The Truth Behind a Teen’s Browsing Habits

The Truth Behind a Teen’s Browsing Habits

Is your teenager showing some promiscuous behavior lately? Do they spend too much time scrolling through pages on their smartphone? If so, then there is a statutory need for some level of mediation to your child’s activities. These days, the average age at which a child gets his first cell phone is between 12 and 13 years. And it is very evident that internet has brought access to pornography at every person’s ease. One of the parenting failures then, is not able to revoke your child from accessing adult websites, mostly because they are unaware about what their children are browsing.

Risks of Youth Pornography

Teens with too much exposure to sexual content tend to face numerous problems:

  • The likelihood of teenage pregnancy is twice for those viewing sexual content on the internet.
  • Frequent sessions of pornography can result in feeling of alienation and severe depression.
  • They can suffer from disorientation during this development phase which can adversely affect their sexual beliefs and morals.

Media caffeine elucidates some stats about youth and pornography…

Choosing a Course of Action

Asking for your child’s phone to peer into his browsing history can bring a negative impact to your parenting… mostly because your child may not want to show you their phone. Or they’d delete all the shady stuff before you can look at it. So a more viable solution is:

  • To have a parental control app that can remotely access your child’s browsing history, saving the trouble of your child’s aggression that he is being watched.
  • Let your children know that you can access their phone remotely so that they get conscious of what they are browsing.

It is important to understand your child’s attitude and then to choose either an active or passive response. Because these aren’t the only threats. This sort of negligence is what further grooms and develops into cybercrimes. Many of these websites require credit card passwords that are not trustworthy and hackers have their eyes on these loopholes. Take the case of Simon Bunce who was recently arrested after his credit card password was stolen and used for child pornography.

Protect Your Child!

There is a pertinent need for reliable parental control to ensure your child’s safety. You need an app that allows for cloud access to a phone’s browsing history. The option to remotely control certain features of your child’s smartphone, like locking the phone when you suspect they are up to no good is a pretty handy tool for any parent. It’s all part of being a more proactive eParent.


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