet means cyber bulling, social media harassment, and online predating is just a few clicks away. Parents should not only know how to use new Gadgets, they should also know how to filter content over these devices through a monitoring app.

It’s not just about the risk associated with technology. Parents who stay away from tech-related buzz will not be able put themselves in their kids’ shoes. If you as a parent don’t even know how to download a file over cloud database, then you are doing a sin— keeping yourself intentionally outdated

Every aspect of human life is upgrading towards technology. From classrooms to offices, we see digital media projectors, laptops and tablets. So it’s not just a parenting necessity only. Host Gator sums up all the differences between different generations in this infographic

Bridge the Differences

It’s not difficult to be a tech-wiz. Kids are good with all this stuff is because they spend a lot of time discovering their new gadgets. Spare some time from your busy routine and interact with your kids. Tell them to help you with their tech issues like how to use social media apps. This will not only help you learn something useful, but it will also allow you to keep a check on your kid’s activities.



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